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Good Claim Public Adjusters

Jacksonville Florida , 32225

"I personally have worked with Frank on multiple claims.  He is very professional and knowledgeable in his field."

"He is very knowledgeable.  He follows through on his commitments.  Frank is very responsive."

We had filed a claim with our insurance company regarding the excessive shingle damage to our roof due to wind. Here is a surprise-it was refused and we were staring at a bill of over $25,000.00 fir a new roof.

Frank was introduced to us and only because of his ability, professionalism and follow up were we able to get a new roof while only costing us our deductible. Frank is very knowable about the workings of the insurance companies, he knows what and how to ask questions and address the claim so it gets paid.

You can trust Frank Evans and we are very happy to recommend him.

To whom it may concern:My husband and I recently encountered an unjust denial by American Strategic Insurance Company (ASI) of a hail damage claim.  Every other home in our community was approved by homeowners' insurance to replace their roofs due to an intense hail storm, except ours.  Five inspectors, including ASI's two inspectors, found significant hail damage.  We felt helpless to fight for justice against a powerful, recalcitrant company that would not honor the terms of our policy.
A roofer referred us to Frank Evans, Public Adjuster.  We did'nt know what a Public Adjuster was when we first came to our home, but Frank gained our confidence as he explained little known options of challenging ASI's denial.  But first, he got on our roof and confirmed that there was indeed , hail damage that required roof replacement.  He proceeded, on our behalf, to engage with ASI in an honest effort to persuade ASI to honor our policy.
ASI refused to change their position, so Frank began to skillfully invoke options, according to his vast experience.  When ASI refused to participate in "appraisal" we filed for mediation.  Frank prepared for mediation complete with photographs and all relevant documents.  During mediatio, his warrior spirit was demonstrated.  He knew his argument was just, honest and honorable; so he was strong on our behalf.
Throughout this unfortunate circumstance, Frank fought for us as if this were his own problem to solve.  He continuously made judgement calls that were honest and in our best interest.  He cared about our situation and called upon other experts, e.g. engineers, lawyers, and other adjusters.  
For those who legitimately find themselves at odds with an insurance company that is supposed to honor their policies for evident property damage, I highly recommend Public Adjuster, Frank Evans.
Sincerely, Linda Sparks

Dear Frank, It has been great getting to know you and making you a part of our team.  You have helped us greatly in providing your Public Adjusting services following Hurricane Matthew.  Both McCall and Perry families want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Lake many, our properties, on the St. Johns River and at Vilano Beach, were severely damaged by the high winds and water associated  with this storm.  Your sustained attention to timely detail, knowledge of the insurance claims business, and construction knowledge and estimating skill as applied to our claims has enabled us to go on about the important business we had after this storm happened and this relief worked very well for us.
We appreciate that you were able to handle the insurance companies, their processes, and their constantly changing work staff, while staying focused upon "our" losses, enabling "our" family to be confidently indemnified and made whole by our insurance carriers.
We feel that without your help and guidance we would no doubt have suffered a substantial loss of time and treasure and for your efforts we are eternally grateful.  
We wish you and your family there very best and you can count on us as appreciative and grateful customers!
Kind Regards, Wayne McCall

Our home had extensive damage from Hurricane Irma. Frank was recommended to help me navigate through the catastrophe claims process with my insurance company. Because of his expertise we received a sizable check that covered the roof replacement and repairs to my kitchen and walls. Without his intervention I'm sure they would of given me nothing but a headache! I recommend him to anyone who has to deal with an Insurance company! He went the extra mile to make sure all steps were covered and the customer is reimbursed accordingly and justly. I would give him 10 stars if I could!

Following Hurricane Irma, the clean up process was extensive.  What I did not realize was the task I would face getting the insurance company to pay attention to the situation I faced. 

First, Frank and his team spent the time to document the entire damage my property sustained. Second,  he presented the facts to the underwriters and spotted issues I did not know existed.  Issues that should have been picked up by the adjuster from the insurer side. Third, Frank stayed focused on getting answers until the matter was settled!   Were it not for the thorough attention to detail, my settlement would have been substantially less; if there was a settlement at all. 

NO one should go it alone on insurance matters; matters most people DO NOT have the time, the knowledge,the energy, and inside expertise to handle significant insurance claims matters alone. DON'T try to handle this yourself!!   Ray C

Frank was great to work with through this major natural disaster, Hurricane Irma. If you think an insurance company has your best interest, think again. My insurance company, issued an initial check to me that would not have repaired 1/3 of my damage. It was a laughable amount. 

A friend referred me to, Good Claim Public Adjusters, and Frank was able to get the funds needed to start getting our life back. Insurance is a game, and unless you know the rules you will lose every time. Frank has been in this business for years and knows the ins and outs.  I would use Good Claim Public Adjusters again. I am greatful for the work Frank did for my family.

Thank you Frank Evans for your five star service to my wife and I in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma! Before Frank was recommended to us we were constantly on the phone, emailing, texting, sending pictures and information to our insurance company. There must have been 4-5, or more, people we spoke with at different locations related to our insurance company. It often seemed that their "left hand did not know what the right hand was doing." Their adjuster came out and took pictures and filled out his report saying he wouldn't be able to send it in to our insurance company office until days later as he had so many more inspections to do. His overloaded schedule did reveal itself when we talked to our insurance company office a few weeks later about his  report and it had inaccurate information, damage not related to our home. Additionally, the adjuster did not tell us how bad our damage was, which might have helped mitigate these damages from becoming worse, which did occur.

After Frank came on board to take over, things got much easier, immediately. He became our advocate shouldering the load taking most of the stress off of us. He came in and did thorough inspections, taking many pictures, writing up a very detailed claim, constant communications with our insurance company, and constant communication with and advice for us. Frank saw damages and potential damages that we never would have thought about. Frank gave us a lot of peace and encouragement throughout this process and got back with us promptly when we had questions. I believe that Frank is a man of integrity and great professionalism, certainly a pleasure to work with. 

Frank has worked in the insurance adjusting business for 27 years before going into the same business for himself as a "Public Adjuster," working for us, the consumer. He has the advantage of often knowing the people he's communicating with at the insurance company. They pay more attention to him as the long time experienced professional than they might pay to us, the less knowledgeable consumer.

With Frank's help, I believe that we received considerably more in financial damage claims than we would have received on our own. I have spoken to a number of friends who went through the trauma of hurricane damages and recommended Frank. If you need a good Public Adjuster, you cannot go wrong by choosing Frank and "Good Claim Public Adjusters."

This company is attentive and easy to work with. They make the process stress free. The company is definitely trust worthy and I highly recommend them.

"YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!""I trust you - and only you!!"

Frank and Tabitha have consistently delivered results for me and my clients. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone seeking a Reputable Adjuster, having the Knowledge it takes to get you the most out of your claim.

I have worked with Good Claim for quite some time and what strikes me the most is how much they truly care about each individual homeowner. Unlike many other public adjusters, Good Claim does not let their claims sit without any action. They are persistent, thorough, professional, and highly effective. As a fellow business owner, who I choose to recommend is a direct reflection of my brand - I am always proud to recommend Good Claim to my clients when they are in need of a public adjuster.