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Okay first of all let me say all of your products are bomb starting with the tea and ending with the delete that suppositories! I first purchased the tea a couple months ago and it works like magic, I’m use to having really really bad cramps, so bad that I want to stay in one spot all day, but when I drink your tea it feels like my period isn’t on at all, I can do me all day long with out experiencing any pain. Now your delete that product works almost instantly first day I started noticing the symptoms clearing up and I am now on my second day and I have no symptoms what’s so ever! Keep doing what you’re doing because these prescribed medications isn’t doing anything but damaging the human body.

I feel fine... I actually forgot to take the other capsule like I was supposed to at night but I honestly truly don’t have any symptoms of BV whatsoever even when I woke up. I took another capsule today and used the spray. Shit is like fairy dust. Ima confirm it at my doctors appointment just to be on the safe side on Tuesday and take it one more day but I have no symptoms & im speechless.

Okay... Okay... Okay.... I ordered the Prissy package because I wanted to try a little of everything and let me tell you after using the yoni oil and mist me I had one of the best intimate sessions with my bf ever and mind you it was surprising because my drive hasn’t been there seeing as though we just had a baby 7 weeks ago I also begin taking the “Do Me” pills and an excited to continue seeing results, Asia your products are amazing I will be steaming next and ordering the feminine wash! You have a returning customer in me 😘

I used this oil and I feel in love will b ordering more

This tea is amazing! I recently stop using birth control and my PMS is so bad!! The cramping was unbearable. I drank the tea twice a day and NO CRAMPS!!

Okay so I’m going to keep it 100% factual. I’m thick chick with thick thighs and I work in corporate and also own my own business. I wear spanx 24/7!! Winter, fall, summer. Sometimes when it hot it ain’t the most pleasant smell okay!! Honey when I sprayed this on in the morning the smell came through my spanx!! It smells so good and I didn’t have any smell when I took my spanx off. I even used it before me and hubby got busy and it was amazing!!!

This product is amazing. The fragrance has you smelling edible all day. I have extremely sensitive skin and anything breaks me out but this was everything. I used it before and and this pum pum was Virgin tight. My man almost broke me in half. I’m in love and this is truly the Apple of my thighs.

I recently saw a review on Asia’s page about her “Delete That” product and it sparked my interest, especially after reading the description of the tablets I thought this would help with this persistent yeast infection I’ve been going through. My products shipped in the matter of (2) days which was a plus! I took (2) tabbies the first day—one in the morning and one at night and whew CHILD when I say bad idea to where grey tights—It literally looked like I laughed too hard if you know what I mean LOL. I’m also happy to say that I woke up on day 2 with no symptoms of a yeast infection at all!! I’m so happy that I’ve found a product to help with these type of issues—Asia you’ve done it this time—Can’t wait to order my Prissy Package!

let me start by saying you have a got damn gold Mine on your hands! “Delete That”!!!!! Did, and does just that! deletes that shit! My Ph has been restored! I was in such a panic because it’s been sooooo long since I’ve had a yeast infection, BV, any irritation of any kind! (I don’t play with miss kitty). I can’t wait to try more products because GIRLA!!!! My Yoni thanks you!

 omg I did the steam on the toilet like you said and I felt just like it did when I came to you at the shop... I loveeeee you girl and I’m coming back to get some more packs of herbs... and those do me pills got me ready to tell my husband to come home from work girl and I feel more energized 😘😘😘😘 thanks boo

Alrighty so let me start with that tightening spray ... so like you said I won’t feel anything until he enters well I felt like a born virgin again lol it felt super tight as he entered . Now the Mist Me was good as well . I had trouble with getting moist sometimes and he would have to use spit or sr whatever but I sprayed it before sex and we didn’t have a problem at all ... didn’t use spit not one time during ... I love it ...

so update.... Last night i used he delete that and honestly the symptoms of uti i was having have already stopped, like the frequency to pee n the burning are gone, im use it for a few more days to make sure its all cleared up im so excited about your products i wanna purchase the apple of my eye next!!

was looking for something to clear up a yeast infection and the OTC didn’t really help. I used Delete That and just as promised it clear up that weekend. I had a doctor’s appt the next week and ALL clear! I used the Mist me and it smells so good I’ve been misting my whole body. 😀

The tightening spray and suppositories are LIFE. I used 1, and the spray before that time and it was life changing. I’ve never been so moist before, my man was in disbelief at how different I felt. So satisfied will definitely be purchasing again !

I had my first cup of tea after I got my first period after labor. My cramps weren’t too bad so I wasn’t all that sure if it really worked. Wasn’t until my second period when the Holy Gods of all cramp Gods struck me like lightning. I had two cups of hot tea and next thing you know I forgot I even had cramps . Took me a good minute to say “oh ship it worked” . The cramps eased it self a way that I didn’t even realize it . Until PussTea let’s me down , I won’t be picking up another bottle of pain relievers !

First of let me say I love Asia & all the products I have used from her brand (which is almost everything LOL!) I started off buying the tea bags from Asia because of the severe cramps I have been having since my son. I mean, I was taking ibuprofen for 3-4 days, every 4 hours. That's so bad for my insides. When she posted on FB about the tea bags, I hit her right up, especially since I was having one of those terrible cramping days. She delivered the tea to me, and I was hooked! Almost as soon as I drank the tea, my cramps lessened. By the time I was done the tea my cramps were gone. The tea flavor is nothing like any tea I have tried before. PussTea is my go-to tea every day. The next month (or so) I was talking to Asia about cramps and how that particular month they were worse. She recommended CBD oil tea bags, so I bought them. The CBD tea bags relax your entire life!! I drink one cup early in the morning, and that's it. No ibuprofen, no cramps. I'm so grateful to Asia and PussTea. (Oh & last month I can honestly tell you that I did notice a lighter period than previous months. I'M HOOKED!!)