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Queens Healing Queens

P.O. Box 128
Mount Eden CA , 94557

Full of Hope

My goal is to encourage anybody who is battling with a mental illness. Stay strong and full of hope no matter what. Battling with a mental illness is tough. Personally for me, it made me feel like I was suffocating and hopeless. The devil was definitely trying to destroy me. I battled with depression and anxiety for 3-years. It was affecting my well-being, so I decided to make a change. I came across Queens Healing Queens back in February 2019 . They are so uplifting. I thank God for Sasha; she is one of the women who founded Queens Healing Queens. She is always available to talk. She is so inspiring and passionate about uplifting other women. It was always exciting to call her. She gave me hope, guiding me to happiness and to fulfill my purpose in life ! I have goals, hunntyy . With the support of Queens Healing Queens, my family, friends, counselors, and, most importantly, God, I am now a healed woman and happy within myself, free from pain. I’m living my best life. I've lost 20-pounds from my pescatarian diet! I'm constantly growing, evolving, and flourishing.  God reminded me that I am strong, anointed, special, fearfully and wonderfully made, purposeful, and a QUEEN. My relationship with God is strong. Mental health is not really talked about nor taken seriously. Let's break the stigma of mental health. It all starts with you.

Life Changing

Queens Healing Queens has changed my life forever.