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17 Webster Place #302
East Orange NJ , 07018
United States

My extended session with QVF was worth every mile of the 2500 I flew from Los Angeles to see her. Yes, you read that right; I booked a flight to session with this beautiful queen. For the record, I have never done anything like that before but there is something undeniable that QVF possesses that made this trip an easy decision. I am happy to report that she is just as beautiful and mesmerizing in person as she appears in her IG posts and live feeds. I was especially impressed with her professionalism and follow-through. She checked in with me at every juncture and when the anticipated day arrived, let me just say that my extended session which started off with foot worship and ended with the ultimate FJ was extremely intense, awesome and fulfilling in every sense of the word. I had the privilege of taking her out to dinner later that evening and I enjoyed every minute of our time together. Note well, future sessionees: a session with QVF will be unlike any session you will ever have! I promise you will love every minute and she will occupy your head space for quite some time afterward and in the most positive way.

Foot queen

Wow.....Very polite and personable. Felt very comfortable while under underfoot. Those feet are simply amazing. You will enjoy!

Testimonial #9

i had the pleasure of doing a session with her in Charlotte and i must say it was the best things i have ever experienced i would say its to die for i cant wait for to come back

Testimonial #8

Very gorgeous, sweet, down-to-earth personality and sexy foot muffin, sexy amazing feet, wrinkles, heels, arches and toes. She's a 100% A+

Testimonial #8

AMAZING. So glad I was able to come across this perfect Goddess. I love the content, and my custom was amazing. She got it to me so fast, which is a big deal because I'm still waiting on a bunch from others. I don't take that for granted! And then when I watched it! Oh my God I wish I was there, she made me feel so low (which is good!) she totally took control leaving me with no options but to serve her however she commands. Would love to be owned by her in real life so bad! SHE IS THE BEST

Testimonial #6

The Queen came to Charlotte on her Foot Tour and was a true professional. She made me feel comfortable immediately and when it came time to serve her feet it was even better than I could ever imagine. Here toes are perfect, her soles are intoxicating and of course those veins are sexy as hell. Much love to you Queen Veiny Feet!!!


Honestly I didn’t know what to expect on her onlyfans but my god it was worth trying the best content clear videos omg you will be watching each video wishing you met her in real life I’m def gonna get me a session one day

Footworhsip and Pegging clips

I have seen a lot of foot worship clips from different foot models, and none of them compare to Queen Veiny! Not only are here feet so damn sexy, but she’s really into every session and really loves feet herself and her subs go all out with sucking licking and sniffing her amazing feet! Her pegging videos will blow your mind, she takes full control in the sexiest way, it’ll make you want to be pegged by her so badly! She is a relentless dom in a the sexiest way! Not only is she a Beautiful model, but her feet and passion to dominate makes her clips hands down the best ones out there! Highley recommend you get them ASAP!

Foot/Sissy Session

Goddess veiny feet was amazing! She accommodated my early morning session, and was extremely sexy, dominant, and accommodating! Goddess allowed me to have an early session, foot and sissy session combined, she dressed sexy, and let me shower after ! Complete perfect session! Will be seeing her again!

Queen Veiny Feet is a Game-Changer!

Queen Veiny Feet possesses that rare combination of beautiful soles, stunning beauty and an engagingly-disarming personality. However, my excitement that she offered in-person sessions was tempered by my dismay that she is on the east coast. However, after a couple of Skype sessions and viewing several of her live feeds, I actually booked a flight for late August to session with this gorgeous goddess! Mind you, I have never done anything of this magnitude before but there is an undeniable "it" factor that Queen Veiny Feet possesses that propels a session with her to bucket list status. It is worth noting that I purchased a pair of her worn socks and her pheromones are off-the-charts intoxicating! I can only imagine how much better our actual session will be and my session date cannot come soon enough!       

Sissy Session

I had an absolute amazing session with Queen Veiny Feet. When I first saw she was not only drop dead gorgeous but so nice and sweet. I immediatley knew I was going to have an unforgettable time. Not only was she awesome at dominating me but she was also very proffesional and was open to everything I suggested and did them all to perfection. I recommend anyone who is into femdom or just has a foot fetish to set up a session whether it be in person or through skype and I promise you will not be dissapointed. I can't wait for my next session with one of the best dommes I've ever had the privilege in serving.