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R E S E T with Kerry Cragin

Chicago IL

Rumbling & Shifting - 10 Week Coaching Client

As a yogi and holistic-minded person, Kerry's R E S E T program vibed with me. When I searched for a program to help me break through my stress and blockages I knew I needed something that I would believe in and I could build into my life for the long-term. I wanted to build skills that would continue to change my well-being even after finishing the program. Kerry's science-based approach and her caring vibe created change that I wouldn't of been able to achieve without her guidance and support. I am grateful I reached out to her and was able to find the guidance I needed. Even weeks after finishing the program i continue to grow and evolve in my self-care because of R E S E T.

Eternally grateful!

Group Classes & Workshops - Versatile!

I love Kerry's versatility in her care for others. I had an excellent yoga session with her but in talking to her I know she provides so many with a greater awareness of themselves so they can flourish!

Group Classes & Workshops - I highly recommend Kerry

Kerry is one of a kind. Her yoga classes and workshops are mindful, inspiring and life changing. Kerry is authentic in her teaching and caring for each individual. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, she offers organic modifications to help further your practice. It was a complete joy to co-led and work with Kerry for our RESET event. I highly recommend Kerry

Counseling & Coaching - Life changing

Kerry is life changing in her attitude, her simple directions, her care of me as a client bringing a variety of physical and mental issues to her each week. She is a fresh drink of peacefulness in the crazy,muddy pond of life. So blessed to work with her.

Counseling & Coaching - Do it!!

My favorite part has been learning that I have a choice in how I look at and deal with different events in my life. I previously didn't exercise a lot of control over my feelings (inwardly, outwardly I was pretty controlled). I've learned now that I also have some level of control over how I feel. I can't control the outward stimulus, but I can control how I respond and how much I let the stimulus affect me. These are tools that are essential for a healthy mind. It's a lifelong practice that no one will ever master, but if you develop the habits and work to keep them readily accessible, it can be very beneficial to your life.