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Sona Yoga Randwick

65 Belmore Road
Sydney , 2031
0416 154 560

Sydney sanctuary

Sona Yoga is my sanctuary in Sydney. Anna has created the most wonderful studio in Randwick. It is calm, peaceful, welcoming and everyone is very friendly. There are no 'look at me' yogis making me feel inflexible and inferior! All the teachers are very down to earth, they are attentive, explain the poses really well and there is no judgment. I do yin classes here regularly and I leave feeling like a different person. Working in the city can be stressful and I'm naturally a very high energy person ... but after an hour of yin I am relaxed, calm and centred. I love this place. Thanks to Anna and all the other teachers.

I walk out feeling amazing each time!

I bought the 30 day new student trial pass and am currently half way through ... Being the first yoga studio I've gone to, it's got me hooked. I've been going to the 6am classes and walk out feeling amazing each time, I can't pick a favourite class to go to because each teacher so far has been so wonderful so it's made me want to go on every spare morning I have, over the last two and a bit weeks.

Shame I live in Brisbane and can't come here all the time.

I have walked past this new studio on my last few visits to Sydney. Finally made it to Fiona's Vinaysa class - and it was wonderful. I had to work hard, but I liked her innovations with some of the postures. Fiona also talked about the philosophy of holding postures in yoga....what a revelation! Shame I live in Brisbane and can't come here all the time.

Utterly perfect

Anna and her beautiful instructors create a welcoming environment for newcomers, returners (that's me!) and regulars. I couldn't keep away so I'm back and one class back and I'm already feeling the zen that comes with studios that have that yogi atmosphere. I love being back. I feel great already and am looking forward to class once a week! 

The studio is so warm and welcoming and the teachers are great

I noticed this yoga studio earlier this year and had been thinking about trying it since they have a great introductory offer. I finally decided to do it around four weeks back and I am so glad I did it. I am a beginner and hence was reluctant but I was looking for something to help improve my concentration and to help me be more mindful and relax. The teachers at sona yoga are really good and encouraging and each class I have attended I have come out feeling really relaxed and with more positive attitude. I try and attend a couple of classes a week especially the Yin class on friday. It has only been four weeks since I have started but this class has been so enjoyable that it has become kind of routine for me and I feel something amiss from my day if for some reason I am unable to attend. The studio is so warm and welcoming and the teachers are great. I have had wonderful experience with each class I have attended and after a class I feel like I have had a massage! I am hopeful that I am able to continue my practice at sona yoga and that in time yoga will also help with my chronic muscle aches and muscle tightness. I highly recommend sona yoga.

Since I started yoga at Sona Yoga my life has changed

Since I started yoga at Sona Yoga my life has changed and I have more flexibility, flow and strength. For over 14 years I was in pain after a few accidents were I fractured my lower back and injured other parts of my body.  Since starting yoga regularly I have started to trust my body again, its movements and its strengths, which has had a positive effect on me - how I see myself and also how I hold myself in my life. All the teachers at Sona Yoga are mindful and very skilled, bringing their personalities to the practice and making each class a unique experience that always lets me feel empowered and strong after leaving.

What I love is that you don't need to be a fully fledged yogi to practice there

SONA is a beautiful studio with great teachers in such a handy location - I'm a big fan. What I love is that you don't need to be a fully fledged yogi to practice there- the teachers challenge you but also meet you where you're at and hold the classes really well- each of them with something different to offer. I find the schedule works really well AND there's Phoebe the yoga dog! Thanks Sona!

I always feel welcome and encouraged.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and the amazing Sona Yoga teachers for the incredible job that you are all doing. The practice of yoga has captivated me because I've been so lucky to find such a good studio where I always feel welcome and encouraged. Cheers to all the beautiful souls from Sona Yoga.

Teachers are talented and caring

I love Sona Yoga. The space is so personal and warm and the teachers are talented and caring. I highly recommend this studio to others!

A slice of heaven!

Anna is an incredible and intuitive teacher so pleased I found this amazing studio and get to experience classes with all the other talented teachers.  Such a beautiful space... I always leave glowing, energised and happy! Thank you :) 

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I am having a wonderful time learning yoga, at first I was a little bit hesitant to do it but you guys, showed me that I can do it. My first time doing it I can't believe the health benefits I've got, I always have weak knees and it was a surprise that after just one session I felt relief that I never thought would be possible. Thanks to you guys. I would also like to say how happy I am that all the instructor are very professional, friendly and accommodating this made me feelmore at ease, I'll be looking forward to have more sessions with you guys in the future. 

Thank you for making me fall in love with yoga

I'm so happy that I decided to finally give yoga a try and I'm more than grateful for everything the teachers at Sona Yoga have taught me.
Everyone has their own style of how they teach, hold & feel the different postures, the breathing and the depth and strength of your mindset. 
I just wanted to thank you for making me fall in love with yoga.

Thank you!

I'm new to yoga and have really enjoyed all the classes, so thank you and the team very much!! 

I am a new yoga convert!

Hi Sona,I am a new yoga convert and have to share that I am loving it! It has already helped with strength, confidence and all over wellbeing! I find I really miss it if I can't attend at least twice a week - keep up the great work and thanks for all the help your great instructors have given me so far. Myself and my two friends who have also discovered yoga at Sona, will definitely be back!

A perfect little haven

Thanks for a lovely month of Yoga. I did little bits here and there in London but I've now fallen fully back in Love. 
Congratulations on creating a perfect little haven to practice. 
The teachers were fab and so helpful, especially Ellen. I've never been to a Hatha class I have enjoyed as much as hers. 
I will definitely be coming back.

I always leave feeling happy and positive

I must say Sona has been my favourite yoga studio I've been to. 
Everyone is so friendly and it's such a great atmosphere every time I've been in. I always leave feeling happy and positive. 
The teachers are all very professional, helpful and fun. I like that you're adjusted if you're not in the correct position as so many studios I've been to this doesn't happen and you're never sure if you're doing it right.

I LOVE the studio

I LOVE the studio and Anna and the gang make it really welcoming, like a little family :)

An amazing yoga experience

I have had an amazing yoga experience so far at Sona and look forward to continuing!

Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed Gemma and Stella's classes and think they are fantastic yoga teachers.