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Rated Boujie Awards

7676 Hillmont Street suite 240C
Houston Texas , 77040

Black excellence

This event was nice and put together well . I can see this being the premium award show in Houston . Can’t wait til next years . Thank you .

Touched By Tay

I was a proud sponsor of this years show and will continue to be a proud sponsor for years to come. I loved every minute. The entertainment was great and the hosts were awesome. Looking forward to year 3


Wowwwwww!! The Rated Boujie Awards was a phenomenal event, when you have the opportunity to be amongst your peers in a genuine and unique environment to celebrate and uplift one another, it’s truly inspirational!! Tiffeny, Mizz Boujie, you are more than fabulous and your vision is making a difference in so many dreams, thank you for being that vessel and God will continue to bless you!! XOXO

Great Event

The Rated Boujie Awards was an Awesome Event. I'm glad that I was in attendance with a room full of inspirational entrepreneurs throughout the southern region. The energy was amazing! I look forward to next year's show!


Great Event ! My Aunt and I enjoyed ourseleves .My boyfriend continues to talk about how uplifting it was to be around so many entrepreneurs! Thank you for my award , Keep up the Great Work !


The Rated Boujie Awards is AH-MAZING!!!!! Tiffeny and friends put together a wonderful show and memorable evening!!! It was everything thing you’d expect from a Boujie Awards Show! Everyone detail to the T and honey, people were dressed for the part too. There was food and a bar and vendors!! Like what else could you even ask for. Thank you again, Tiffeny, for this opportunity and blessing!! I seriously cannot wait for next year!!! Xo, Dom


Had a wonderful evening at the Boujie awards..You are truly a blessing. Can't wait till next year..if you didn't make it, you missed an intriguing was a night to remember

Radio Personality

This award show was very inspiring. So many positive vibes and genuineness amongst the nominees. It was a bit lengthy but the entertainment was really good!


I cried, laughed, danced, sang and I won! It was amazing to see entrepreneurs of different genres be recognized for all of their hard work and dedication to their dream. I can't wait for year 3!


The event was awesome. I enjoyed it very much


Rated BOUJIEAWARDS was so amazing! The live performances, to the beautiful models, to the fashion hostess and so much more! I can't wait to the next one! My family and friends enjoyed themselves as well. Go Rated BOUJIEAWARDS!

Poparazzi Tees

Such a Great and Uplifting Event ! My Aunt and I enjoyed ourselves and my boyfriend continues to talk about how great it was to be around other entrepreneurs! Thank you so much for the award ! Keep up the Great Work ! We need more events like this .

Kris Kandy Shoes

I loved both years the entertainment definitely and very genuine emotional moment of encouragement and inspirational testimonies !!! One thing that did catch my eye instantly was the decor last year that wasn’t there this year ,the chair covers gave the room a RATED BOUJIE FEELING last year ANOTHER THING I LOVED THIS YEAR THAT WASNT THERE LAST YEAR WAS THE WALKING BAR TENDERS

Designer Greenwear

Great hosts, entertainment, vendors and food. I laughed, cried and enjoyed myself


Love the 2018 Boujie Awards! Keep ya head up Tiffany and keep doing what you do, you are great at it!


What an awesome show, long but awesome.


We just want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Rated Boujie Awards! We could not continue to do this without the nominees and their families who all came out to show support. We thank the 13,000 voters who casted 286,000 votes for this years voting round. We were able to beat last years number which were 8,000 voters who casted 150,000 votes.  We look forward to the 2019 Rated Boujie Awards. Leave us your opinion! Help us improve our show, your opinion matters.   
thank you all  - Rated Boujie Awards & Magazine