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5 Senses Learning

5195 Jeffrey Keith Drive
Arlington Tennessee , 38002
United States

Life-Changing Expierence

I have always read to my daughter, helped her every night with her homework and encouraged her as she was learning. However, as months went by in school, she was not progressing in reading the way I believe she should have been. She would switch sight words, stumble over simple words and break down in tears every time we tried to read. I tried every tactic I knew of, I was always encouraging and my sweet baby, no matter how hard she tried or how much she wanted to, she just could not read well. Ms.Akins at 5 Senses Learning was able to see within 3 sessions with my daughter how to help her. I have NEVER witnessed anything like it. My daughter wants to read and she is doing so much better. We are so thankful for our 5 Senses Learning Family. Ms.Akins is trained in so many areas, she truly listens to your child and is there to help them. We are blessed beyond measure to have found them.

Kristia really has a desire to help your child succeed.

Kristia has made a great effort in helping my daughter with her reading skills. She knows her stuff and is eager to help others learn to the best of their ability.

Amazing Teaching and Teacher

I love 5 Senses Learning! My daughter is 5 years old and is very stubborn when it comes to learning, but Mrs. Akins always has a way to make the lessons fun and engaging. I am so happy to have found her!

KUDOS and endless thanks!

My son is very active. (Yes, he saw a developmental pediatrician 4 times, and there's nothing wrong.) He's a normal, healthy kid.
Ms. Kristia switched the activity, & the senses he used, so often. He was working to keep up with her. That kept his level of engagement so high! In 9 months, he moved from 1.5 years behind to the advanced table. And his growth kept him with the best in the class all year.
Parents, you will also learn as much as your child.
KUDOS & endless thanks!