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Visible change in QOL

I had approached Sujit in desperation as my partner was unable to live a normal life in Doha due to pollution. But just after two hours of healing session... She has not had 5he need to touch her medication again. The relief has been instant. And Sujit puts an effort to talk... Explain and help align our thoughts and actions to beat benefit from the healing. He is open to advising in an emergency... Flexible as can be... And supportive. Have recommended a number of friends to him... And each has had satisfaction

It was really great to feel the positive energy. I got really connected with that energy. Thank you for opening the door to the world of Reiki.

Reiki- level one.

I got a wonderful opportunity to attend Reiki level one course under the supervision of Mr. Sujith. It was really helpful for me to get connected with that positive energy. I really appreciate you for your hospitality and the positive atmosphere over there. Thank you.

Awesome Experience

I had my level 1 reiki experience from the home of divine energies and it was fantastic. It was more than what I had expected, and it is wonderful to meet people on the same path ❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈💎💎💎

Excellent Experience

Sujith was of great help and after healing he kept in touch asking me about my progress. Thanks Sujith.

A true healer

Sujith is a very knowledgeable man and takes pride in sharing his knowledge. His response to your questions and messages are almost immediate. I have had a reiki and crystal healing done and days after I feel absolutely amazing. Very calm and grounded. Thank you for taking the time to help. I highly recommend Sujith.

Reiki 1 Training with Sujith

I was lucky to have an opportunity to train with Sujith Kumar here in Doha. He is an amazing human being, deeply in tune with the wider principles of Love and Oneness, which are the integral foundation of all helpful spiritual guidance and practice - Reiki being one... He naturally creates an open, loving and non-egoic/ non-judgmental atmosphere during the session- energetically and also in terms of a free verbal exchange, honouring the experiences of students deeply - whatever form they take... He conveys his deep and heart-felt knowledge humbly, honestly and sincerely, but also with deep courage and confidence that encourages the students to embrace the same - the delicate balance of sensitivity and inner strength... My co-student during the session was wonderful too... We connected deeply and helped each other to learn and verbalise our experiences... I could not wish for a better teacher to introduce me to Reiki - Sujith's spirit and energy will stay will me always on my journey... " K ❤️❤️❤️

Sujith is a a great healer

Sujith creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and love while giving and teaching Reiki. He is a true healer, sharing his gifts for my self-discovery and transformation. His course promotes deep relaxation and a feeling of empowerment and well being. I return to my essence and experience deep gratitude in his presence.

Testimonial #13

I have had many healing sessions over the years, none as powerful as what I experienced with Sujith. The best part... I can feel subtle yet lasting changes taking place. He is very kind, gentle, authentic and clearly an expert at what he does. I highly recommend Sujith. Thank you 🙏🙏 Sujith

Testimonial #12

If you are looking for some answers for health problems.Sujith is one of a kind, his energy is amazing and the result is very satisfying.

Beautiful Healing

Surjith , is really one of a kind. Healer spiritual and very comforting to be with. I witnessed great shifts and i always go back for more sessions and i find my self commited because he is generous with his time and work not only his kindness. Thank you sujith , only the awakened will get to you.

Great experience

I have tried Reiki for the first time in my life and I was not sure about how it works! But I have realized it is such a good experience and a have felt a lot of negative energy leaving my body especially near my head I honestly felt a sensation of electronic vibes, after 3 days I felt lighter and much better ! Thank you Sujith!

Testimonial #9

Hi have the pleasure of giving feedback on Sujit's healing session with me, and I can highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking help for emotional, spiritual or physical issues. Sujit is a naturally gifted healer who is able to connect to very high vibrational energies to help clear and heal our energy pathways. I left my session feeling lighter and happier than I have for some time. His follow up support is amazing and he just seems to "know" when you need to hear from him. Feel blessed to have met a fellow lightworker here in Doha.

Energy Healing

I was suffering from severe back pain and stiffness since my spine surgery. I have immensely benefited from Mr. Sujith's healing therapy. After the therapy, I feel relaxed and relieved. It was magical.

Testimonial #6

Sujith is kind hearted and genuine. He cares. It's not business--he cares and he will do what is in his power for your well being. He's really just lovely.

Testimonial #5

I'm so happy that we have such healers in town. Thank you for all the amazing work you do

Thank you until the next time we meet

Thank you Sujith for the healing session and for all that you and your gift have done for me. It was a profound experience. It was only one session however it was incredible how I went from feeling disassociated to being very present in my body. You are a true blessing☺️

I cannot recommend Sujith enough

I have done Reiki level 1 and several energy healing sessions with Sujith and I have to say, something magical happens! Sujith is a kind, loving and generous soul, who is always willing to help you. Thank you Sujith for always being there for me.