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Bene Mudra Wellness

770 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles CA , 90017

Bene Mudra is Amazing! I attend their psychic circles in los Angeles as well as see James Bene for spiritual healing and let me tell life has changed! James is super intuitive and has helped me realize my own psychic gifts! He helps me cope with my depression and offers valuable spiritual tools to do so! I am excited to take his reiki training course this Dec in DTLA!! Go see James. He is a gift to us all! He is in NYC and LA for work so nail him down!!! Lara


I saw James yesterday for a reading and wow! Even though some of what he felt was hard to hear, he knew what my heart was feeling without me saying a word! He was spot on and I am so glad I went. I now have a clear direction and I owe it to James! Please don't hesitate to go. He also offered intuitive reiki services in Los Angeles too! Going next week!!!! 

I had psychic messages and spiritual consultation with James,it was magnificent and empowering.He was and is so kind loving and caring,gentle and detailed...

James is the REAL DEAL! I've experienced lasting healing during our reiki sessions together, though his psychic and channeling abilities are what really...

WOW what an experience!!! James Bene is truly one of the most gifted, gentle and giving healer I have ever had the pleasure of working with (And I have been...

One of the best Reiki master! Super reiki teacher!

James is amazing! A wonderful practitioner of the healing arts including Reiki, Yoga and spiritual guidance. He is highly intuitive and compassionate. Seriously, the best around!

Incredible service, intuitive practitioners and really interesting workshop/ training programs!

Grateful for the encounter in meeting James. Hope to see him again as I truly enjoyed our conversations and sharing our thoughts and experiences.

James is awesome! He's a great intuitive healer and truly loves what he does!

James is amazing! He was on Lorraine Giordano's talk show this evening and I got so much out of it. I loved what he said. "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR YOU, NOT TO YOU." EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR US, NOT TO US." Very powerful. James is awesome! Hope to hear him speak again soon.

James is one of the most beautiful souls I've come across yet. His graces are top shelf and all encompassing. His it Reiki - mediumship - personal/spiritual coaching - intuitive guidance is as authentic as it gets. His contribution to ALL of us and to our Consciousness is Brilliant and Insightful. He's IT....!! Love & Light exudes from every inch of him. �