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Bene Mudra Wellness

770 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles CA , 90017


I saw James yesterday for a reading and wow! Even though some of what he felt was hard to hear, he knew what my heart was feeling without me saying a word! He was spot on and I am so glad I went. I now have a clear direction and I owe it to James! Please don't hesitate to go. He also offered intuitive reiki services in Los Angeles too! Going next week!!!! 

I had psychic messages and spiritual consultation with James,it was magnificent and empowering.He was and is so kind loving and caring,gentle and detailed...

James is the REAL DEAL! I've experienced lasting healing during our reiki sessions together, though his psychic and channeling abilities are what really...

WOW what an experience!!! James Bene is truly one of the most gifted, gentle and giving healer I have ever had the pleasure of working with (And I have been...

James is a wonderful teacher to work with. I wish I was better with my words to describe how grateful I am to have him as my reiki master. He is attentive, works with your individual needs, and goes above and beyond to make sure you are learning everything you need to get a proper education for whatever class you sign up for. I had the pleasure to work with James one on one, and I highly recommend it if you can. I highly respect james as a teacher, spiritual coach, and reiki master.

James is the real deal! He has a grounded, thoughtful, and profound healing energy. I am overjoyed that I found him. Within a week I have gone from feeling dark and down to a total levity, joy, and belief. He very quickly tuned in to what I am working through right now and helped me reprogram and heal my heart. His work, both energy and intuitive, is transformational. If you are on the fence, go for it! It is worth every dollar of the investment in yourself.

James’ sessions are inspiring and very insightful!!! I would recommend him to everyone I know!

Can't say enough about james. He has been building his business for years now and has become a true influencer within the wellness community! Book your sessions with him or attend his events!!!

I have been going to James for years. He is an amazing healer! My life has changed so much since knowing him. I can not say enough great thing about what a positive impact he has had on my life.

Whether in Los Angeles or on the East Coast, James is 100% the real deal! His patience, compassion, warmth, and sharp intuition balance well with his ability to help me quickly get into action. I always feel heard with James, whether at a retreat (which never disappoints!!!), a workshop in Los Angeles, or an individual session. I don’t make a decision without consulting James first; he’s that good, supportive, and intuitive!

James is one of a kind. Even though I'm on the other end of the world, he can connect with me in a way that's very unique. What's probably the most incredible things, he doesn't need every detail of one's problems or issues, he can feel you and help you move forward no matter what is bothering you. Often I have to cry or feel emotional after our sessions because a lot of blocks and stress factors begin to release within me. I was blown away by the magical things that started happening after our very first session. If there's is an issue that comes up in between our sessions he alway makes sure to be there for me and respond quickly, yet not just a fast answer - he finds a way to connect to the issue and reply with very useful guidance. James is a true gift, not just to me but to the world. His way of guiding me on my spiritual and life journey has already made a very big impact on me, which supports me to pass on the love and knowledge to others. I'm truly grateful for you James!