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I was recently privileged to be a client of Swanie's and I was thoroughly impressed and pleased with my experience.  Swanie was gentle and knowledgeable in her techniques.  I felt her calming presence, and felt safe to release and process in the way I needed.  She created a beautiful atmosphere and I was able to feel confident in the modalities she was using.  I would recommend Swanie to my friends and family in a heart beat, and I look forward to working with her again soon. 

My granddaughter was going to start school in an unfamiliar city, not knowing anyone. She is going into 7th grade. She was feeling very anxious because she basically cannot read or write. Swanie was able to tap into her energy field and my granddaughter received a new kind of energy where she seemed very happy and felt free from stress. She had a burst of happy energy followed by a night of deep sleep with no nightmares (which she often has) no tossing and turning and a nice deep sleep. That morning I couldn't wake her and had to let her sleep until she was able to wake up on her own the next day she was able to go to her new school happy and excited for the new experience. She was happy and friendly to students and teachers alike. She even talked and teased with people and was able to focus on almost everything throughout the day.