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RE/MAX Unique Inc. Brokerage - Paul Ferri, Broker

1251 Yonge St.
Toronto ON , M4T 1W6

Helping an elderly friend

Paul is my Father’s cousin so I have known him personally all of my life.

My father and his wife have an elderly friend who did not want to leave her forever home in Etobicoke but unfortunately was forced to due to health and mobility concerns.

Paul did an amazing job getting our friend moved from her residence of 50+ years. We couldn’t possibly have done it alone. There was an abundance of stuff in the house collected over those years that they had to either donate or dispose of and they took care of this in an extremely efficient and timely manner with little or no disruption to our family.

There was also painting and cleaning that had to be done to sell the home and he took care of hiring the help for all of this. They did an excellent job of getting the home ready for sale and it sold very quickly. He made it a very easy transition for our friend and completely stress-free for us. She is now happy and safe in a retirement home suggested by Paul.

We highly recommend Paul and his team.

Jackie Snow - Brampton, Ont.

Back again

I have had the pleasure of knowing Paul for twenty years. He has helped me with three transactions during that time, including downsizing to a condo.

Paul is extremely knowledgable. He genuinely cares, and this is demonstrated in going above and beyond. He even hired three different photographers when I sold my home and bought a condo. Paul and his wife went shopping to buy articles to stage my home. I still use the bench nearly nine years later!

Thank you, Paul, for all the help and patience you have demonstrated over the years!

Our first home

Working with Paul was simply amazing. He had a very thorough understanding of what we were looking for. He made the entire process virtually effortless. We felt so comfortable as first time home buyers because of Paul’s experience and commitment to our needs and requirements.

We will highly recommend Paul to our friends and family as he is wonderful to work with. Paul went above and beyond the call of duty whenever possible with expert advice for every situation.

An appreciative detached-home Buyer

I’ve had the privilege of working with Paul Ferri as my realtor when I was looking to purchase my first home in Canada.

Paul was very patient in showing me so many houses. He is very professional and personable. He clearly takes pride in doing a great job. His knowledge about the neighborhoods, home inspection, lawyers, home renovations and house prices helped guide me in making the right decisions.

Since my home requirements were very specific, he distributed flyers to homes that matched my criteria to discover any homes before they came on the market. He created a negotiation strategy for each home I was interested in to ensure I didn't pay more than necessary. He would encourage "walking away" from any home that would be risky because of additional repair costs and expense. Paul gladly returned multiple times with my contractor(s) to any home I liked, in order to see if my reno plans were feasible.

He works incredibly hard and has a lot of experience to share and make me feel comfortable. Emails and phone calls are answered very quickly and thoroughly - you will never be left wondering what is happening. I got the best house, and Paul came after I moved in to check that everything was OK.

would highly recommend Paul for anyone looking to buy a house. Thank you, Paul,

Originally created: November 16, 2015

My Yorkville condo investment

To whom it may concern. Real estate agent Paul I have known since 2015.

He is very knowledgeable and professional. He has provided requested information in a detailed and understandable manner. This helped to make correct decisions for both tenant and landlord. This enabled both tenant and landlord to stay together with confidence longer. Any issues (landlord/tenant) were resolved amicably.

Downsize to a condo

Paul Ferri is a well of knowledge of GTA market. He is very honest and follower of the accepted practices.

Happy home buyer

Paul Ferri, my real estate agent, is a top-notch professional. He goes above and beyond the usual services by providing a personal touch to really connect with his clients' needs. He really spends the time it takes to get to know his client's needs. His commitment to comfort and satisfaction every step of the way is second to none.

After purchasing my property, Paul visited a couple of times to see how I was doing. He gave more reports on the neighborhood and even helped me pick out paints! He’s a jack of all trades! A great value-add is his years of experience which leads to network. He seems to always know someone that can help. If you are committed to buying property,

Paul will commit his patience, understanding, and passion to your search.