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Repattern It

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The Clarity Package

Well, finally I am sitting down to write you a thank you note. I have been thinking about our sessions since I have left  and realizing how much you helped me. I suppose the great test for me was when an incident popped up and I had to deal with it without going stark-raving mad…..I am able to now watch myself ‘fly off the handle’ and pull myself back in easier than I could before we did our work (interesting for sure). I am also realizing that there is so much more work to do for myself! Once things settle down, I will look into doing more work with you….

Thank you again for everything you do for everyone. I pray you are healthy and continue to do your great work. More to come. I look forward to seeing you again.

I came out 1000 stronger!

Resonance Repatterning sessions have helped rid me of my low self -esteem issues from which I have suffered for the past 30 years. 

Mary's sessions are priceless.  

I have learned to deal with the trauma of a painful divorce as well as my anger issues, which were consuming subsequent relationships.  I came out a thousand times stronger than I would have ever imagined. 

Her sessions always made me feel very calm and more in sync with myself.  I found my inner voice again and more clarity in every area of my life.

She has a very positive energy and always made me feel safe and respected by providing a judgement-free zone.  I shared events that were bottled up inside of me for the past 30 years. 

I am in better health now  - mentally as well as physically and emotionally.

Mind Blowing

"Mind blowing therapeutic Magic!”

I'm so grateful to you!

            I want to say how grateful I am to have you helping me repattern my life.
            I've been seeing how much I've changed since we first had our sessions
            and it's truly amazing. The way my interaction with my child has improved
            by millions, and it makes me tear up inside knowing that I'm getting better
            for everyone, including  myself. I feel the weigh of my mom's
            transgressions has lifted off me in that I've never even thought of. You're
            an amazing counselor and an amazing woman, your teachings are going to
            change the world. Thank you so much, you're really
            changing my life. 

Repatterning Has Transformed My Life.

Well it's a long pending testimonial. I tried writing it so many times but never found words to describe what Mary does.Repatterning has transformed my life. I went to Mary initially to address some physical pain which was hurting me very, very badly.And I had pain all over. And I ended up getting healed for my physical pain and over 25 years of emotional baggage.I have no words to describe what she does and what happens in session but after the session is complete, I see a different person in me who is more happy and more confident.Repatterning was like a nourishment to my soul. If I look back at my life before I started these sessions and compare it to where I am now, the positive change in me was monumental. I no longer fear life and I feel very healthy. Mary is a God-sent angel on a mission to change people's lives for better and heal their lives. She has healed stuff in me which doctors could not heal. Her sessions are priceless."Ariel, Austin, Texas

I Stand Up For The Things That Are Most Important To Me.

I have had regular sessions with Mary for the past four years and I can truthfully say that those sessions have transformed me in ways, I believe, no other therapy can do. I have sat down numerous times to try and write this testimonial and I have found it very difficult to do because, trying to put into words the impact that Resonance Repatterning has had on my life, is next to impossible. I'm going to give it my best shot, though.At the beginning of the year, my husband and I decided to take our healing to the next level and we embarked on the Clarity Package journey with Mary. To say that it changed our lives is truly an understatement. As I began my journey, my goal was to develop a healthier, more loving relationship with my husband. I have had (what seems like) a lifetime of unhealthy, damaging relationships and I wanted to do everything in my power to not press repeat in my marriage. What I ended up coming out of the clarity package with was so much more than just a healthy, more loving relationship with my husband.We both made drastic career changes that, I believe, we would not have had the ability to do without Mary's help. The careers that we have chosen as a result of our new awareness will allow us to not only make a difference in the lives of those we encounter through our work but will also allow us the freedom we did not have before to better ourselves on so many different levels.I have found my voice. I am now able to deal with stressful situations in a calm, diplomatic way. I no longer sit by silently when someone challenges something I believe in; I have resurrected my ability to stand up for the things that are most important to me. At the same time though, I stay open to other beliefs with no judgment. I have begun to strengthen my connection to myself. I am learning to express myself in ways that I never thought possible: writing, painting, public speaking, cooking.I have a relationship with my parents that I did not think was possible before this package. We have developed a deep, harmonious relationship that allows us the pleasure of communicating in a loving, honest way. I believe it's important to note that when you do a session, you're not just repatterning yourself, you have a ripple effect on those that you are closest to.All of these items, and then some, have resulted in a sense of peace and relaxation that I didn't know was possible for me. I am free.Mary has been with me through engagements, graduations, a wedding (I highly recommend increased sessions during this trying process, haha) cross-country moves, family turmoil, career changes and so much more. She is a true healer and brings warmth, compassion, and a sense of ease to each session that it's impossible not to open up completely to her. I promise you, from the bottom of my soul, that if you venture on a journey with this incredible woman, your life will begin an upward spiral that will bring you to places you never thought possible.BKC

'I Choose To Maintain The Power Over My Own Life.

An outside observer might say that I have had a successful life thus far. I am a dentist by profession, was the CEO of a successful, international pharmaceutical company for almost 20 years, and appeared as a guest expert numerous times on The Today Show, The View, Fox News, The Apprentice with Donald Trump, and many others. I have also been a motivational speaker and co-led personal/leadership growth and development courses.With that said, we all have our inner demons that we have just learned to live with, and I am no exception.When I was first introduced to Mary, by a friend who had experienced very positive results with resonance repatterning, I had to go through my own assessment process. In the evaluation of any new modality, I always considered myself fortunate to have not only a scientific mind (I like to review double-blind, clinical studies), but also a strong commitment to holistic medicine. Bottom line, I am most committed to what works.When I met Mary, I was at a very low point in my life. I had recently faced a significant, traumatic, family event and experienced a severe vertigo event (e.g., had to hold on to walk, couldn’t drive, had to sleep sitting straight up) the evening before our first session.To say that Mary has contributed to my life with repatterning is an extreme understatement. I have conquered my vertigo and she has blessed me with a happiness and peace in my heart that I have never experienced.Here is what is important to me about resonance repatterning: Mary is not trying to fix us or tell us what we need to do differently or how we need to think differently. She simply guides us through a process that allows us to repattern ourselves, creating our own new energy and new reality.We cannot control the things that happen to us in our lives, but we can certainly have control over our response. I choose to maintain the power over my own life and am, therefore, committed to Repatterning for the rest of my life. Thank you Mary!

"I experience a whole new world of possibilities."

"I’ve participated in many different forms of therapy over the years, yet my search came to a screeching halt when I experienced Mary Schneider’s Holographic Repatterning. 
Mary’s work is nothing short of miraculous. You can accomplish and clear more in one session with Mary than in 20 years of traditional therapy, in my humble opinion. Every time I have a session with Mary, I walk out of her office leaving another dysfunctional layer behind and consequently I experience a whole new world of possibilities. 
I truly have never experienced such powerful and effective work and believe me, it just doesn’t get better than this.

"I Felt A Sense of Calm..."

It's hard to explain the transformation I've experienced. I have had therapy of other types but never Repatterning and didn't know what to expect. 
After the first session, I felt a sense of calm that I didn't quite understand. I went in with such a deep depression that I didn't see how I was going to go on. I actually just wanted to make it through my son's wedding.
​My son is married now and I don't want to just make it through life, but I LOVE Life. My relationship with my husband is healthy and growing better each day.​I have changed into the person I was supposed to be, rather than the sad sack of person I've been for so many years. And not only have I changed and grown, but people around me have mellowed and changed. Especially my husband, who longer walks through life like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.​
Thank you, Mary for helping me be ME.
​P.S.  Client painted this after her Clarity Package Sessions

"I am Definitely A Success Story..."

"I have been meaning to email you all summer but not sure what happened. Anyway, I saw you back in May and was referred by my friend.
I just wanted to let you know that I am pregnant and due in January and we couldn't be more thrilled! I am definitely a success story and the result was a BIG positive life change for me and my family.
Thanks for helping - it was definitely life changing. J.”

"Heals The True Problem..."

I was first introduced to Holographic Repatterning (HR) by chance at a local herb store where Mary Schneider came to speak about HR. Although the description on the flyer of this seminar made little sense to me, I decided to go anyway. Her speech touched me on a personal level with stories I could relate with and it inspired me to learn more about the patterns we attract to our lives. Still not sure what HR really was, I made my first appointment a few weeks later and have been a client ever since.After my first repatterning I had made a major shift and it was evident I would not ever be living the life I was before. Sometimes I can’t wait to get there because I know exactly what I want to work on, other times I am in an impatient void and am surprised at how the muscle checking can perfectly identify what needs to be addressed. I would like to share some questions I have come across during the last two years of being an HR client.”How long does it take?” Or, “How many times do I have to come back?” This is a personal decision. Inevitably some aspect of your life will change for the better after your first repatterning. Some people are content with one session; others will want to get more. Because I see HR as a tool on the path to wholeness, I choose to go once a month. It is a part of my wellness routine, like chiropractic, spiritual practice, exercise, and eating well.“Is HR a religion?” No. HR is a tool for positive change. Similar to going to a dentist for a toothache, you can go to an HR practitioner for a holistic approach to any mind/body/spirit ache. HR does not replace God in your life, but it can help with spiritual struggles you may have encountered by helping you gain mental clarity.”Is HR scientific?” or, “Does it really work?” When Chloe Wordsworth was creating HR, a fundamental realization she had was that there are no ‘cure-alls’. That is, what works to fix one person’s problems, might or might not work to fix the same problem in someone else. This is evident in the multiple forms of medication in various combinations and doses needed to help children with ADD or people with depression or bipolar disorder. HR uses applied kinesiology to personalize each session for optimal healing.“Who should get an HR session?” Neonates, infants, children, teenagers, adults, geriatrics, cats, dogs, horses, everyone with a nervous system can benefit from HR. After seeing Mary’s DVD on HR, what touched me the most was her comment on how children who have the advantage of going to HR sessions have the opportunity to lead lives that you or I could not possibly imagine. This vision of children being given the opportunity to be whole is how I can see the world making a paradigm shift. How different would they interact with each other being able to have more compassion, and being able to come from the heart when they communicate? How would the environment be treated, how would they vote, how would the school systems change if more children were operating out of peace and love rather than fear and violence?In conclusion, I believe there are many paths to wholeness and wellness. HR is the only path that I am aware of that heals the true problem, rather than curing a symptom. I believe that you are the only one who can heal you. When fear replaces this ability, or power to heal from the inside out, people seek professional opinion or expertise and practically hand the professional their power. HR gives the power to heal back to the individual. If you are the slightest bit curious, sign up for a session! It only gets better from here.A 25 Year of Graduate Student and Mother of Two

Children Are More Grounded

"Since my son has been repatterned, the very real frustration and pressure that he was constantly dealing with is just not a big deal anymore. Previous to the sessions, I was constantly clashing with my son. I noticed the amount of pressure and frustration this poor little 4-year old was experiencing. I wanted a change and since then, I have never looked back.""These children that are getting this work done are more grounded and centered and less reactionary. Even at a very young age they handle emotions better. From a mother's standpoint, you can actually see a change in how they process situations mentally and emotionally including in the mother/son, parent/child relationship. It creates a lot less frustration in the family unit itself.""I can physically feel when my son needs another Repatterning. Other benefits include my husband and I learning how to parent better and learning how to apologize. Curing the world of another person who has Mommy/Daddy issues so that they are free to explore, create and reach their potential or success in the way that they define it - without all the baggage – makes this a very hopeful place indeed."A very successful business owner and mother of a 5 year old.

This Healing Helps Me and My Loved Ones

“I wanted to give you an update on some changes with me since our (one) session. First, I wanted to tell you that I have also been doing some Rheiki work with a Rheiki Healer. I have been going to her for about six months now and she has helped me immensely as well. Any way I had an appointment with her last Saturday and she wanted me to tell you something.When I entered her office she bugged her eyes out and her mouth dropped open and she said, "Who are you?!!!!" She said that she almost didn't recognize me. That my spirit and soul, "higher self" looked totally different. I told her, "I feel totally different". After a long visit she wanted me to tell you that you have done excellent work and to keep up the good work.I can't quite put my finger on it nor can I put into words what has happened. However, I can tell you what is different with me. I no longer have a lot of anxiety nor do I have that feeling of depression or doom and gloom. Changes are occurring in my life around me. I can even see changes in the people around me. Not necessarily in relation to me but in their lives and choices that they are making. For example, my estranged husband. Where he was a mess before, living in a marinade of negativity and poor choices. He is now beginning to make changes in his life that are towards the positive (And by no influence from me). I haven't been communicating with him except in regards to my son. I have been trying very hard to cut those ties with him. Also, I supervise new counselors and I have seen changes with them as well. They too are making positive changes and identifying barriers that have been holding them back as therapist. Its like a ripple effect. My changes have rippled out and are also creating changes in others around me.Lastly, the most pronounce thing that I see occurring with me is the moving on and letting go of old patterns. I no longer have a desire or need to be connected to or repeat old patterns with my estranged husband and I hardly have any negative thoughts or doubts about myself. I can't wait for us to do another session. I wish I had more funds to work with you more because I know that this healing and these changes are not only helping me but helping my loved ones and others around me. That's a wonderful thing.”AP/Healer

"We Got Our Spirited Girl Back..."

I went to Mary for help for my daughter who had long suffered with severe disabling anxiety. After months of traditional therapy with some slow progress, one ‘Repatterning’ produced results nothing short of miraculous.It is as if her anxiety and fear have literally been replaced with a calm knowing and certainty that all is well. She is truly happy, confident and at ease now on a daily basis! She has even returned to her art and is much more comfortable being still. She no longer has fear around speaking her truth because she feels certain of her choices and much more at ease.She even asked me if Mary repatterned all of us! A bonus is she says her brother is being much more kind and supportive to her; that she experiences me as being more fun and available to her.Best of all…we all got our beautiful spirited girl back!Ellen McCarty, Head CoachAllison Maslan International

"The Clarity Package Literally Saved My Marriage."

“Words simply cannot describe how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to meet Mary and experience the wonderful Resonance Repattering work she does. As a client of Mary's for over 10 years now, I have had more positive life altering experiences because of her help than I ever could have possibly imagined. From addiction to relationship anxiety with Mary's help, I have achieved more positive personal growth than most people do in a lifetime. The Clarity Package literally saved my marriage and transformed my career. When I think about the personal growth I have achieved with Mary's help, I have tears of gratitude, I'm forever grateful and always look forward to my next session. In summary, it’s powerful, it nourishes my soul and it’s instantly measurable in my life.”Chaplin, 30-year old businessman

Holographic Repatterning Has Enabled Me To Gain Confidence!

Mary Schneider is a gifted healer.  She is a superb practitioner of the science of Holographic Repatterning. More importantly, Mary is a woman with heart.  She loves her work, which she does with great gentleness, understanding, and warm humor.  The insights I have gained through Mary's skill in Holographic Repatterning have enabled me to gain confidence and accelerate my progress.  this is my experience with the work of Mary Schneider.

"..Dismantle the Barricades to Freedom.."

"When I began working with Mary, I knew my life was at a crossroads. I seemed to be going through the same trials over and over and was divinely tired of them. Through Holographic Repatterning, I have begun to dismantle the barricades to freedom that I had energetically created." Photographer

"...Able to Increase Strength Training - No More Back Pain"

"Before I had an HR session for my back, it had been bothering me for months and required at least one bodywork, chiropractic and energy treatment per month. The night of my HR session as I was walking back to my truck, I noticed my hips and sacrum had regained flexibility and the pain had lessened. This lessening occurred each day for the next week until the pain was gone completely. I noticed that my back no longer hurt while I was working. To my utter delight, my ability to dance returned and I was able to increase my strength training at the gym."  Deep tissue corrective Massage Therapistman,