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RevBizz Incorporated

Las Vegas NV , 89012
United States

search fix

Posting as anonymous due to the nature of my service.  But let me say this, I had a friend post some horrible things about me online and it was stupid.  But when people googled me they read it and i had to explain it.  Anyway, RevBizz put me on page 1 of google in 48 hours and in 1 weeks populated page 1 with me and moved the bs back to page two, I have noticed that it keeps moving back further the more they work at it.  Brian was great!  This guy gets it.  

Owner Lusso Customs

RevBizz is extremely talented when it comes to web designs. Creativity on a whole new level that grabs the attention from consumers you want. They are very knowledgeable with eCommence and can help you set up an user-friendly online store. I strongly recommend Brian for his services!

Owner MVNU

I had hardly any online presence before working with Brian and his team. I had an amateur website that was difficult to follow and had way too much wording. They were able to help me simplify and come up with an appealing, simplistic design that was easy to navigate. They also were able to drastically increase my online presence to the point where my business used to grow on referrals alone, now grows by google searches and SEO presence. Contact these guys now! they will blow you away with their expertise.

Grpahic Designer

Thank you RevBizz, I needed a site as a portfolio page, that would incorporate my work with Lusso Customs.  Brian at RevBizz had it up in less then a day, with changes!  Thank you again, the speed and eye for design is something you don't see out of "web guys"  RevBizz are NOT web guys, all scientist, artist, tech geeks, just amazing.  The fee was incredible too, A year of hosting, domain and domain name protection, and integration of my site into my employers for less then the price of doing it myself.
Thanks again, truly impressive Chris 


I had the pleasure of dealing with  Revbizz. Explained to us the services they provides, experience, and showed us examples 
I was very excited, but as any business owner would be, we always hesitate about spending money with a new Web guy... 
He explained how the payments would work and for a very reasonable number got started on our site. 
Within the same day, we were able to see a tremendous difference into the look and feel of the company we are. Here less than a week later, we have a website, but not just a website, something that works and combines with all of social media, integrated eCommerce, a very visual explanations of what we do!
I cant even imagine over time where we will be in the web presence.
Everything from following up to showing us results, Brian has been AMAZING! I have owned many different businesses over the last 15 years and I can not say how pleasurable this whole process has been!


What a great way to launch a company.  RevBizz had me my business in revenue in 1 week.  I was truly amazed at how fast the process was.  I was seeking investors but with revenue already providing for business expenses, I did't need them.  Ultimately I own my business, and I make the decisions, and RevBizz gave me control of my business.  This is was a great experience.