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Revive Health Institute

P.O. Box 114
Greenwood VA , 22943

Great for Working Moms & Families

"If you've been wanting to get healthy, but are not interested in any of the usual programs or fad diets out there, I highly recommend going with a Holistic Health Coach. Working with Anna is so easy.  She provides the menus and shopping lists, which is great for a working mom like me.  The weekly call-ins are positive and if there is an area you are struggling with, she provides lots of good recommendations without being judgmental or condemning. Within two weeks of signing on with Anna, I was off sugar and my energy was back!  I am now on week 9 and am down a size in clothing, sleeping better, and my strange body aches are gone. Thank you, Anna, for your ministry!"

Free from Fibromyalgia Symptoms!

When I came to Anna, I was hurting pretty badly.  I had fibromyalgia and fatigue, was overweight, and wondering if I could ever find something that would work for me.  Not only did I lose the extra weight (30 pounds and counting), but I stopped feeling all the familiar fibromyalgia pains!  Now I can bike 10 miles AFTER working an entire day.  Phenomenal.  It is refreshing to find a Christian health coach who includes and understands all components of health.  Highly recommended!

Falling in Love Again in the Kitchen!

We would recommend this program to anyone!  We found a new love for cooking together in the kitchen, lost a lot of the extra weight, are eating better, and are feeling so healthy.  I (Diane) have noticed that my desire for raw veggies [has increased] as well as I am using the delicious recipes found in her cookbook.  Mac also had much better blood work when he went to the doctor this past checkup in terms of his cholesterol and blood sugar.  Thanks, Anna!

The Real Deal

Anna is the "real deal".  Before her coaching, I was living on convenience foods and a fast-paced lifestyle (it's still fast and exciting, praise God, but with a lot more balance!).  I felt lethargic and unhealthy, and was over my desired weight.  On her program, I lost 40 pounds that I have basically been able to keep off over the last couple of years - not by dieting, but because my entire mindset changed.  I love food more than ever, in its purest sense!  The changes in my life through Anna's health coaching have been monumental - I have only told you the "tip of the 'berg".  Give Anna a call if you need help with your health!

Stomach Ulcer Healed and No More Spondylosis Pain!

When I came to Anna, I had severe spondylosis, a stomach ulcer, trouble sleeping, and lots of anxiety.  In a short time my stomach had improved - no more burning pain.  Next, my sleep became normal!  And I have no more neck and back pain.  Anxiety was the final issue to go.  Now I have no more issues!  No more discomfort that was ruining my life.  I could not do anything before without great pain.  It was consuming.

Weight Loss and Healthier Family

My wife and I came to Anna, desperate for help.  We knew we needed to do something about our health and weight immediately if we were going to be around for our kids in the long term.  I have to admit that I was skeptical of the program helping us at first.  But, needless to say, Anna has been a great coach, and I have lost 40 pounds and continuing.  It is a journey that I am glad I began.  I eat a lot more raw vegetables now and have really liked her recipes.  Our kids have been benefitted, too!  We are all healthier as a family.

Uterine Cyst and IBS Gone!

Great news!  My IBS is not bothering me anymore.  And, I am feeling better.  One more thing: my ovarian cyst fixed itself and I've lost 10 or more pounds of water weight.  I've gone down from 146 to 137.8 lbs."  A few weeks later she reported, "Just got my lab results back and I'm only one point away now from not being anemic!  My doctor has also confirmed that I can go back to work again!

Several Pant Sizes Down & Feeling Better

I've already gone from weighing 206 to 175, several pant sizes down!  And my fatigue is gone.  I feel great.  No more mid-day crashes.  My goal is to get off of my thyroid and my cholesterol meds, and I'm going to do it!  I don't know how I would have done this without Anna's program.  It has truly been a blessing.

Health Coaching that Helped Our Family

This service is a life saver to me!! I learned a lot from my health coach about nutrition, excellent recipes, and healthy cooking tips. She helped me to change my lifestyle by supporting me through prayer, encouragement, and good health principles. And the wheatgrass powder they are selling is such a wonderful product that even my children love it!!