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Rinkey Puri

3183 Daisy Way
Oakville ON , L6M1L3

My daughter and son took Abacus classes with Rinkey in Dubai and via skype . These classes improved their mental ability to a high level and I could make out with a marked difference in their performance in school . She is an amazing teacher who knows how to deal with any age group and she can motivate and inspire children to love math as she did with my children .

When I started looking for a tutor in my neighborhood, I asked the neighbors if they knew anyone who could teach math to my 11 and 13 year old kids . Luckily one of the neighbors gave me Ms. Rinkey’s name and after a meeting with Ms.Rinkey I knew that my kids were in good hands . My kids soon became comfortable learning from Ms. Rinkey and my son told me that he has become more confident in his math class because of the lessons he got from Ms. Rinkey . It was comforting to know that Ms. Rinkey teaches high school students as my son will soon be going to high school . Ms. Rinkey’s personal interest in each child and her ability to accommodate new students in her current schedule is much appreciated.

The online classes worked really well and were very convenient. Rinky ma'am is a great teacher and helped me perform well in Math. With her help and guidance I was able to achieve a good grade in math. Class of 2019 John Fraser Mississauga

My children study at John Fraser in Mississauga, and Rinkey is their maths tutor. She has been absolutely brilliant with both of them. Both my children are very different in their approach to academics, and Rinkey has been able to cater to each of their needs in a wonderful manner. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody looking for a tutor for their children. She is highly competent and has a great rapport with her students!

My children are students of the Ontario curriculum (OSSD), and Rinkey is their maths tutor. She has been absolutely brilliant with both of them. Both my children are very different in their approach to academics, and Rinkey has been able to cater to each of their needs in a wonderful manner. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody looking for a tutor for their children. She is highly competent and has a great rapport with her students!

Here in Canada, there have been very few teachers that have built the sort of personal relationship that Ms. Rinkey develops with each one of her students. Both my kids - a 16 year old daughter and a 14 year old son - have been taking class with her for the last 2 years and they have suddenly transitioned from an anti-Math mentality to a love for Maths, and I credit this all to their teacher Ms. Rinkey. I have recommended her to all of my friends and would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a teacher who will always go the extra mile to help you or your child.

Rinki maam is a great tutor. She will make sure all your concepts are clear and will always make time for you if required. She teaches you how to work hard and she will break the mental blocks you may set for math and will help you excel . She will challenge and push you to do your best always . She is truly an excellent teacher.

My two daughters have been with Rinkey since they were 6 or 7 years old. They started with the Abacus lessons and then moved on to Math tutorials. Rinkey has that unique quality where it is not just about the marks but the overall development of the child that matters to her. She takes keen interest in every child and works according to their strengths and weaknesses. She puts in a lot of effort to source practice sheets for the children and ensures that they get sufficient practice. She is an outstanding teacher and a superb human being. I highly recommend her!

Rinkey Ma’am cleared all my mathematical concepts and was always there to help me when I had a doubt. From fearing math, she made me love it and I will now be pursuing a degree in math at university!

My daughter Amal started maths with Rinkey for grade 9 about 7-8 months ago and it is one of the best decision I have ever made for her. Rinkey has an amazing and fantastic approach to teaching concepts that is simplified as well. My daughter has a very quiet and shy personality and Rinkey knew exactly how to take her out of her shell. Rinkey also gave up on her weekends if Amal had an exam/test on a Monday. I cant thank her enough for her support. Amal will definitely be continuing with Rinkey through high school here in Canada

About 7yrs ago my tiny lil 7yr old Sahana joined Abacus with Rinkey and initially had no clue what she was getting into. But as time progressed and she learnt that the abacus method helped her to solve maths problems / equations faster than the rest of the class, she got more attracted and eager to learn more in Ronkeys Class. Rinkey is one of the most patient teachers I've come across in a long long time. Sahana enjoyed every class and would come home proud with a medal post the exams in class. Truly thank you Rinkey for not making learning a tedious affair..U are the only teacher that she has continued with for years. Wishing you the very best in all your endeavors. Students are truly happy when in class.

Both my kids went to Rinkey for Maths tuitions for two different reasons . My son needed to get his basics right and my daughter was bright but lacked the discipline to practice ( which is essential in math ) . Rinkey worked with both the kids in a different way . She encouraged and helped build confidence in my son and pushed my daughter to work harder . Given her experience she was able to transform each one to reach their potential . I would strongly recommend Rinkey because she takes responsibility for the learning and performance of the child whether it is in a group class or an individual session . She works hard with each child and encourages them to give their best . Most importantly she doesn’t give up on your child . But be prepared for the worksheets that she expects your child to do . Support Rinkey’s efforts in terms of getting your child to do the work sheets because in Maths only “Practice makes Perfect” . I have no hesitation in recommending Rinkey and happy to answer any question you may have .

Mrs . Rinkey Puri has taught my son maths in his senior school for more than two years . As a parent I felt she had the capacity to motivate my child and make sure he understood all concepts. My child lost his fear of numbers with her patience and encouragement. Under her guidance my child excelled in maths in his senior years . Thanks

My son was in Grade 9 when he began Math classes with Rinkey. We'd just moved from Mumbai to Dubai and my son absolutely detested Math! Rinkey worked her magic not just in strengthening concepts, but very importantly the application and reasoning approach required to understand Math. From a boy scoring 60%, my son completely fell in love with Math, and went on to score 99 in his ICSE! He had the highest scores in Math in his IBDP too. Far more important than the knowledge and understanding of Math that Rinkey imparted, I will always be grateful for the confidence and self esteem that she restored in my son. I have recommended some other students too and their stories are not different. The care and love she bestowed on my son was unconditional and exponentially improved his attitude to learning Math. A simple 'Thank you' seems so inadequate, but sums up the wonderful 4 years of teaching and learning that Rinkey shared with us.

I have studied with Mrs. Rinkey for two years. With her guidance, I have grown from a student with a fear of Maths to one with a deep passion for it. Mrs. Rinkey explained each topic in detail all the while making it seem much easier than it actually was, and was always willing to clear any doubts. The online classes were just as effective as the ones in person. I cannot imagine loving math as much I do today if it had not been for her help and guidance. Student Grade 12

The progress I saw in my daughter in terms of understanding and conceptual clarity was remarkable from the time she started learning Mathematics from Ms. Rinkey. Thanks to Ms. Rinkey’s approach to teaching and the vigorous training she gave my daughter, she is now able to grasp concepts well and performs well in the subject in school. Mathematics is a recurring subject throughout a student’s education journey and fortunately the improvement in my daughter’s math abilities not only improved her performance in other subjects but also improved her confidence. My daughter started her journey with Ms. Rinkey in her 7th grade/year and it hasn’t stopped since. I am very grateful for her and her support.

My daughter Anusha has opted for Maths HL in her grade 11 IB with the confidence that she can perform well . The credit goes to Rinkey for building a strong foundation from grade 1 when she started learning abacus from her and later ICSE maths till grade 9 . She is able to simplify the complex concepts and make it easy for the kids . Really appreciate her committement and dedication.

I've been learning Mathematics from Rinkey ma'am since years. She is extremely clear in her understanding of concepts and works with students on a personal level to ensure consistently good performance. I am grateful for all her support in my strong foundation of mathematics, and the confidence her teaching has given me in the subject. She is a dedicated, caring and nurturing teacher under whose guidance I will always enjoy learning. Grade 11, IB Student, Dubai