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Rinkey Puri

3183 Daisy Way
Oakville ON , L6M1L3

Tutor in my life … and luckily I was able to find the right person who could lead my son Jayesh Adnani to success. He really enjoyed the one-to-one sessions with Rinkey Ma'am.She was always well prepared and organized for him and she knew exactly what he needed to do to do well on the math exam. Her instruction was very clear and whenever my son did not understand anything she was nice enough to explain until he felt confident about the material. Not only she is a great tutor but she is also a very nice person. She really cares for her students and she is very dedicated to helping students. I am glad I reached out for help and that I met Rinkey through one of my friend. Thanks

My elder daughter, Janhavi who is ready to go to university now, joined first Abacus & then Maths classes with Rinkey, about 9 years ago and the younger daughter Avni followed suit 3 years down the line. One thing that was common to both, was the fact that they were 'Maths Averse' and possibly were pushed to join the program with Rinkey. We saw a transformation in both of them quite rapidly. From being nervous about Maths, they suddenly became "Maths lovers". Time spent with Rinkey, impacted their scores in Maths and suddenly the subject they used to be nervous about, became their highest scoring subject. The credit for this transformation goes purely to Rinkey. It was never about clearing the various levels, it was more about 'clarity & understanding of basic Maths concepts'. Furthermore, the rigor and persistence that Rinkey has with each individual child, augurs well for them. She has always been able to look at individual strengths and identify areas for improvement. Her follow-up with each student is quite immaculate. Even after Rinkey moved to a new geographical location (Toronto), the long distance online coaching and mentoring, continued to have the same impact. Thank you Rinkey for helping Janhavi & Avni. Good luck & God bless!

My daughter who is in Grade 12 now,has been with Rinkey since grade 4. Earlier for Abacus and then later on continued with Maths classes. Gradually Mannat’s basics and concepts became so clear that she started enjoying Maths. It was a surprise to us when she told us that she likes Maths and wants to take it up in her higher grades. She has started preparing for her SAT ‘s now. The Instructor for her SAT Classes there told her that her basics are very good and she should have taken advanced Maths. We, as Parents feel so proud to hear this. All this credit goes to Rinkey. I think anybody can teach, but Only a dedicated and excellent teacher can make the student love a subject. Rinkey ....thank u not only have u been an excellent teacher to Mannat but also a great mentor and have always encouraged her.

Miss Rinkey has helped me understand my concepts easily and has always helped me with any doubts. I enjoy studying math now and credit goes to miss.

Rinkey is a very dedicated teacher. She devotes a lot of time & effort to ensure that her students excel in their exams. My daughter has been tutored by Rinkey for the last 3 years & she’s done really well. Thank you Rinkey. Parent of Student of Grade 12,IB, GMA Dubai

The lessons were very helpful, and well conducted. Ma’am provides an environment conducive to learning a and understanding the mathematical concepts, whilst also being comfortable and enjoyable. Student Grade 12,IB, GMA Dubai