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Rivkah Kaufman, Psychotherapist

115 Henry Street, Suite 1F
Brooklyn NY , 11201


Rivkah is truly someone I can confide in and easy to talk to with much insight. After every appointment I walk out feeling like I've gained a new perspective and with tools to tackle whatever I walked into the session with.


Mrs Rivhah Kaufman is simply "BEAUTIFUL"!

And I am not referring just to her appearance, but mostly and most importantly I am talking about her abilities, knowledge and capacity as a professional psycologist and as a person!

Not only she is incredible in her job, but she is a very caring, sensitive woman who truly cares about her patients. Her warm smile, her sweet voice and her gentle manners makes you feel "like home". She has the right questions and answers to make you see what is the best thing to do in your case, she helps you find solutions to your problems, through your own thoughts and emotions. She has the right way to show you the "light in your darkest night".

She helped me through the most difficult time of my life, she stood by me, confort me, advised me, guide me through my problem, healed me and literally she reformed me into a new, stable and content-grateful person. Thanks to her, I have managed to take back my life and be happy again.

I am so thankful I went to ask for her help in the first place... It was the best gift I could ever get to myself!

So, as I said in the beginning of my text: Mrs Rivkah is simply "BEAUTIFUL"


God bless you and thank you for evrything! :-)