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Sadhana Shakti

1617 Jasmine Circle
Oakley CA , 94561

I Cannot Express My Gratitude

I just completed an energy healing session with Michael after having had an aura expansion session and a chakra cleansing that has definitely improved the flow of energy and I cannot encourage others enough to partake in. Michael has been a continuous source of motivation, wisdom, guidance and compassion. I have never felt more safely guided in the most incredible depths of compassionate love and acceptance as I do with Michael. He's been instrumental in awakening and making me ever aware of my own healing capabilities and personal power. After this energy healing I feel very much lighter & ready to walk into the new chapter and higher version of self that awaits me next, prepared with new tools in my spiritual arsenal that I intuitively sense will be invaluable. My connection to my higher self and Source has greatly improved and I've experienced a big shift in consciousness. I am deeply grateful to the universe for having led me hear to a teacher so very wise, loving and devoted to sharing his gifts with myself and the collective so humbly and generously. I give honor to Michael and everything he's done to assist in awakening my sense of personal empowerment and abilities and the utmost highest of recommendation. If you're interested in furthering your spiritual growth, abilities or knowledge this is the place you want to explore for yourself!

Truly Transformational

Michael has a deeply loving and soothing energy and is capable of creating a safe space for me to truly open my heart and talk freely about the things that are weighing on my mind and spirit. His wisdom and knowledge that he so generously shares have helped me better understand myself in a way that greatly helps me with my healing process. After my very first aura expansion session I am left feeling aglow with a brand new vibrational second skin and a new understanding of the powerful space I have the ability to create to access my higher self and tap into universal knowledge and assistance in my journey. The experience was amazingly & beautifully transformational and I am deeply grateful & honored to be working with Michael as he guides and lovingly teaches me to navigate through my personal spiritual path. If you're considering learning to work with your personal frequency or coaching for your journey I would highly recommend connecting with Michael.

I am left buzzing with energy!

Connecting with Michael has truly been gift from the universe. After my first session with Michael, I realized that I was only scratching the surface in my spiritual journey. Michael has a deep knowledge and understanding of spiritual teachings and a genuine desire to share this information with those who are open to receiving them. I am currently working with him, and every session has opened up my mind even more. I can feel my consciousness evolving from the information he shares. After every call, I am left buzzing with energy & a feeling of expansion. Working with him has been nothing short of amazing. If you are looking to take the next step in your spiritual journey, I highly recommend working with Michael. You will not be disappointed.

I believe in Michael with all my heart

Michael is one of the most dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure to speak to. When I was in his meditation program, he thought of absolutely everything from meals to yoga, and everything was so well planned. I was super impressed with his knowledge, commitment, and his passion. On top of that, my impression of him as a person is that he is so driven and has many ideas, but with a calmness that is always so soothing, and that is rare. I believe in Michael with all my heart, and I know that we will always support each other. Highly recommend!

He has opened his heart

I've had the pleasure of meeting and joining Michael at one of his group meditations. I immediately feel in love with his way of being. This led me to attend more of his gatherings. Michael truly loves what he does and you can feel that energy in the spaces he shares. Michael will gently guide, awaken, and heal you, if you are open to receiving. He takes time to explain and explore the various modalities and is open to questions. He never makes me feel rushed, he has opened his heart and his home, and in doing so is guiding and healing the collective. I highly recommend Michael and his services, I have shifted mentally and physically healed pieces of me, because of his work. Thank so much, for so much Michael. I appreciate you.