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Safe Insight

20829 WA Hwy 99 # A-1
Lynnwood WA , 98036
United States

Range Qualifications

Had a wonderful experience on the range with Safe Insights. Highly recommend. Very professional and helpful tips.

Super satisfied and Highly recommended!

I know a lot of people are skeptical about online training. But I loved it. I just followed the directions and shot the best I ever have. Everything covered in the instruction works.

All good in the hood! Thanks, Safe Insight!

Covered pretty much all the bases beyond personal preferences of types of carrying. Safety for self and others was primary. The legal implications of actually using a weapon was a helpful angle. The online choice made this a no-brainer for me and my schedule. Thanks, Safe Insight!


Quick and easy. Was able to complete the course in less than a week at my own pace when it was convenient for me. Was able to schedule my live fire qualification right after completing the online course. I scheduled it for 2 weeks later. I showed up to the range, shot the course of fire and was qualified right there.

CA CCW Training

Outstanding - It was great to be able to go at my own pace and to go back and review.

Quick and Painless (CCW)

I signed up and completed my CCW renewal class in a single evening. Scheduled my shooting qualification online. Showed up at the range and completed my shooting portion in less than an hour.


Great teaching methods. Very easy to grasp.

Very Quick and Efficient System (CCW)

There are many reasons why this is probably the most convenient way to get your CCW instruction. For me it was the speed in which they operate. I feel like there was no waiting for anything. The online course is at your own pace and they send all the paperwork and certificates quickly. Brandon was my qualification instructor and he just had a great attitude and just told me to do my thing. With that being said, I was able to show up early in the morning when it fit my schedule and was out of there in 20 mins. It was so quick that I decided to buy another EDC and go back to qualify another because I knew I would have it before my OCSD Background check was done.

I would recommend to a friend.

Flexibility (CCW)

Really thankful I found Safe Insight these online courses are extremely flexible with my very busy work schedule ability. The ability to work at my own pace/ time frame was the best.

OC Renewal

Everything about the course was perfect considering I was able to take the lecture on my own pace. The only downside of the course is I had to pay an extra $20 for the certificate, which I was not made aware of. Mind you, I already paid for the course and was then nickel and dimed in the end to pay for addition $20 for a certificate. Wouldn’t that just me part of the initial course costs?

SAFE INSIGHT: Thank you for your observation Andrew. We recently switched to a new registration process and forgot to put a note in there about the certificates. We have corrected that since reading your review. Most companies charge $10 -$20 fees per firearm. We never have. But since the Sheriff now allows an unlimited number of firearms instead of only 3, we had to start charging a fee for each certificate (which can have up to 3 firearms on it).

Fast and Thorough - An Excellent Program

Informative and entertaining classes with knowledgeable and experienced instructors. This is the best CCW course I have taken.

Best CCW Training

By far the best on-line training available. I thought I knew a lot about guns and shooting. Whenever I do the on-line training I learn more and more. Great class and instruction. Mike keeps it fun and on task. I don't dread taking training from Safe Insight!

Good Content, No Time Wasted (CCW)

The advice and knowledge comes from experienced people. They deliver their lessons in videos that get right to the point without wasting time. Enjoyed my training!


These guys are the absolutely best online, and on-hand training service. I highly recommend them to anyone that really wants to learn about safety.

CCW Training

I found the online course very informative and I learned a lot. The hands-on training was simple and quick. I would recommend them to someone seeking CCW training.

Quick and Easy (Fingerprints)

I made an appointment to get NFA finger prints and photos. The service was book for the time and date I requested immediately and the service itself was quick and easy.

Great Training Session

Michael is a great instructor. We had a private lesson and by the end of the hour my son was proficient in safe AR operation and bolt disassembly/reassembly. Michael includes nuances such as tugging on the mag after loading to ensure engagement, and the psychological reason for both visual and physical inspection of an unloaded weapon. Thanks Michael!

Quick, Covers The Bases (CCW)

Good material in the on-line instructor videos. Registration process is a bit clunky. Facility is convenient and they will schedule around your hours.

SAFE INSIGHT: Thank you for the input John! We recently upgraded our registration process. Unfortunately you were caught in the middle of the transition which created the "clunky" feel. We do appreciate your comments and we will continue to work to improve with every suggestion.