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Santa Sent Me A Letter

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This is the 6th year I've sent a letter to my son and I'm so excited for him to get his letter. My son is 9 years old and recently asked me about Santa and if he was "real". I was not prepared for that discussion, but even though he is growing up and it was time, I decided to keep this beautiful tradition going. I've order the "nice" card, beautiful key, and other items and absolutely everything, including the letters, are of the highest quality. it's a beautiful tradition for the whole family.

My niece enjoys her letters from Santa so much that this is her letter she wrote after she received a letter from Santa! Thank you!

I have been sending these out for about 10 years. I have to say that the smiles and joy it gives the families and kids that I send them to give me so much joy. I try to add a new family every year and last year I picked a family that was on hard times. They were so happy they had no idea who sent it. I finally let them know after the holidays were over. I was told that on the day that they received Santa's letter things started to turn around. Please keep up the great job.

I ordered some letters from Santa last year because my oldest niece who is now 10 kept questioning whether or not Santa was real and I felt she was still too young to not believe in him, I had all the kids go out to the mail box and retrieve their letters, they came in running and excited. once they read the letters and it had all these little personal details for each of them I knew any questions about Santa flew right out the window, would definitely recommend this to friends and family and will definitely order again this year.

I have been using this service for 4 years now and am sending my girlfriend's daughter one also this year along with my nephews. The look on his face every year when Santa's letter comes is priceless and am glad to be adding one more to this special tradition.

This was the third year Santa wrote my friends two boys a letter. Once again they were thrilled and totally surprised at what Santa knew about them especially some of the smallest things. Little ones surely make Christmas fun. Thanks again you people are the best!....:)

After having a death in our family, I missed the deadline to have Santa send my 4 grandkids their letter. I took a chance and called the company, expecting to be told "sorry, too late". Not the case at all. The Elf I spoke with got into action immediately, checked with the Boss and called me back to tell me to inform them who to send letters to. The letters will go out immediately. I am overwhelmed and thankful for the kindness and consideration of all involved. They truly are the Spirit of Christmas!! I can't thank them enough!!! Beyond 5 star rating!!

the people that work here are truly amazing. i had made a mistake when i ordered, and with only one phone call to the workshop they jumped into action to remedy my oops. within only moments i had emails explaining what was being done and reassurance that every thing had been taken care of. the level of customer service these elves gave me was nothing less that amazing, and the quality of the letter and key was perfect. my kids are still bouncing off the walls. thank you all so much, we will using your services again for years to come.

Your letter from Santa worked like a charm. being able to compose my own letter to include things that only Santa would know was the icing on the cake. Job well done. Plain on using your site again next year

Today my 6-year-old grandson's Letter From Santa arrived. His skeptical older cousin was here at the time, and everyone's eyes were huge as we checked the details: Santa Seal? check. Postmark? check. You should have seen the older boy's face when he read "Say hi to your cousin"! He whispered to me, "I wasn't really believing in Santa anymore - but now, I believe!" The little one was so proud to receive his Official Nice List ID card, he went running out into the yard to show it to the UPS man. Thank you so much for this magical moment.

I tried the Santa letters this year for the first time and what a hit they were.My grandchildren were so excited to see a letter for them from Santa .Thank you so much .

I have been sending these out every year. The children get so happy when they receive their's. The first ones were received today. Wish I could share the photos of them. Keep up the great job.

I have been doing the Santa letters for 3 years now. My almost 6 year old loves it and she looks forward to receiving her letter in the mail. I love seeing her face light up when she opens it and we read it together.

What a great company! The letters are great and so easy to customize. I have used this company before and the letters are a great quality. This is something special I do for my 4 grandchildren and they love it that "Santa" sends them a letter each year!

The first year our letter arrived I couldn't believe how beautiful the letter was. It seemed almost magical. I was as excited as my son to receive the letter and Santa key. We were convinced that our letter came directly from the North Pole and Santa himself. Our letter tradition has continued year after year, and it never disappoints. Send a little magic to any home...send a letter.

Hi just letting you know I got the Santa letter today and to tell you the truth I wasn't expecting this type of letter. It was better than I thought and every child should get one, truly magical for children. Thanks again!

The children were so excited to receive a personal letter from Santa. We cannot express how precious this moment was to be a part of experiencing their joy! The have read their letters to a few people.. their excite continues. That red wax Santa seal on the envelope was a great touch! We know this a definite memory maker for years to come! God bless.

Hello, My grandson was very exited when he received his Santa letter, he told his friends that there really is a Santa. He even told the man that played Santa at our church that he got his letter. He sat on his lap and they discussed the letter, Santa went along with what he told him. Thank you very much for making my grandson very happy.