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Bobby Tariq Tutoring Center

Honestly this tutoring center is by far the best for SAT prep. I only came for about a month and a half but that was enough to help raise my overall score 70 points!. I came into Bobby's Learning center scoring low 1500s and was able to improve my score to 1590! Bobby's strict regimen of practice was very helpful. Not only that but he's such a great motivational speaker. He connects with kids really well and makes them feel satisfied when they reach a certain goal. He definitely guided me really well and sat down with me to discuss my weaknesses. I 100% recommend this place for anyone looking for the best SAT prep place!

I came to this tutoring center for about a month and a half and honestly it was incredibly helpful. I was enrolled into the BEAST program which was rigorous and required us to understand and retain on everything we had learned. All of the packets we received contained questions extremely similar to what was on the SAT, so when I took my SAT for the second time nothing felt unfamiliar and I felt calm which was a stark contrast from the first time I took the SAT and my score reflected that. I went from a 1320 to a 1530 and both sections of my score improved by at least 100 points. Bobby himself was always supportive and kept on motivating us to push ourselves to be the best we could possibly be. He made us feel confortable and cared if we understood what we were learning which in turn made us want to succeed. I would definitely recommend this tutoring center because they help you significantly and your score will reflect that.

Out of all the tutorials that I went to, this is probably by far the best one for the SAT.

In case you didn't know, Bobby heads all of the SAT classes of his Jackson Heights branch. Yes. You heard me right. The Columbia alumnus himself heads all these classes. He teaches all of the materials required for the SAT.

Bobby delivers content in an easy-to-understand way, and is extremely patient with the class. He checks up on each and every one of his students that participate in his class. I have oftentimes seen Bobby high-fiving a student for increasing 50 points on their last diagnostic, or giving motivational advice for the student that didn't do so well on their last diagnostic. Just know this: if you get to know Bobby, Bobby will get to know you. He is barely a father (he has a very young daughter), but he is in all respects a father.

When I joined the class, I came in extremely panicked — how was I going to do well on the SAT? I kept scoring extremely low on reading passages, with most of my reading scores ranging from 40/52 to 42/52. My writing scores refused to increase from 40/44.

Bobby was there to offer me guidance and support. I was a latecomer, and joined three weeks into his summer curriculum; despite all that, Bobby seamlessly added me to the class. I'm normally a shy person at first, but within a week Bobby made me feel like I was at home.

He sensed my drive to push myself, and he encouraged me to do so. Instead of heading home, he would hang back to have conversations with me about my performance, and cheer me on when I did well. In many respects, he became a second father to me as well: my entire family (save my real father) was in Bangladesh for the summer, and my father worked such long hours that I barely got to see him often. Bobby filled that gap.

He taught me how to approach the reading passages, and taught me the grammar rules, from scratch. Within weeks, I was scoring a consistent getting 0-2 wrong per passage. Sounds ludicrous? It did to me then, and it does to me now. I'm astounded at how much I've improved just being in Bobby's class. My writing improved as well: I started getting 42/44s and 43/44s per section, all because of Bobby's class.

My scores shot up from the mid-1400s and into the 1500s. I still remember the shock and exhilaration I felt on last summer's August diagnostic when the answer sheet was passed down to me and the score read "1570." It was through Bobby's insistence and tuition that I managed to receive that score. At Bobby's behest, I took the SAT for real in December and March and was absolutely delighted with the results.

Now, Bobby acts as my college advisor — he looks at my essays, suggests colleges, and continues to motivate me. His price for this service? $0.

Some of you are thinking "well, Raunak's top notch, I surely can't rival him!" I'm here telling you that you can. It's possible. Push yourself. If you push yourself, and tell yourself you can succeed, Bobby will take you far. I guarantee it.

BEST SAT TUTORING CENTER EVER! I met the SAT tutors and got to truly understand their passion for teaching and guiding. I enjoy all of the brothers' methods of teaching but I chose the Jamaica branch since it was convenient. I am so excited to say that I scored over 1500 and got accepted into NYU, my dream college. I can say I have learned a tremendous amount of information about SAT prep, test-taking skills and the mindset necessary to succeed in life. I could not have done any of this without both the assistance of my teacher Sakib and my own dedication to strive for the best. I know a lot of people can be impatient and hope for results over night but the true way one can attain the highest level of success is through failure and effort. Not only did I vigorously learn in class, I also put aside a lot of my time to practice on my own at home and to review the things I have learned in class. You do not pay for a score, you work for it. You must have great studying habits in order to get where you want to be. One cannot blame the professor at the end of the semester wondering why he/she did not receive an A? The professor did his/her job and the rest is up to the students to decide what to do with that information. Good luck to all future students and believe me when I say your future is in great hands at Bobbys. I learned so much from Bobby Tariq's and this is the exact mindset I will carry on into college and into the work force.

When I started off, my scores on his SAT practice tests only ranged between 1100s and 1200s. However, once I entered Bobby-Tariq’s BEAST Summer program, my scores jumped by 100s of points. I continuously would get high 1400s and 1500s, placing me at the top of the class.By coming to Bobby-Tariq’s tutoring center, I was able to bump up my SAT score from a 1490 to a 1530. As if a 1490 wasn’t already enough, Bobby motivated me to aim for my best, like he always does. By coming here, I didn’t merely learn how to more efficiently take a standardized test. I learned far beyond that. Bobby taught me about self-confidence, diligence, and patience.  I felt like a LITERAL beast. The skills he teaches you stick with you for life. 6 months after my SAT, I still find myself using those same skills I acquired at Bobby-Tariq’s tutoring center on a wide range of tests at school and on life in general. Most people will tell you that your junior year of high school is going to be the most challenging year. Because of Bobby-Tariq’s tutoring center, my junior year of high school, which is now coming to an end, actually ended up being one of my best years of high school, both academically and socially. That’s another thing about this tutoring center: you meet some of the most diligent, passionate, and optimistic people you will probably ever meet in your life. These people might include Bobby, Tariq, the management team, the tutors, or even the students themselves. For me, it was Bobby and my SAT classmates. In my experience, there was always such a lively, optimistic, and encouraging atmosphere there. As a current volunteer here, I can confidently say that that still holds true and that I find myself regularly looking forward to the weekends because of these reasons. Their teaching styles are great. The atmosphere is great. You’re sure to do better academically. 10/10, totally recommend.

Hi my name is Niloy and I will be attending Cornell university 2018-2022. Jackson heights Bobby Tariq learning center in my opinion the BEST TUTORING CENTER definitely had a great impact during my application to Cornell. They helped me out a lot with my college essay and most important, they helped me prepare for the SAT which I received a 1540 on once again thanks to Bobby. I highly recommend Bobby Tariq learning center because not only will they help you become prepared for the SAT but they will help you choose the perfect college for you.

I got into New York University(NYU) because of Bobby Tariq. I was able to improve from a 1000 to 1490 on my SAT's, thanks to them. Mr. Sakib's SAT class is especially very effective, because he also helps in the whole college process. Highly recommend for all students!

Bobby-Tariq Tutoring center, in my opinion, has been a marvelous experience that I will not be forgetting hopefully for most of my life. I was one of Bobby's students in his SAT class last summer in 2017 and I have to say that the way he teaches is incredible. He taught me sooo much about not just SAT, but how to improve my study habits and many valuable life lessons as I was prepping. I still remember coming into the tutorial that Monday afternoon on July 3, 2017. Personally, I was terrified for pretty much everything (lol). The class was packed with dozens of intelligent students from all around the city (Some had even travelled all the way from LONG ISLAND!!!!!!). Regardless of where we were from or who we were, at the end of the day, I knew that these other students were going to be my competition. From day 1, I knew that my strengths lied in mathematics, but I was very weak in English. Bobby noticed this right away from my eagerness in Math, but my timid nature in English (one of his many great talents as a great teacher and communicator). He helped me sharpen my English skills, develop my math skills and timing to the point where I barely made any silly mistakes, and even developed me into a proficient writer. One of the best things about this tutorial, honestly, is that they ACTUALLY look at each student's weaknesses and strengths. For instance, after week 1, Bobby personally called me in his office after class and helped me create a study plan for my own personal benefit that targeted my weaknesses and helped improve them to the point where my low 1300's became high 1500's in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS. Aside from the help in SAT, Bobby and his many volunteers (usually juniors or seniors in high school) were so open and very good listeners to any issues we had, academic or personal. I can recall how I used to talk with them about academic goals, hobbies, and life in general. Along with the administration, the students studying there made the tutorial actually seem like a close knit community. We had the occasional jokers, the rigorous competitors, and the needed stress-relievers. But all in all, it actually felt like a school and a community with a strong bond. The man responsible for making the SAT class this fun and engaging is Bobby and what he has done for me is a debt that I can never pay back. I know that with his mentorship and the tutorial's support I can hopefully arrive at my ultimate dream. When you go here, it isn't just a place to study, but a place to become a part of something bigger than yourself. I was hesitant at first, but I went through it and I am telling you that it is worth it. I walked out with more knowledge than I could ever hope for. I feel as if this was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my educational career. Bobby Uddin has been one of the most inspiring and dedicated people I have ever met. He is someone who actually cares about ever student's success no matter what level or position they are in. As a student faced with many responsibilities, I have never really had that many safe places to land. For me, Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center has been that "safe place". And Bobby is not any ordinary teacher. For me, he not just an incredible teacher, but a great man, father, and LIFELONG FRIEND. Thank You Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center for EVERYTHING. If you need help in academics, improving SAT's, or life in general, look them up. I did, and I will never regret that decision.

-Mohammed Islam (A Proud Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center Student)

I believe Bobby’s to be one of the best tutoring places there is because it gives so much more than mere tutoring. Before coming to Bobby’s I was never motivated to study, but Bobby’s changed all that. I believe the motivation and lessons I got from this place to be more important than all the Math and English I learned. I was unsure about many things in high school about how to get into a good college. I used to bother Bobby consistently with questions like is my GPA good enough?; do I need more extracurriculars? How is college going to give me scholarship money? But Bobby never got bothered by my questions and instead mentored me to never give up and try my best in school and exams. Because of the motivation I got from here, during my junior year of high school my GPA raised 10 points from my sophomore year and I scored a 1500 on my SAT. Then during my senior of high school, Bobby’s helped me through the super stressful and important college application. From help on my college essay to guidance on getting financial aid and scholarships, Bobby’s helped me through a very important application that if messed up you can get rejected from a good college even if you have a high GPA and SAT. If it still seems like Bobby’s isn’t the best tutoring place then I should also say that Bobby’s was probably the biggest factor of me getting Full Scholarship to New York University. Bobby’s classes was pretty expensive to my family but it was 100% percent worth it cause in the end the result was go much bigger. Bobby’s is the the best tutoring place around cause in the end the motivation, mentality, and scholarship you gain is so much bigger than the money and time you put down when going here.

My experience at Bobby Tariqs learning center was great. Not only did attending the SAT summer program increase my score from a 1350 to a 1490 but his optimistic and cheerful attitude inspired me along with the rest of my class to aim for the best. His attitude inspired me to aim not just for good schools and scores but exceptional ones that I know will allow me to have opportunities that will help me reach my goals. His SAT program is great for all types of learners and he tailors his lessons to make all students feel included. His course is one that will teach sat and life lessons excellently

Bobby really helped me during my college process. When I first started at Bobby’s the highest score I could pull up was a 1200. But only after two months of instruction I was able to get my score up to a 1420. Not only did Bobby help me raise my SAT score he also helped with my college essay and recommendation letter.

If you need SAT prep, Bobby’s is the place to go. They will make sure you understand the material, so you can succeed on the SAT. Taking the SAT is a crucial part of our lives, and our futures depend on it. Come to Bobby’s if you want to take the first step towards success in your life.

Bobby-Tariq tutoring center gave me the tools and knowledge to do the best on my SAT and helped me get into Stony Brook University. Hands down one of the best tutoring centers out there.

Starting from my freshmen year in highschool, I attended various SAT preps. It was my junior year that I came across Bobby Tariq, and stayed there. Each week, my tutor Sakib gave us classwork, reviewed homework, and even quizzed us on our weak spots so that we can no longer have any weaknesses and are strong in all parts. Bobby Tariq tutorial is really the best because Bobby and Sakib both have taught me, and I have first-hand witnessed the amount of care and influence they contribute to each student. Even after my classes ended with them, Sakib and Bobby have assisted me tremendously in my college application, which is the most detrimental aspect of admissions. Thank you to them for helping me so much, and for that reason, I strongly recommend this prep center over any other!