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Amazing loved the ghoul eyes they looked amazing and arrived quickly little difficult to get in but Iโ€™ve allways had trouble with contacts canโ€™t wait to order mor

IM FREAKING PUMPED TO GET THESE! I Love watching Supernatural and the demon eyes are SO COOL! After I found the contacts on here I am so happy. I’m going to see if anyone will get the reference. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I got my contacts Tuesday and I love them. It's gonna be a bit of challenge to get the ghoul contacts in, but they were totally worth the money. I also love that I got a free pair of White Zombie contacts too!

So easy to use, Instant results. The price is the best around, not to mention I got a free pair of white lenses.

I have mixed feelings about these contacts. As happy as I am with the Blue "Athena" Sclera Contact Lenses (shown in my right eye below), I was very disappointed with the UV "Amazo" Yellow Sclera Contacts. They were $10 more than the Yellow Mystique / Avatar Sclera contacts, but they are very transparent and thin. This makes them not only harder to put in than the slightly thicker blue ones, but I thought they would be opaque like the blue ones as well and they were not. The pictures show the UV "Amazo" Yellow Sclera Contacts to be a lot more opaque in the sample pictures, but as you can see in the photo I took, they are not as advertised in normal light. I am shocked that there could be such a difference in quality from the same company.



- Hi Sam, I'm very sorry to hear that you weren't happy with the UV Amazo design. The reason why they look that way when you have tried them on is because they are UV activated. By that I mean that they will only show up the expected way under UV blacklights, such as in a club with UV blacklight lamps installed. During the day they don't have the same glowing effect as there's no blacklight. The yellow Mystique contacts aren't UV effect, so look bright yellow all the time (but won't glow under blacklight).

Worst investment ever! The damn things are impossible to put in your fucking eyes, and when I tried to insert the 2nd time, they ripped!



- Hi Shane, I'm really sorry to hear you weren't satisfied with the contacts. Getting used to putting them in can be quite difficult at first!  If you contact us by email then we can talk about getting a refund for you.

Having never worn contacts before, these were exceptionally difficult to put in, but well worth the struggle. I had a trial run and two separate parties with these contacts. I was fully comfortable inserting the contacts by the third time, and felt as though I could wear them a lot longer than 4hrs. I will definitely be ordering more sclera contacts for future costumes.

I work at a haunted house and this was my first pair of Sclera contacts ever. At first, putting them in was strange and it hurt my eyes so much. However, after giving my eyes about an hour to adjust, they were way better. The next day, I put them in without any struggles and I couldn't even feel them in my eyes. They are extremely comfortable and easy to put in now. I have worn them for above 4 hours and had no problems with them during that period or taking them out.

This is the first time purchasing sclera lenses. They were a little bit of a struggle to get in, but by the 3rd time I wore them I had a better handle on it. They were a hit at all of my Halloween parties and they won me first place at 2 out of 3 contests! They were surprisingly comfortable. I have used Halloween contacts in the past and these were the most comfortable ones I've worn. I'm already looking for next year's pair!

WOW! These are awesome! I had high expectations and these exceeded my expectations. I got them for Halloween and they definitely put the icing on the cake for my "angel of death" image I came up with. I got alot of compliments on them. They are incredibly difficult to put in tho. My roommate is a surgeon and I'm a nurse and it took us both to put them in but we got it down to a science now on how to put them in. I don't normally wear contacts but he does so my advice would be if you don't normally wear contacts I would highly recommend that you have someone help you put them in, preferably someone who is an experienced contact user. It's way easier on your body and less wear and tear for the contacts, in my opinion.

I could not get them my eye I guess I have small eyes but I love that they came quick and packaged well sad I can’t wear them was a waist of money



Hi Christine, I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't get them in - it does take quite some getting used to at first but if you're over the age of 13 there is no reason they shouldn't fit. Stick with it and it'll be worth it! 

Definitely ordering another pair next year

Loved them they looked great

I love my Sclera lenses! I wear coloured contact lenses every year for Halloween but have never tried Sclera lenses before. They were more difficult to get in than regular contacts but once I learned how to get them in, they looked stunning! They were quite comfortable as well. I even won a contest for Scariest Costume at a Halloween party! People at the party couldn't get enough of the contacts! I had some questions in regards to my shipment and Emma was a fantastic help; incredibly helpful, informative, and very quick to respond. I'll definitely be using this site again for future lens purchases!

Worst Experience EVER!
I'm sure the contacts are great IF I ever get them. So most of the reviews talk about fast shipping, I order these contacts every year and I love the way everything was set up. Getting stuff to care for your contacts etc. So I ordered some more. I waited three days and didn't recieve tracking info or anything other than an email that said my transaction went through. So I contacted support it took several days of asking for a tracking number which they claim to provide for them to even respond to the email. It took three days for mine to even get boxed and shipped. And now it's been two weeks and I still dont have what I ordered. I will never use this company again.



- Hello Jessie, having reviewed your case the reason why you did not receive a response to your message was because there was a typo in the address you supplied in the contact form (it was missing the "i" of "gmail"). The reason for the very slow dispatch of the item (8 days) was because you paid using eCheque, which takes a long time to clear. had it been paid by credit/debit card or normal PayPal transaction rather than echeque, it would have been dispatched within 24 hours. - Emma

Ordered these Monday, October 22dn, from the UK. Contacts arriving Monday, the 29th, very impressed with shipping. Can't wait to try them out.

These are amazing but now I’ve wasted 75$. I ripped one of my SEVENTY DOLLAR LENSES when trying to put it in the case. I demand a new pair immediately. That is absolutely not my fault. They are too delicate and now I can’t wear them for Halloween.



- Hello, I'm very sorry to hear that it got torn :(  If you could please send us an email with your order number we will dispatch a single replacement contact to you (in time for Halloween), but we would request that you are careful while handling them because they are delicate.

Bought these ones for a vampire larp, loved them! Never tried sclera before but don't worry, with some practice, it's quite easy to put in, easier than regular contacts actually! The service was quick and efficient and the delivery was fast. Will be buying these again if needed