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Review: 3 Stars

Ordered these a week ago because the comments talk about fast shipping and that it took five days. Well I won’t have them in time tonight and now my costume sucks and I wasted $70.


- Hi, I'm really sorry to hear they didn't reach you in time for your event :( ... We do always dispatch the same or following working day, but unfortunately there is always the possibility that the shipping company could screw up. You haven't included any order details so we can't contact you directly, but If you'd like to return them then we'll be happy to issue a refund plus the cost of your return postage.  - Emma

Review: 5 Stars

I love love love these lenses! They are incredible! First off, I was so happy they arrived at my house in 5 days. Secondly, they’re really good quality and I’m highly impressed with them. I even contacted them because I wasn’t sure when they would arrive and they were very helpful and super friendly! I will be ordering from them again! 🤓 you made my Sasuke cosplay complete

Review: 5 Stars

These contacts are super creepy shipping was super quick!! Cant wait to wear them.

Review: 4 Stars

I work at a haunted house and decided to take the extra step to change my eye color. And I have to say I, as well as my friends and coworkers, love my scleras! Besides being well packaged, they were surprisingly easy to put in and easy to see through. As well as they didn't effect my eyes like I assume they would(I never wore contacts, let alone scleras, before). The only problem I seem to have is with the free white pair. The second time I wore the white ones they irritated my eyes to the point they you could see veins in my eyes. This might just be a mistake I made though, because I'm new at wearing contacts and most likely made a rookie error.

Review: 5 Stars

So happy with these lenses!!! They even worked with me after the post office lost the pair they sent out!! Proper and prompt communication through out the whole process!! I got the Tokyo Ghoul style to go with my Anime Boston cosplay. I like to get things set up early and they were at a great deal I couldn’t pass up!! These gals/guys are awesome!! As a contact user these were easy to put in my eyes and they come with instructions in the box. I am again great full to them for working with me. Class acts. A++ *excuse the filter it was early morning for me and didn’t want to show morning face but still wanted to show off the lens*

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Kathryn Godby Girlfriend Tyrese Woodley Boyfriend

How fast is the shipping, I live in the va?

How fast is shipping? I live in va



- Hi, delivery will take up to 5 working days. You will find a contact page on our website. This area is exclusively for reviews so we would appreciate if you removed this, as it damages our review average. 

Testimonial #25

i love my contacts, i wish you guys hve a bigger sizes, i didnt know my eyes were so big but i still make them work for my cosplays

So cool and morm comfortable than I would have guessed

I ordered these for my original character cosplay, and they're awesome! This is first time wearing scleras ever, and I don't wear contacts at all, so I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to wear them comfortably and it would be a waste of money. I took a few tries to get them in, but watching YouTube tutorials helped. It's pretty comfortable once it's in, and I'm super happy with how it looks. Do you have an instagram account for tagging?

Impressive Quality

Have bought from them many times so knew the sclera contacts was good, but I love the freebie offer with every pair of scleras. I wasn't expecting much because in the end they're free right, but they're actually really good quality and I've ended up using them loads. The free ones don't come with a case - but fair enough tbh not a big deal. I just double up in the sclera case.


Took me 3 entire weeks to get them because the stupid USPS guy wouldnt just leave it behind the bins (I have a Ring camera but they STILL refused to!!!). Finally picked them up today and they are good though. gif:

Friend recommended

I bought the vampire black ones last week because I got recommended by a friend and they arrived in 6 days which was pretty good seeing at it was international and cheap. Came with a free pair of white contacts which they didnt actually start the pomotion until I came back to leave the review I don't think! I the black sclera contacts look amazing when you get them in but that bit took a while (but not 6 days!).

Please link to my Youtube!!

OMG THESE ARE ***AWESOME*** Please link to my Youtube!! I'm going to be back to get more and will review them                                                                              
- Hey! That's Great and thanks for sharing the picture!! We've added you on Youtube! - Emma

Perfect thanks

Absolutely perfect, works amazingly and wore for 6 hours no troubles.

Worked great for day at MCM

So these are really really good scleras. Ist the best I've seen in terms of comfort, and affordability. Def gives your eye FULL coverage ha!
Downsides, though - the box had been a bit banged up in the post, but luckily hadn't broken the vials. I wore a mask with it with a lot of fringe + my hood up - so the eyes could be seen easily.
I was still wearing them after an entire day at MCM... so I'm gonna get some more for my Ghoul Cosplay later at Halloween, but even though they're cheap here they're still expensive tbh so I might just try and save these for then. I'll leave another review if they last til then lol.
It went down ridiculously well though, so many compliments asking where I got them and I wouldn't say lol. 


Warning to anyone thinking of getting these: they are INSANELY hard to put in. I don't know if thats just because I'm not used to contacts but I had to get my sister to help me and my eyes were watering a lot so they wouldn't slip in easy so if youre doing make-up for a costume like me then put it on after or it'll run like mine did! They were comfortable once they were in though and I forgot I was even wearing them later.

2-d from Gorillaz

Surprised how comfortable and easy to put in they are.

Great company

I don't often leave reviews but these guys really went above and beyond for me. These were a present for my brother and I needed them in 2 day (Lol Im really disorganised lol), they arranged a courier specially for me. They even paid for it and just asked me to show them some pictures and wish my brother a happy birthday! He was really happy with them cos hes super into cosplay and stuff - I've put some pictures on Facebook for you.  Thank you again!- No problem at all Toniann. We're just pleased to hear your brother likes them and had a good Birthday :-)