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Shaman Mudang

Mudang Jenn is spiritual lightning. She captured the exact dynamic of my deceased loved one and channeled messages with sensitivity, care, and amazing detail. She knew troubles I was suffering from and personal dynamics between me and the people around me. She described my eating habits and the health conditions of my close family without my even giving names or anything. She conveys her messages with a bright kindness. I liked her soulfulness and lack of judgment. Her reading is like a brook of water bubbling in the sunlight. Such a nice person to encounter and a special light.

I could write every excruciating detail of my incredible, nearly unbelievable experience with Jenn 보살님 and her work but there are some things that simply must be witnessed firsthand to truly understand. In short though, after extensive research and back-and-forth messaging, I had the opportunity to meet with Jenn 보살님 for a divination reading in her home. To say that this meeting not only changed my life and understanding of it to that point, (and made me reevaluate what is/isn't possible in this world), is a gross understatement. Yes, I can attest to the fact that Jenn 보살님 and her gods/spirits discerned very personal, intimate details of my life with little personal input and scary accuracy, but more importantly, they gave insight into the curious and pressing nature of family/ancestors' collective trauma, illuminated inexplicable happenings in my life that sound fictitious, at best. This process bestowed upon me an unrivaled sense of clarity and grounding that I so desperately needed. If it hadn't already been evident in her writings, Jenn 보살님 approaches her work with the utmost respect, reverence, and care, which makes all the difference. She really is looking out for her clients' best interests and wellbeing. In my case, I have a great many things to do in order to ease my ancestors' suffering but Jenn 보살님 has helped guide me to start of a path I must take. In the interim, I also sought out her candle/prayer services which helped lighten and bring great fortune to my life. For this, and everything more, I am eternally thankful.

In today's day of watered-down DIY new age spirituality, it’s difficult to find someone who has accurate and practical advice and services that endure the test of time. Jennifer comes from a powerful spiritual lineage of Korean Shamans that carry on a tradition that can be traced back to the Bronze Age. To say that she is the torchbearer for her lineage is nothing short of the truth. Working with Jennifer has been a whole-heartedly positive experience that has helped me get in touch with my culture, ancestors, and spiritual responsibilities. It is incredibly rare to find someone who dedicates the amount of time and effort to truly serve as a spiritual guide and intermediary between the modern, living world and the timeless, spiritual world. I contacted Jennifer requesting for her to help ease my ancestors’ pain. Jennifer was able to immediately give accurate and precise information about how to help ease their spiritual burdens and organized a grand ritual to then absolve them of said burdens. I stood in awe as I watched an ancient tradition work through generations of spiritual trauma until everything was healed. I am incredibly lucky to have contacted Jennifer for spiritual services. If you have any questions about Korean shamanism, your ancestors, or spiritual advice then please contact her. I am genuinely thankful for the blessings she has helped bring into my life.

Jennifer is an amazing Mudang, she has help me tremendously connecting with my grandmother who past away many years ago. I was always close to my grandmother since young age and it’s very important to me to she is still watching after me now. Jennifer helped delivering her message even from half a globe away. She helped me discover my inner abilities and my life has never been the same, she helped me achieve mental stability with accurate readings and what to expect in the upcoming future. Make an appointment with her now and discover your true self. Don’t be lost anymore.

Jenn and I connected on such a deep level, she is never getting rid of me! She answered so much for me and my family, and it felt like we'd always known each other. I'm so thankful for her guidance in tradition, and help in navigating my spiritual path. I also love her instagram @shaman.mudang because I learn so much about our indigenous history which is information that is so hard to find if you're not fluent in Korean.

I had an amazing session with Mudang Jenn! She helped me understand what was going on in my life and why it was happening, most importantly she gave me actionable solutions. She's so warm, caring, and understanding. I felt like I was talking to an old friend who really wanted to help me sort out my problems so that I could be happy. I highly recommend her! She is truly gifted. I'm so glad you are in my life!

My saju reading with Mudang Jenn was authentic Korean without my needing to fully understand the language. Mudang Jenn's approach is informative, kind, genuine and incredibly accurate. If you're looking for the real deal, look no further. Her abilities are powerful and natural feeling. Her readings are affordable, and priceless. The things I learned about myself, my ancestors, my path have changed my life. I plan on getting another reading soon. You may be hesitant. You may be skeptical. And that's okay. There are a lot of impostors out there. But take the chance on Mudang Jenn. You won't regret it. She's straight to the point. You may not be ready to hear what she has to say, but you'll be so much better for it.

Mudang Jenn is the real deal! She helped me confirm my career path and resolve major questions that I've had throughout my life. She's very professional and considerate too! It's difficult to find quality service providers in this field. There's a lot of intuitive who give generalizations or have very pushy demeanors (trying to tack on extra expensive services when not needed). Her reading included many statements that were precise and could not be guessed. She is also very considerate regarding costs and your means and you can tell that she's looking out for the best for you as her client.

I decided to meet with Mudang Jenn as she is traditional in her method and is also in the United States. She is not fluffy or new age and I appreciate this realness a great deal. She does not tell you what you want to hear, yet she is very humble and kind. Jenn tells you what she feels is going to help you on your path or in areas of your life. Her reading was quite accurate and she is well worth the money! She helped me make sense of some of the things that I am struggling with. One of the things that was important to me in this reading was, I have ability, and I was able to see a spirit move from her body. Which I thought was truly incredible and it made the experience even more real for me. Thank you again so much Jenn and blessings to you and yours

all todo. all todo, all todo

I have seen how much care and dedication she has, down to the small details so every ceremony is performed following tradition, with all her talent, passion and devotion put to service the path her spirits have called her for. A real traditional practitioner, with a compassionate heart, and relentless integrity.