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In the short amount of time that Jake has been coaching me his knowledge really shows through. Very supportive and informative answering any questions I may send his way. Looking forward to seeing the results we can achieve working together.

Jake as a coach is great! easy to communicate with, with weekly checkins and if you have any question throughout the week he will help to answer them. Currently prepping for a show and he makes prep easy to track and follow highly recommend

His knowledge, understanding and work ethic is second to none, he understands your needs and lifestyles and will adapt to suit you, being a self employed father he understands how busy I can be and works around that which is amazing! I couldn’t recommend this guy enough, easy to talk to and friendly!

I began working with Jake with the intention of broadening my knowledge within the sport and learn the ins and outs of nutrition (and get shredded of course). The industry is full of false dreams and fads but when done correctly fitness can change your life, not only aesthetically but mentally as well. With Jake as my coach, I learned so much about how you can still enjoy your food as well as lose weight. There are not many coaches out there that are so meticulous with your plans and tailor them, day to day to do what is best for you and your goals. Be it achieving a healthier lifestyle or looking to compete in a competition. Jake was there every step of the way and at any time of the day in which I would message him. His style of coaching is fantastic, from his choice of foods and meals to the way in which he tailors daily exercise to fit your lifestyle and even physically restrictions you might have. Everything jake did throughout my prep was with my best interest in mind and he has changed my approach to the sport of bodybuilding for the great good for years to come. Genuinely one of the best experiences having such a talented and intelligent coach in your corner and with you every step of the way. there at the times in which you begin to question whether you are losing body fat fast enough and there on the other side of the telephone if you ever feel like you are going to cheat on your diet or aren't feeling like getting up and going to the gym that day. Jake is not just a coach, he is there to provide you with that motivation to succeed in your journey and he is there for you (might not seem like it when he adds Muscle rounds in after squats). Knowledge is power in the fitness industry. Don't waste time following silly fitness trends when you have the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable person like Jake. Changed my life massively. Izaak Thacker

Absolute pleasure to work with this man. He gave me confidence to push myself and realise my capabilities. I would recommend him to my friends,family and anyone looking to improve their lifestyle. I will be looking to continue with Jake and put my full faith into him.

Absolutely amazing guy so down to earth and really easy to talk to. Knows his stuff and is very clever with how he manipulates your calories and by following his advice I can guarantee you will reap the rewards you want. His effort as a coach towards his clients is fenominal and he will help in anyway he can to guide you in your journey no matter your goal. If you are looking for a coach or someone just to offer some advice at a non extortionate price Jakes your man!

I worked with Jake in the lead up to my second men’s physique show in the summer of 2018, and can safely say that Jake helped me hit the best condition of my life. Jake worked extremely thoroughly with me throughout and his attention to detail was absolutely top class. Jake ensured that week by week changes were being implemented as they were needed, and Jake was happy to answer any questions that I had as the process developed. As we were local to each other, Jake also went out of his way to help me each week with my posing practice and also even came to my show with me to ensure my mind was at rest and he could oversee the final stages of my prep. Jake is an outstanding coach and an even better person and I would highly recommend his services to anyone, no matter the goal.