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Shelley Gillem Akashic Empowerment

7150 Gleneden Beach Loop
lincoln city oregon , 97388

Shelley is truly one of a kind. Her uncanny ability to center on the core of what IS what we need to know or work on is astonishing. She is a genuine and has been right on with facts about oneself. Her readings are a journey into who YOU are. I invite all to take this journey!

Shelley has been a shining light in my life. She has helped me to grow in so many ways and has been an amazing source of support for me. Sessions with Shelley have helped me to figure out my direction and have helped me to find peace and happiness in my life. I have recommended Shelley to friends and family members and she has been life changing for them. Thank you for all that you do, Shelley :)

Shelley is hands down amazing! I have sent well over 30+ people as referrals and not one has come back disappointed but filled with enlightenment and truly in awe of her talent!

Shelley knows her stuff. She’s intelligent, empathetic, compassionate, and is serious about helping us learn how to integrate all parts of our lives so our souls can truly heal. Most of all she listens deeply and asks the pointed and often difficult to answer questions without judgement. She is a great Akashic records reader.

Shelley is amazing at what she does. She has helped me align my inner spiritual life with my outer earthly life.She has guided me to clear my mind of clutter so I can be ready to receive messages from within. This has helped me find my purpose. Now I am designing and living a life that supports this mission.
She helps you clear away emotions, negative feelings and thoughts that make up inner debris.So you can uncover your own wisdom within.
I now have an everyday connection to spirit and have further embraced my inner intuition.
My sessions with Shelley have deepened my interest in mystery and wonder.
She has changed my life. I now feel a sense of lightness and a deep spiritual connection. I have become a more giving and accepting human who is trying my best to be without judgement.
These session have cleared away the clutter in my mind that was holding me back from being my true authentic self. She taught me to let go........and lightened my heart.
Shelley truly heals your soul so you can truly be the best you this time on earth.

Shelley helped to provided the missing link of information that I needed to help me put it all together. She was insightful and dead on and it was the exact place that I needed to be at that moment in time. I would recommend Shelley to anyone.

Shelley might be one of the best readers in the country. I couldn't be more impressed with her delivery...Her disposition and compassion for a complete stranger is unprecedented. Thanks Shelley for a great friendship and reading.

My boyfriend and I both met with Shelley about six months ago, and to this day we both still see the positive changes and signs that we were made aware of. The entire experience was absolutely life changing. It opened up a doorway to my own personal spirituality and growth that I didn’t bother to enter until I met with Shelley. She’s like an old friend that I just hadn’t met yet in this lifetime. What a truly wonderful and life changing experience. I started preparing for my next visit the same day I had my first one. I can’t wait to go back. :)