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Dolphin Express Inc.

473 Mundet Place
Hillside New Jersey , 07205
United States

Got it to our apt by the date we wanted!

They were quick and they held to their quoted date of shipment arrival and processing.


Hello Eli,

This is a long overdue letter. First of all, Chag kasher v'samayach. Hope you are enjoying your Pesach. Here in Israel it is beautiful. We are very happy to be here with our beautiful family.

I apologize for not writing sooner to thank you for all your help in making our Aliyah the success that it was. We received our belongings in a timely fashion and with the exception of one broken glass and my computer monitor broken, everything was perfect. Your people packed beautifully.

The one item that I was very worried about (my silver candelabra) came without a dent. Thank you for taking such good care of our belongings.

The people in Israel were extremely helpful and the delivery men were great. I've been recommending you to everyone I know who is making Aliyah.

Please expect to receive phone calls from our family and friends. Wishing you much success and a wonderful year. Shalom!

Mira Attia did an exceptional job

Mira Attia did an exceptional job in arranging our shipment; we couldn't be more pleased with the prompt and professional service she provided!

dolphin evaluation

Moving to Israel with American stuff could have been a very difficult process. Apart from all the paper work securing a Visa, the actual physical part of the move could not have been any better. The people at Dolphin, especially Mira and the two guys that picked up my stuff, exactly on time were superb. Legitimate concerns were immediately addressed and handled in the most efficient, professional and thoughtful way possible. The physical part of the move had ZERO issues thanks to Dolphin Express and all the people there. My integration into Israeli society should be as smooth.

Mira Atia

Mira was amazing!. I literally felt that she is taking care of me as I'm her family member. She responded even when she was out of the office or not in the business hours and I think the company should be proud to have such a dedicate worker like Mira!!!

Taken well care of!

Hi Mira, You and your team did a great job helping us move to Israel. The movers wrapped everything so carefully that it was all taken really good care of on the trip to New Jersey from Massachusetts and then on the ship to Israel. In Israel, they unpacked and put the furniture together with real professionalism. It was very appreciated not having to worry about that on top of everything else with such a big more. Thank you! Debbie and Moshe

A thank you note

Hi Eli,

I've been meaning to write you and time has gotten away from me with making Aliyah etc.... Your movers did an excellent job. Everything was delivered on time and in perfect Condition.

I thank you and everyone in your office and in the Israel office for taking such good care of my move.

I will be happy to recommend you to anyone who asks.

Best regards,


I got my boxes and it all was great

Hi Sharon,

Toda Raba. I got my boxes and it all was great.

Thank for all the help.


Thank you!

Dear Eli and Sharon,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this letter - I have simply been overwhelmed with everything that had to be done to move out of our house (of 31 years!), and prepare successfully for our Aliyah on Feb 22nd.

As I told you on the phone the day after Faruk and his crew came to pack our lift, you are ALL WONDERFUL, and it has been an absolute PLEASURE dealing with Dolphin Express, ever since we spoke with you, Sharon, at the Nefesh b'Nefesh Seminar in Manhattan, last Spring.  We went home that day with a good feeling about your firm, which was supported by Naomi and Yehuda Chananya, who had had a very happy experience shipping with you.

When you came to our house, Eli, you were patient, informative and friendly, and we felt we struck up a personal relationship with you.  (Did it help that I was from S. Africa, and we served you cookies?)  Until this day, we still feel that same personal kesher, and feel we are "with friends" as our belongings make their way to Israel.

When Faruk and the other 2 gentleman spent the day with us, we had the same feeling!  They were patient, informative, VERY polite and helpful, and we felt that they really cared about doing the best job they possibly good, and keeping us happy and satisfied, at the same time.  Even though they worked very quickly and efficiently, they never made us feel rushed.  We would certainly give them an A+, and would like them to know that we did so!!

Finally, we really appreciate the valuable "extras" you were able to provide us - namely, the one month free storage at your facility in New Jersey (and the ability to send additional items to you there), and the 21 days storage time (which we hope we won't need - but who knows?!?) at the port in Haifa.  We only hope that, not only will our belongings arrive safely to our new home in Jerusalem (which we have yet to procure), but also that the staff on the Israeli side of the ocean will be as wonderful as the staff on the American side!

Thank you again for everything!!

Good move, b'H. Thank you!

I just wanted to let you all know that we were satisfied with our shipping experience with Dolphin Express.

There were no unpleasant surprises, t’G, and all the steps occurred as were initially described.

The moving crews, both from the USA and here in Israel were efficient and courteous.

Thank you

Thank You

Good Morning Eli,
Now that we’re somewhat settled, I want to take this opportunity to once again thank you and all of the Dolphin Expressstaff in making our move from New Jersey (NJ) to Florida (FL) a pleasant one.
As my wife Debbie and I discussed, Dolphin Express continues to provide its customers with professional service from beginning to end which
we first experienced in 1998 when you first moved us.
You more than managed our expectation levels, and for that we are thankful – as moving can be a stressful process.
You kept us apprised each step of the way, and that communication helped us deal with all aspects of the moves (Storage, Brooklyn, and Florida).
Your moving staff, both in NJ and FL were exceptional in their handling of our furniture and very courteous in their dealings with us which is always a pleasure for a customer.
We strongly believe, through our experiences, that Dolphin Express definitely separates themselves from their competition; and we will recommend you every opportunity we get both for international or domestic shipments.
Best Regards,

Scheduled Pickup of Packed Boxes

Dear Sharon and Leonie,
I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your kindness and professional service, you made my move back to Israel a great and easy experience. I received all the boxes last Thursday in a perfect shape.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I wish you all the best!

Thank you note


אני באמצע תגלית אך ההורים שלי קיבלו את הארגזים. אני חיבת לציין שהעבודה איתכם הייתה מדהימה!! הפכתם את הכל לכל כך פשוט ונוח.

המון המון תודה עם מלוא הערכה!!

תמשיכו כך!

Thank you for all of your help

Hi Eli,
Thank you for all of your help with our shipment from August. We received it erev simchat torah/shemini atzeret and were very satisfied with the service on both ends :)
All the best,

רציתי להודות לכם על שירות מדהים

,שלום לכם
.רציתי להודות לכם על שירות מדהים שהתחיל בארצות הברית והסתיים כאן בישראל
.הכל הגיע בשלום, הטיפול בארצות הברית היה מצויין וכך גם הארגון והסיוע בארץ
.אשמח להמליץ עליכם בעתיד
.שוב תודה רבה על הכל

Thank you!

Now that all our stuff have arrived I can thank you all Eli, Sharon and Ortal (and the rest of Dolphin and Lidor's team) for the great experience we had with you guys.
Eli thank you for convincing me to choose you I feel like i made the right decision! :)
I already recommended you to my friends and I will continue doing so!
Best regards,

Everything arrived in it's original condition

Hi Sharon,
I hope all is well.
We have received our shipment last Monday.
Everything arrived in it's original condition.
We would like to point out that your service has been outstanding from the begining, staring in NYC ,till the end, here in Israel.
No doubt we made the right diecsion choosing Dolphinexpress, and would recommend with no hesitation to family and friends.
Thank you again for everything

Thank you for all your help

Thank you for all your help. You were knowledgable re questions of what and how we should bring
from the States and you delivered as promised. The process with your staff at dolphin express was
seamless. Most importantly you made the whole import of car and goods personal,almost painless and pleasant.
We will indeed recommend you highly.
Thank you,