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Edmonton Shockwave Therapy Centre

313, 1524 91 St SW
Edmonton AB , T6X 1M5
780 391 2001

Shockwave gave my body a boost and allowed my shoulder to heal faster than I was expecting!

Shockwave gave my body a boost and allowed my shoulder to heal faster than I was expecting! I also love how long the results last, so I can keep working worry free.

Shockwave treatment is the miracle I was looking for.

Shockwave treatment is the miracle I was looking for. I don't say that lightly. I couldn't sleep on my shoulder for over a year, the chronic pain kept me from boxing and made working at my desk agony. The Doctors gave me many pain killers cortisone shots and considered surgery, I tried IMS, acupuncture and everything I could find. I was at the end of the line with my shoulder having tried everything out there and spending an also painful amount of money on trying to improve mobility and reduce the pain. I called and booked a shockwave appointment with Gary. Gary was great and listened to my concerns. Having been to countless physical therapy places it wasn't my first bbq explaining my pain and the last thing I needed was 10 more exercises to do. Gary understood that totally and was optimistic about being able to help me. Shockwave was like magic after the first treatment I experienced incredible relief. After 3 treatments I can sleep on my left side, never mind I started boxing again. If you have chronic pain anywhere I would strongly suggest you try shockwave therapy, it's truly amazing and Remedial Wellness makes it affordable as well. Suffer no more, really!

1 appointment in and I already feel 10 times better.

I have had endless and increasing back pain/spasms for my entire adult life. I have sought out every kind of therapist and doctor I could find for it and no one had been able to figure out why a guy in his late 20's had so many issues. Walked into Remedial because of a glowing review I had heard and they had me figured out in 5 mins. 1 appointment in and I already feel 10 times better. Simply amazing level of skill! Thank you!

Shockwave Therapy - Frozen Shoulder

worked Great on my frozen shoulder - after 18 months of pain I can now move my arm pain free !

Shockwave Therapy - Knees and ankles

I suffer from pain and swelling in both knees and ankles, for a number of years 
I have been treated with meds that mask but don't cure and destroyed the lining of my GI tract. This past year I have not been able to take the meds or walk very much. I saw Uran for 4 treatments starting in Sept and ending Oct 8 2017; the first treatment my wife drove the car there and I drove home virtually pain free, subsequent visits improved my health in numerous additional ways, as well especially being able to walk without cane or crutches. It has been almost 6 weeks and I was instructed to return if necessary I do not at the present need any more treatments and the mobility is still improving. Thanks Uran

Shockwave Therapy - Piriformis problem

After years of suffering problems with my piriformis I saw Uran for Shockwave Therapy treatment. I used to experience pain for years every time I ran. I tried every other possible treatment out there and thought I would just have to learn to live with the pain. As a last resort I went to see Uran and am now happy to say that I can run completely pain free!

Shockwave Therapy - Painless and no down time

Uran was knowledgable and knew exactly what needed to be done. The appointment was quick and painless with no down time! I would (and have done) do shock wave for literally any pain or injury I have.

Shockwave Therapy - Happy Client

Uran is a very knowledgable, thorough and insightful therapist. He consistently takes dime to assess my condition, explain what the issue is and how he is going to treat it. I have never let feeling rushed through or without all of my questions being asked!

Shockwave Therapy - Absolutely NOBODY knew how to remedy my situation

Absolutely NOBODY knew how to remedy my situation, until I met Uran. He was very professional and knew exactly what treatment was needed and my situation was resolved in a matter of weeks. The shock-wave treatments were excellent, and resolved my problems quickly. I cannot recommend Uran and the shock-wave treatments enough!

Shockwave Therapy - Plantar Fasciitis

I have had shockwave for hip/knee pain and for plantar fasciitis. It helped me get back into running and I feel great. I still have some sore days but recovery is much much quicker.

Shockwave Therapy - MCL injury

Shockwave has consistently shortened my healing time from soccer injuries. In the past, Uran has been able to heal the start of both Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. Most recently, Uran was able to help speed healing time with my torn MCL, PCL and ACL knee ligaments and torn hamstring with great success. I highly recommend it for both new and chronic injuries (with scar tissue).

Shockwave Therapy - Neck Pain

I have seen Uran for a number of different issues and all I can say is he is amazing!! I have a neck issue that relates back to a car accident 26 years ago. He helped me immensely but when he felt he could do no more for my neck he arranged for me to see a Chiropractor and I have been continuing treatments there. Uran is very knowledgeable and his shock wave treatments work miracles. Other than my neck, all other issues he treated me for were resolved in most cases with only one treatment!

Shockwave Therapy - Foot Pain

Uran provided very professional service and this treatment resolved my foot problems and I can finally walk the golf course pain free!

Shockwave Therapy - Back Pain

I had cronic back pain due to pregnancy and after 3 secion of shockwave therapy i feel 100% better and never had pain since then. Uran is amazing and i highly recommend him to everyone.

Shock wave is very specifick treatment

Shock wave is very specifick treatment , straight to the point when is some problem . The best innovation for body treatment in this century !!!! Thanks for Uran he can share and help many people !

Nothing else has helped to any noticeable extent.

Very professional team of staff. Have had from good to great results on all treated areas. Nothing else has helped to any noticeable extent.

I am a very active older athlete and he keeps me going.

I value Mr. Berisha's ability to quickly diagnose the injury or strain and rely on his suggested treatments. I am a very active older athlete and he keeps me going.

Uran successfully treated my condition in the first treatment.

Uran successfully treated my condition in the first treatment. I continued seeing him for some maintenance treatments which have been approximately every 4 months.