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Aruff Siberians

Akeley MN , 56433

I feel like it was meant to be! Of all the people I could have gotten a dog, I'm so glad I got him from you. I knew right when I met you that you loved and cared for every one of your puppies and even had a hard time when I took him that day. I know there is no way to tell if a puppy is going to a good home or not, and I knew there was no way for me to assure you that he would be taken care of and loved to the core. I'm so glad it worked out the way it did. I certainly don't hide the fact that I love him to death! Thank you so much, Theresa!!

HI Sharon I renamed her Hickory. She is a wonderful girl, smart, beautiful and a great companion. We have been having a fun summer. We finished our 6-week puppy class. We start beginning obedience in a few weeks. Hickory won 2nd place at the John Beargrease Sled Dog Races Cutest Puppy Contest!! (A St Bernard won 1st Place) that was pretty neat! Last month she got spayed and is a very healthy girl. I got her a set of puppy training harnesses to get her used to pulling. Next winter we will get into skijoring. Thanks again Sharon.

Dear Sharon We KNOW you are one busy family with the puppies and the other activities you undoubtedly have with the holiday season!!! How can we ever thank you enough for such lovely, lovely Siberians… Dash and Lily are nothing short of splendid in every way… they have given us such joy, laughter and love since entering our lives a year ago… and everyone who see them stops and enjoys their great spirits and antics!!! Lily is our sparkplug and energizer bunny!!! She loves to run at top speed around the backyard, through the dog house and up and down the stairs etc.!!!! She is the most loving sweet natured girl. She weighs 51 # and is 2/3 the size of Dash. She is healthy as a horse. Loves carrots and popcorn and is the love of our lives with her beautiful bright shining brown eyes and a smile that never stops!! Dash is a tad more laid back, He loves to run like Lily but at times will stand back and let her run her head off and watch. He yowls when he talks to us (Lily yodels) and he is very polite. He adores his sister and where one goes the other must go. He to is healthy as a horse and loves carrots, tomatoes and table crackers. He is not crazy about popcorn unless its loaded with butter and yes, he can pick one piece of buttered popcorn out of his mouth and spit the rest out! He is all male Siberian with dancing blue eyes and a big grin that sweeps across his face!! He is very loving and sweet and adores us as much as we adore him. Am sure by know you can tell we feel we live with angels, not a day goes by that we are not laughing at something they are doing or loving on them like crazy. May all the blessings you have given to so many come back to you in triple fashion!! 

An amazing place to buy a dog from. The owners are very informative and are in it for the dogs and not the money. I have waited 28 years to get a Siberian Husky and so glad that I found this place. I would not go anywhere else and the next husky I will buy will be from them. If this is your first Siberian or adding to your family, then you want to go here.

This is truely the place to go for Huskies. Such beautiful dogs, the owners very informative. They stand behind their dogs. I have always put my complete trust in them.

We bought a puppy from AR and they are amazing! I couldn't live without our boy! If you are looking for a perfect example of this breed then AR is the way to go! Hands down one of the best breeders out there.