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Fairy Black Mother

1118 South St
Philadelphia PA

I love these beanie caps

These beanie hair caps are a dream.


I love my haircaps...I cut my locs after 15 years and wear my haircaps as my hair transition back to it's natural stage. I think I have bought just about every color.

Testimonial #35

I greatly enjoy using my cap from Beauty Coliseum!!!!

Love my Cap

I wear it all the time, it is very comfortable. I will buy more. 

I Love My Cap

Best sleep/shower/exercise cap ever. Cute and stylish.

Lovin' my Fairy Black Mother Hair Cap

Great product

What I love so much about this cap is that it is very versatile. First, the size is great because I have a good amount of hair and it holds all my hair securely with a little room to spare. I have it in navy blue, so I can wear it out when I'm running errands and my hair is looking less than presentable. I also wear it to bed and when I'm cleaning around the house to keep dust, lint, dog hair, etc. from getting into my locs. Great simple design and does it job well!

Fairy Black Mother Head Caps

I love wearing the caps I own several and the fabric she uses is soft and lets my hair breath. I also use it under my shower cap.  I wear it at night as a night cap and it protects my hair, and also wear it under my winter hats for extra protection from the harsh cold weather.  I would highly recommend this product.

I love the fairy black mother cap for dreads

I have 3 caps 1 large black which is excellent for sleep wear, smaller black which keeps my locks in place after 20 minutes after moisturizing my hair..and a red color that gives off a nice vibrancy when doing Saturday chores dressing down. they are made professionally and strong sturdy material. I recommend you get yours because I will be keeping mine for a very long time!:-) Peace and Blessings! Dr Bodhise

For my sisterlocks not satin lined, not a soc, just a cap

The Fairy Black Mother cap is all around awesome for my sister loc. Its not satinlined so my head wont get hot, not a soc, just a very comfortable, and at the same time stylish cap. I will be purchasing a few more of the different printed Fairy Black Mother hair caps to compliment my attire for when I choose to wear it outside.

Fairy Black Mother Hair Cap

I already bought two, just ordered 1 more for my friend...however i hope it could be free shipping....Thx Fairy Black Mother

Loving My Cap for my Sisterlocks

i love the Fairy Black Mother Cap. It holds all of my Sisterlocs! It has a comfortable fit, and does not apply pressure to my head. It protects my hair during exercise, sleeping, & inclement weather. 

Hair stays soft and manageable until you take it off!

I love this product!!! I thought the circumference was a little large for my small head, thin hair but it actually stayed on all night... Thank you for the personalized message sent to me... It's the little things that count. I will definitely pass the word about this amazing product!



These caps for my sister locs!!!!

 I love my caps! They are long enough to cover my sister locs which I found difficult with other caps. I washed them a couple of times already and they still have their original color also, the elastic in them stayed the same so I still have a perfect fit. I really would recommend them for any hair style.

Fairy Black Mother Hair Caps

I'm on my 3rd Cap the first one I lost on a flight.  I immediately bought new one- both black.  Today I bought Orange.  I wear my caps everywhere; out and about.  Now I can keep one for sleeping and one for out and about.  The fabric is silky thus protects your hair from snag & breakage.  Many colors and patterns.  Makes a great gift for men or women.  Thank You Ms.  Simone for sharing these hats.  Just an awesome find!


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I love my Fairy Black Mother hair cap. It's easy to wear because it's not tight on my head, breathable and fashionable. I also like the colors available. Great product.

I use cap for my sisterlocks to sleep and wear out

Loving the hair cap for my sisterlocks. It fits well and it's comfortable. I definitely recommend it. It does protect my hair at nights and it stays put and my edges get to breathe. 

Fairy Black Mother Hair caps

Everyone has a Fairy Black Mother within themself... The very thought of remembering a voice that wishes you well, or creating the thought of guidance is something mystical. It is within you. Ease it out... that is the inspiration of Fairy Black Mother.