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Sitter365, LLC.

7900 East Drive
North Bay Village FL , 33141
United States

We have been coming to Miami for years and Candice is the only individual we have trusted to babysit our children. She has been great with our kids. We are grateful for her.

I have been fortunate to know Candice for over 20 years now. I have worked as an Events Coordinator for exclusive companies such as The Standard, Morgan’s Hotel Group, and Sohohouse for decades and know the basis of high standards. Candice has every quality and more. I have always referred clients to Candice knowing that she is one of the most responsible, knowledgable, and trustworthy people in her industry. I have witnessed her commitment and reputation for decades and I have to say, it is very hard to find someone that has as much professional experience and work ethic, and of course, that is so FUN to be around!

We found Candice via a referral when my wife and I stayed at the W with our 8 week old son. My wife was hesitant to leave our baby so we could go out for a night on the town. Candice was excellent. Extremely professional, great communication at all times and most important, loving & caring for our son. I strongly believe in endorsing people who are true professionals and provide excellent service. This is one of them.

My kids (9 and 6 yo) had such a great time with Candice at the Faena Hotel this weekend. I fully recomend her service, very professional, she is great with kids and very responsable.

I can’t express enough how satisfied I am with Sitter365, specifically, the owner Candice and the sitter she aligned us with, Cindy! I was referred to Sitter365 through the concierge at 1Hotel, Miami, over the phone as I was planning our vacation. I was very reluctant and nervous to use a babysitting service and contemplated bringing our nanny with us but once I called Candice, I immediately felt at peace with her. I wanted to have her as our sitter but unfortunately she was already booked so she promised to align us with one of her staff whom Candice said was going to be perfect for my family. I requested a FaceTime with this staff, and I was equally at ease with Cindy. To anyone thinking they will get a sitter with Sitter365 that is “average”, I believe Candice when she tells me she is extremely picky in who she hires and that all her sitters are EXCEPTIONAL and not your average babysitter. I wanted to bring Cindy home with me and my family! :) It’s my true pleasure to write this review and I hope I can give comfort to any parent looking to find a babysitter in Miami because it’s obviously a very sensitive situation to be in leaving your children with someone you have never met! I, 100%, support Sitter365 and would refer them to anyone!

I just used Candice for my 3 kids and they absolutely loved. I definitely recommend her to anyone. Try her you won’t regret it.

Candice is the BEST!

Candice is AMAZiNG! She is very dependable and my 2 daughters absolutely adore her! She always shows compassion and takes the time to arrange fun and exciting activities for my girls to enjoy! Her thoughtfulness and energy is irreplaceable.

We LOVE Candice

We really LOVE Candice. She used to be the head of Kids Services at The Faena (this is how we met her) and then we stayed at the 1Hotel and she was also the head of Kids Services there too! Eventually, she decided to start her own business. We have used her for the last 3 years now. My boy is 4 and my girl is 2. We used her during this trip for ART BASEL both days and nights and I had her help me out while my husband was gone so I really got to see her in action. She is energetic and great at imaginative play. She had the kids for hours at the beach, brought them back, bathed them, fed them, and put them to bed. Perfect!

Highly Recommended by Shaunie O'Neal & Shaquille O'Neal

Candice called me the other day and asked if I could please write a review on her for her website, I said absolutely! A few words…. My family’s relationship with Candice started as a “nanny” (we use that word loosely) in 2005 and it quickly developed to so much more. She “worked” for us for over 5 years, day to day she assisted the kids with homework, prepared arts & crafts, and mostly, outdoor play which the kids loved!  We spent every summer in Orlando together, where she lived with us, vacationed with us, and “helped” us.The kids developed a special bond with her that lasts to this day. Candice is a great person and she will be very successful based solely on her character, positive energy and intelligence. We all LOVE Candice and 100% support her and her business! Any family lucky enough to catch her will not be disappointed!

Highly recommended by Shaunie O’Neal & Shaquille O’Neal & Family