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E. Nuti's Skybird Yoga

14074 Minnich Rd
Sawyer MI , 49125

Highly Recommended!

Elizabeth is a very mindful and aware yoga teacher. I highly recommend her and her classes which are taught within a beautiful and peaceful space surrounded by nature.

Best classes EVER

Elizabeth's yoga classes are the best EVER. The environment at the barn is perfect both in the open air during the summer as well as inside in the winter. The people who attend the classes are all friendly and fun to be with and the wonderful spirit that Elizabeth embodies flows to everyone in the class. You will not be disappointed by any class and will come back for more except maybe abs with a mat. That you will not want more of. ;)

Great yoga class

I have taken yoga classes for 35 years with many different teachers.  Elizabeth's classes are top notch.  She has a passion for the practice and heart for her students.  She works well with all levels of students.


Elizabeth is the best there is!

Give yourself the gift of a Personal Retreat!

I had an amazing Personal Recharge Retreat with Elizabeth last month at SkyBird Yoga Barn.  We began by choosing some cards from the Wish Deck to help me get in touch with my feelings and to set an intention for my session. Then I had a great private yoga class , followed by a delicious vegetarian lunch! To conclude my time, I had a MAT (muscle activation therapy) session with Ryan Casey to deal with my stubborn left hip issues. The Personal Recharge Retreat can be tailored to your specific needs. Give yourself this gift and schedule one this summer!  

E. Nuti's Skybird Yoga

Love the classes and the space! Awesome addition to the area!

A Must Go Place!

Wow! I feel so at home at this beautiful Yoga studio! A friendly friendly friendly place run by brilliant and tender souls- A Must Go Place! You will adore it!

Elevate Your Being

Elizabeth Nuti is a conduit for inner peace, understanding and creativity! Whatever she touches blooms into something unique. Skybird Yoga is sure to elevate your being in all the good ways!

Relaxed and Invigorated

Elizabeth blends spirit and body together in harmonious lessons. Relaxed and invigorated. Try it... Great way to shed tension and stress.