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10 Star Rating

"If I could give a 10 star rating, I would. Mike is a great coach! I am a beginner, and Mike quickly taught me how to bypass other players as well as a few really cool tricks that are easy to practice at home. Mike has a lot of patience, and you can tell he really loves to teach soccer. He makes you feel very comfortable in the field. For harder tricks, he breaks them into several exercises, making them easier to learn. With Mike as a coach, I feel like I'm learning a lot and getting excited about the sport. I'm loving soccer every day now that I'm actually learning how to play! Thank you Mike!!"

High School Tryouts

"Coach Mike trained my two boys in preparation for high school tryouts. He is an excellent trainer - very patient, good attention to details, and very knowledgeable. He broke down the key skills step-by-step so the boys could understand how to perform the moves effectively. Mike also gave very good guidance on how to practice and how to learn from professional players. My sons were very happy about their training sessions and feel more confident about their games. Highly recommended for beginner to intermediate players.”