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Superb Soccer

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Superb Soccer knows what’s necessary to get your game to the next level

The route to playing college soccer is filled with ID Camps, weekend showcases and lots of long practices.  It requires dedication, perseverance and a desire to always improve.  I owe much of my success to the hours I have spent working with Dwight and the coaching staff of Superb Soccer.  I have spent countless hours training with Dwight and learning from his vast experiences and knowledge.  Superb Soccer helps to foster technical abilities that are invaluable to the college player.  In addition, Super Soccer instills a sense of confidence in its players.  This summer I was preparing for an ID Camp at UNC Chapel Hill and knew that I needed to be at the absolute top of my game when I went.  For the weeks leading up to the camp I trained with Coach Dwight to work on my speed, technical abilities, confidence and all-around soccer smarts.  By the end of the training sessions I knew I was ready for the camp.  When I arrived at the first session of the camp, the coaches asked 3 players from the entire camp to come and play a scrimmage with the current UNC players and I was one of them.  During that game, I knew that I had the technique and ability to hang with the college players because I had trained so hard with Coach Dwight.  I have now recently verbally committed to play soccer at UNC Chapel Hill and I believe that I owe this great achievement in my life to the dedication and expertise of Coach Dwight and Superb Soccer.  Whether a player is just looking to improve his or her game a little bit to make the varsity team for high school or training to be a college bound athlete, Superb Soccer knows what’s necessary to get your game to the next level.


Superb Soccer is amazing! I love working with Coach Dwight, Coach Jose , Coach Fernando and Coach Noah! I feel like I have improved in footwork and 1v1 ! With all help and support from Coach Dwight and Ms Kelly!

Private Training

Trey feels that his agility and confidence on the ball has improved since joining Superb Soccer.

Dwight is very encouraging throughout training sessions and has helped with Trey's confidence in the game of soccer!


Coach Dwight is the best. His positive approach to coaching is excellent. I would highly recommend training with him. 


We are VERY happy with Superb! Madi not only learns something every time she attends, she enjoys going! 

Private Session

The coach was very personable and took the time to explain each drill. Even though I do not feel that I did my best I know that with continual practice I will achieve my goals the coach set for me.


I feel much better on the field when I train with Dwight. Thank you so much for all your help!

From average to Starter

Cooper has been in the Superb program for two years.  Dwight has taken his skill level from that of an average player to that of being a starter on one of the upper level travel teams.  Foot skills, drills, fitness, game skills, strategy - the Superb program teaches it all and in a way that the kids want to go to practice!  I recommend Dwight, Kelly & the Superb staff to any young player who has any interest in playing soccer.  That player (& their parents) will see positive results very quickly, both in skills and in player confidence.   

Elevating Technical and Tactical understanding

Superb Soccer school compliments my daughters Classic team training which has elevated her tactical and technical understanding of the game. In addition, Dwight and his team of exceptional coaches have added wonderful life lessons including leadership and sportsmanship lessons. He and Kelly has taken an interest in the success of every child and young adult.

Necessary Balance

Superb Soccer provides a necessary balance for my daughter's development.  The technical skills and number of touches on the ball during Dwight's sessions really compliments her weekly scheduled soccer practices through Classic.  Dwight pushes my daughter for continuous improvement and goes out of his way to recognize new milestones!


All of the activities we did were a lot of fun. I want to thank you and Coach Dwight for having me.

Helps Me Improve

I had a great time. I enjoy working with Coach Dwight and Coach Josh.  I like how they point out the little things to help me improve.

Defending Clinic

I liked learning about defense because I play mid center. Scrimmaging was fun!!!

Private Technical Training

I had a great time at my session. I love how hard I feel I am being pushed.  It is making me a better player! :-) 
I really enjoy time to work one-on-one with Coach Dwight so that I can ask specific questions and get feedback, including areas to practice before the next session. 

Group Technical Training

My session was amazing!!!!I liked everything especially using the sticks & scrimmaging with my friends.

Private Technical Training

She thought it was very valuable- it was hot and she worked hard- but she says she liked all of it. She especially liked that he was able to focus on her and give her the feedback to make corrections. Claire also thinks Dwight is funny and positive.

Private Technical Training

Excellent! I enjoyed the 1v1 and scoring on the little goals... I love Coach Dwight's energy and his support! 

Private Technical Training

My sessions were challenging but coach Dwight pushes me to do better and enjoy the challenge. I enjoyed the fast paced agility work including jumping the net. Coach Dwight always makes training fun and doing Superb Soccer helps me stay fit for a tough soccer schedule.