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Solace Mist

600 Rainbow Drive #101
Mountain View California , 94041
United States

Honest and kind

Michelle is a very gifted and kind soul. She is not a run of the mill psychics who profess to know and let you down. She is very spiritual and cares for the well being of the client ,she willingly spared a lot of time and gave perfect answers. At the end of reading I really felt a lot better,I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Highly Intuitive

Michelle is really awesome and highly intuitive which makes sessions very refreshing to be apart of. There is a subtle nature to how her influence calms your mind and heart opening you up to speak more from your inner core. I appreciate her no nonsense approach to a field which requires a sense of empathy and sensitivity and am grateful it is highly effective!

Best Psychic Ever!

I spoke to Michelle earlier today and she was really helpful and very nice about answering my question. I was really depressed and sad before I spoke to her and after I talked to he I felt so good inside I would recommend her to everyone for sure!! Best psychic ever!!! She will answer your questions and try to help you find solutions, very professional and sweet! I loved my experience with her! Great psychic she knows what she's doing!

She was intense and accurate !

I had a session with Michelle and she did not remember me but everything she said would happen, happened. Sometimes scary, but she is accurate ! Michelle has a real gift! I never spoke to her before my reading and she knew so much. She did an amazing job communicating with mine and my sisters loved ones that have passed wanted us to know. It was so detailed and mind blowing. I have been struggling with my emotions after the unexpected and untimely death of my mother. After our reading today I have peace of mind that my mom is happy where she is and still my mom and with me and my brothers and sisters and even my son. I can't express the gratitude that I have to this woman, Michelle I love you for what you did for my sister and I today. Thank you !

I was able to move forward in my life- Thank you

I first called you in 2011 and you not only confirmed the signs I had been receiving but you also helped me heal some old, still painful scars. You gave me insight and allowed me to see things from a different angle. You relayed the messages I needed to be able to move forward and start a new, wonderful chapter of my life. Talking to you today felt like no time had gone by. Thank you Michelle, may you continue to spread Divine Love and Truth around you. Be Blessed!

Graceful and Positive

I met Michelle when a friend that I was visiting had hired her to cleanse their new home and give her and a small group a reading. I was impressed with her skills and her obvious joy in her craft as well as the concern she showed for the tasks she was performing. She answered our various questions openly and seemed to want to educate us in the process so that we could fully gain from it, no matter our level of experience (from seasoned to novice in the group that was attending) and was gracious to everyone.

I went back for another reading alone before leaving and was able to learn more and she gave me some tools to incorporate into my daily life. It felt more like mentoring than telling, and not a sales session, as these things can sometime be. She offered many suggestions for purchases and a store referral when I asked, but was not pushy about anything. The entire experience was very positive and I was happy to get some one on one time which was professional, but also warm and friendly. She gave me a lot to think about and I will be sure to plan a trip to see her when I visit in the fall. Thanks Michelle!

Michelle is an advanced healer

Michelle is awesome. I met her in one of my Advance Healing courses. Recently I had lost something and she was able to point me to the location of this important item in my life. She is so wonderful full of light person. I highly recommend her.

Michelle is a consummate professional - Brilliant!

Michelle just provided her amazing service to dozens of women at a baby shower that we hosted in San Francisco. Despite the less than ideal circumstances - very noisy environment in the center of activity - Michelle persevered like the consummate professional. One by one, the guests emerged in amazement at Michelle's insights and many of them aim to become ongoing clients. We can't thank her enough for sharing her gifts with our group and would definitely contact her again.

There is no way she knew all that

I met Michelle in one of my classes and decided to come to her to try a reading! I AM SO GLAD I DID. Usually I am very skeptic but I thought why not. Michelle did not know me very well at this time. She had me think of a question in my head and to not say anything. THE FIRST thing to come out of her mouth was the answers to my questions! I WAS IN DISBELIEF!
She was so professional and even told me a little about her past life. It was so intriguing to hear! During the reading I totally cried, but a good cry because I just felt like Michelle was really hitting the nail on the head with all my problems.....
It was a little scary that she was able to pull all of that up from cards.. there is no way she could have known all that but it was totally cool and self satisfying!

If you are to do a reading I would totally recommend Michelle!