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Jacqui Olliver - End the Problem

15a Strathfield Lane, Whitford
Manukau Auckland , 2571
New Zealand

Best Program

I had looked into supplements and diets and even medication but nothing worked long term. I didn't want to have to resort to stronger medications because of the side effects. I read about your program and figured it would work for me by giving me the confidence to get hard and stay hard. I was right.

Barrier free now! Amazing program!

I started to put up a barrier to getting close to new people because lately all women I met wanted and expected sex straight away! Now I can be alone with them and intimate without the pressure to perform. No more anxiety!


Sex is now fun and natural. I enjoy it immensely and feel good about myself after good sex. It makes me feel lighter, happier and excited to be alive.

This program has changed my life forever

I enjoy having the freedom to do what I want, when I want to - without fear or anxiety making my life decisions.

Outstanding Program

I now feel satisfied that I can perform as a man and also pleasure my wife and enjoy our sexual relationship.


Sex used to be daunting for me and I avoided it largely during my last relationship which ended because of the problem. It's life changing to be confident and relaxed during sex with my new partner :)

Worth buying!

Sex is special to me, it's a way for me to show my partner how much I care about her. Great sex means I am able to enjoy it for myself as well as satisfying my partner.

Thanks a lot!

Not being able to perform reduced my self-esteem and caused other relationship problems. Sex is very important to me. It makes me feel like a real man when I can satisfy my partner and it is also very enjoyable.

Feels great

Sex is one of the main things that holds a marriage together. It makes me feel closer to my wife and makes me feel more like a man. Having great sex makes me feel complete. I had great hopes for your program; thank you.

Confidence Booster

Now I have confidence when going to have sex whereas before I never knew if I would have a problem getting hard or not.


My wife used to sense my sexual anxiety and I didn't blame her it was a mood killer. I used to find myself replaying all the negative experiences in my head all the time and losing sleep over it. Great sex is one of the most fulfilling feelings I've ever experienced.


To me, sex means to share intimacy, pleasure and connecting with my wife. Providing good sex makes me feel like a man who's more respected, loveable and willing. Now I am confident in the act knowing I have the control to fulfill both our sexual needs!

Life Saving Program!

I used to ejaculate at the beginning of penetration and couldn't maintain an erection after that. I could quickly get an erection a little later but by that time my wife was usually frustrated and not in the mood anymore. This program has been a life saver!

Enjoying Life

My erections are coming easier. At 78 years of age and taking NO meds, I'm thankful, very thankful to have occasional erections - sometimes spontaneous, sometimes self-induced. In fact, having just typed that, he's standing at attention now, wanting attention! After several days of not having opportunity to play, I've had several days when I had 2 erections and ejaculations less than 7 hours apart! For someone getting closer to 80 with no meds, I'm enjoying life!

Amazing Program

I've been married for 53 years. At my age, every erection is a miracle and every orgasm is a miracle and every ejaculation is a miracle! Now I don't need any prescribed supplements for arousal nor over the counter supplements.


It feels so good to be normal! To be able to create and foster intimacy with someone.

Great techniques

I previously spent money with a therapist and also on meds. It did help a lot but was far from a permanent solution. It felt like they were not solving the root cause of the problem and no one could tell me why. I had no idea what I was doing during sex so I thought having someone teach me technique could help. I over think a lot so I figured understanding the steps to take would help me learn this.

Best Program

Previously I had never thought that this would happen to me. I had a few individual episodes as a younger person, but these were situational. Occasionally, I would have some performance issues, but it really started to become more common about a year ago and dropped off quite a lot. Sex is important to me, admittedly, from a manhood perspective. Also, the idea of not being able to please or be pleased with my erection was not a happy thought.