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Solverus Academy Christian Preschool

4317 East North Street
Greenville SC , 29615

SolVerus is amazing! All of the teachers are wonderful and attentive, even if your child isn't in their class. When my Son began daycare I was very nervous because of a bad experience with a previous daycare. The Greenville campus and their loving staff put me at ease his first day. I have no doubts my boy will be cared for when I drop him off each day. Not only is he cared for, he's LOVED and that means more to me than I can express.

We have had a great journey with Solverus. My husband and I looked at several schools for our daughter that would push her to the next level and not just a daycare to baby-sitt our child. Solverus has strengthed my daughter's Christian foundation, as well as academically. We will miss you guys as we start on Skylar's new journey in kindergarten. Kerri is the best director, Solverus you have found a jewel.

Moving to Greenville and not knowing a single family, we blindly toured pre-schools based on my online research. My two children, 5 and 2.5 have been at SolVerus Academy for 6 months now and as a family, we can't imagine them anywhere else. My children love the attention, affection, and relationships they have built with their teachers and friends - and the teachers adore and cherish all of the children. Knowing that my kids are emotionally supported and feel safe is priceless. With the foundation of love and care, they are then able to grow and develop exponentially. My 5 year old blows my mind on a daily basis and my little one is thriving both physically and verbally. At SolVerus, my children GET DIRTY, they create, they pretend, they dance, sing, COMMUNICATE, learn to vocalize their wants and gain confidence and independence. The educators are constantly improving their methods and never stop educating themselves on how to better handle my children - plus the teacher to child ratio is wonderful. And to top it all off, it's culturally diverse and affordable. Solverus Academy is THE BEST!!

This is a great school! Our daughter is so excited to go everyday!

It is a blessing from God and such a privilege to be apart of this team

I love SolVerus! My daughter started around 7 months and is almost 2. We have been so happy with all the teachers and staff. I would recommend this daycare to anyone!

This is a great school! Our daughter is so excited to go everyday!

I love this School! My granddaughter has learned so much! The teachers and staff are awesome!

I have been with SolVerus Academy going on 4 years in May. My experience with the company has been great. This is a calling for me and I love what I do. I am at the Mauldin campus but I have worked at the Greenville campus too. I loved it at both of them. I work with a great group of people who are loving and passionate about what they do. The children put a smile on my face every day. Every day is not perfect and does not always go as planned but we are teachers to those babies that have been interested with us. Our main goal is to protect care love and guide them to the best of our ability.

This is a great school!

I love this school!!! Here is a letter that I sent to the staff at the Mauldin Location!

Dear Staff,

You guys are the best!! Kallen and Harper have been coming to Solverus Academy for over a year now, and I am just so impressed with this school and the staff!! From preschool skills, literacy skills and, and most importantly christian values, I am so thrilled with what my children have learned and continue to learn there. It makes my heart explode to hear my son talk about how much Jesus loves him and is telling bible stories like a champ. There is nothing more important to me than the salvation of my children snd that they will love and follow Jesus. In addition to our family values at home, Solverus is giving them such a solid foundation of who Jesus is and making him a hero to our children. Thank you! I am also so impressed with the preschool skills that my children are learning. My three year old sounded out a word yesterday! That is impressive, and he learned it at school! Being a mom of 2 kids (three years and one year old), you just don’t have enough time in the day to teach what you guys do every day. I am just amazed and SO, SO GRATEFUL!

So…THANK YOU!! Thank you for loving my kids and teaching my kids. They love all of you so much. I also work in a preschool and know that it is hard. We are definitely not doing this for the money. We do it because we love it and we love these kids. We see the importance of providing the educational and spiritual foundations that will carry them though their lifetime. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


A Grateful Mom

My child is learning SO much here, the teachers are incredible, and the facility is amazing! Love these guys!

This was my daughter's first preschool experience. She started at SolVerus as soon as she turned 16 months. From the tour, to the enrollment process, to the first few days, all the staff members and administration were patient, sweet and always had a smile on their faces. I was very pleased to find out that Ms. Yvonne was very accommodating with the needs of my child (which is one of the most important aspects for me as a parent). As an early childhood educator myself, I can spot a high quality preschool program as soon as I step in a preschool. I realized that Solverus is one of those programs. Their research based curriculum help children blossom in all aspects of development. The teaching staff, as well as, administration are knowledgeable on child development topics and early childhood education trends. The classrooms have age-appropriate materials and equipment. The daily schedule, activities, and discipline policy is age-appropriate as well. Overall, I would highly recommend this preschool as a great place for a child to blossom!

My son Hayden has thrived and made major development strides since he's been going to Solverus Christian Academy. The teachers and staff are amazing people who really care about the children! I am so pleased with my choice.

My daughter has learned so much since attending this preschool we are truly blessed to have found such a wonderful place for our little one...she loves going to school and truly loves her teachers she talks about them all the time and the administration staff is extremely professional and care about the value of the children and their education. Thanks for all you do! 

I have two children who have attended SolVerus since infancy. SolVerus has proven to help build a foundation for children to grow spiritually, physically, and academically. The teachers and all of the staff are passionate, nurturing, and loving. I continue to choose SolVerus for my children because the school and the ones who mold it together are authentic and prayer is the first resource used!