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Solverus Academy Christian Preschool

4317 East North Street
Greenville SC , 29615

I can't imagine a better environment or more loving and dedicated teachers to care for my children. The teachers and staff truly love the kids and I honestly don't know what I would do without them, especially Ms. Vandalyn. Both of my children have had her and they both had a special connection with her instantly. It is also always nice to walk in and be greeted with such a warm big smile. I could go on and on about each teacher because we have been happy with all of them. The director is wonderful, easy to talk to, and very understanding of each child's individual needs. I love the fact that this is a Christian based facility so the kids learn more than just acedemics and daily routines. This is a wonderful facility and I am grateful that they have been such a wonderful part of my children's lives.

My child is learning SO much here, the teachers are incredible, and the facility is amazing! Love these guys!

East side takes pride in developing and educating our children for a better future with integrity and Christian values.

My daughter has learned so much since attending this preschool we are truly blessed to have found such a wonderful place for our little one...she loves going to school and truly loves her teachers she talks about them all the time and the administration staff is extremely professional and care about the value of the children and their education. Thanks for all you do! We love ECA!

I would just like to email and say that my daughter, Gracie has been here for 7 years. She has received so much love and has been taught so many things both academically and emotionally, she is very attached to the teachers and daycare providers and she feels very loved, it is almost like her second home, and she often tells me how much love she feels from each and every one of the teachers there. She has really attached herself especially to her teacher who has been so wonderful in so many ways to not only Gracie, but our family. She goes above and beyond what is required of her, in my eyes. I feel very blessed and feel very comfortable leaving my daughter in the loving hands of the special people that make up this school.

I cannot tell you how nice it is that 6 years after her sister went through the center our youngest child has the same teachers. It has been such a pleasure to deal with such a great group of gals. I have never had an issue that I could not take up with either the director or teacher that was not handled promptly. There is no center in Greenville that can offer the same services and treatment that is given here. The children are treated as their own. Special attention was given to each of my children throughout our time here and I was so happy they helped prepare my oldest for elementary I feel like because of this preschool she started ahead of everyone else. Where else can you help your child build a solid foundation of faith. It has been a true blessing to have a speech therapist coming in during regular daycare hours to work with my child and I did not have to take time off work for therapy on a weekly basis. I could go on forever.