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Sound Integrative Health

12737 Bel-Red Road #210
Bellevue WA , 98033

I became a patient of Dr. Rinde's some years ago, when I was seeking alternatives to the prescription medications that my MD had recommended to manage cholesterol, a sports injury and low energy. I had reactions to the meds as prescribed. He gave me simple ways to treat these issues and I was able to lower cholesterol and raise my energy. Some years later I am now returning to his care to address digestive and sleep issues that once again, I find my MD has not helped me address through standard treatment with over the counter medicine and a CPAP machine. Within a short time I am fortunate to feel better with what are simple changes. I recommend Dr. Rinde for the same reasons many here have mentioned: He listens, he is thorough in understanding the issues, and he has a wealth of research and knowledge to apply to my case. I hope you find the same beneficial treatment!

After years of experiencing rosacea symptoms, and many unsuccessful attempts to heal my skin, Dr. Rinde was recommended to me in 2014 by another top notch naturopath. Dr. Rinde had the confidence that we could heal my skin by improving my gut health, and he had the knowledge, patience and perseverance to guide me through the months long process. Working with Dr. Rinde gave me the confidence and reassurance that healing was possible, and I am forever grateful for his work! I highly recommend Dr. Rinde.

Dr. Rinde has been my primary care physician for almost 10 years. His holistic approach to wellness has helped me maintain my good health even through challenging times. Dr. Rinde is truly a loving, kind person. He takes the time to really listen. I feel like he cares about me, my well being. I admire and appreciate Dr. Rinde for his excellent patient care and for his dedication to his practice and helping people.

Dr. Rinde is extremely knowledgeable and provides very compassionate patient care. He is exceptional at remembering details and works like a detective to get to the bottom of your health issues. He treats the whole person and takes the time to fully understand your health concerns. Something that sets Dr. Rinde apart from other doctors is his commitment to answer your questions and make sure you feel good about the health care plan. Dr. Rinde helped me resolve several health complaints where traditional medicine fell short. He has been instrumental in helping me lead a healthier and happier life. I highly recommend Dr. Rinde without hesitation. If you are thinking about scheduling an appointment, just do it! You’ll be glad you did.

Many years ago I interviewed and chose Dr. Rinde to include in my "tool Box"of health advisers. I use the usual medical doctors but I find they all follow the same regimen of expected medical treatments. Dr. Rinde is my resource for other options and I have had great success. When my Gastroenterologist told me, after an exam, "Your just have to live with it." and had no real suggestions, I knew there was more available elsewhere. Dr Rinde suggested a slow healing treatment for my lower intestinal issue. It took many months but I am once again 'normal'. His healing regimen was gentle and very effective. I like to check in with him on other issues as well.

The best thing about Dr. Rinde is that he listens instead of lectures. He is an extremely knowledgeable doctor who is also kind and compassionate. With his help, I finally found relief from a women's health issue that had plagued me for 35 years. He also helped me navigate through menopause and a thyroid issue (which, I am happy to say, is no longer bothering me). I am so thankful I found Dr. Rinde when I did. I'd give him a six star recommendation if I could!

I have seen Dr. Rinde for a year, and I find him to be calm, caring, and patient, and a doctor that I can trust. He listens well, and remembers details about past sessions and follow up with those on subsequent meetings. He respects my preferences about different options of treatment he suggests. He takes time and gives good advice about life style to address the cause of the symptoms rather than trying to get rid of them on temporary base, and gives the print out of his advice at the end of each session. He has a patient portal on that he diligently responds to each patients' questions and concerns. His staffs are nice and courteous too.

I have been going to Dr Rinde for years! I consider him my primary care doctor. I can honestly say, he really listens and cares. I feel every situation I have had with my health he has helped me. Top-Notch Doctor!!

I worked with Dr. Rinde for about four years and I can honestly say that my levels of anxiety and depression were much lower after following his recommendations. He treats every patient like an individual and focuses on the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, which is what I believe was the key to our success working together. Thanks so much Dr. Rinde!

I have seen dozens of doctors in my life for chronic illness. Dr. Rinde has been the best. His ability to create a trusting relationship and listen is outstanding. So is his ability to put pieces together to create comprehensive care. He helped turn my life around and I am the healthiest I have ever been with solid lifestyle changes he helped me shift one step at a time.

I have been seeing Dr. Rinde on and off for the past year and a half. I truly like him. He’s very patient and kind. Most doctors that I see don’t truly listen. He is one of the first to listen to what I have tried and offer new advice. He has great follow thru and excellent recommendations. I’m a tricky case and he still has new ideas to help me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a more holistic approach.

Dr Rinde has been very helpful to help treat pain and explain how it was caused and what I can to to help remedy it. After seeing several other Doctors and Specialists, Rinde researched my existing bloodwork and ordered a few additional tests. He took a very personal approach to treating me and was able to see me with very short notice on a couple occasions.