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Andy Neal

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Housing co-ordination Officer

I attended a one day course provided by my company. It was the best course that I have ever attended. The material used was so informative, interactive and insightful. There was never a dull moment with Andy and Mike, they make the training fun and enjoyable but most importantly I left more confident when dealing with aggressive behaviour. The skills I learnt are adaptable for the workplace and most importantly everyday life. I would recommend the course to any and everyone. The physical self defence section was great, learning how to diffuse a situation without escalating a situation was a skill that I didn't know existed until the course. I feel that I am able to adopt these skills to ensure my safety. I wish that the course was longer, there's so much more I know that they can teach you. They have a world of knowledge in this field, they are experts at what they do.

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the two day training opened my eyes to becoming more self-aware of my environment and how to approach people and situation by first analysing my environment and the people around it which in turns helps you plan ahead for any emergency or handling a situation. Also touched on the some aspect of the law which helps to know what you can and cant do when being attacked.   

Personal Protection Training

A truly amazing course that is fantastically interactive and delivered by an individual who’s humour increases the engagement form all participants. The course material is real tangible skills that will benefit personal life as well as professional.


What a fantastic, informative, well taught course. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire two days and will certainly recommend to anyone interested in an introduction to improving your own awareness and ability to protect yourself from harm or exploitation by others. 

Asset Recovery Rep

I am a retired US Marine and a retired Police Officer and have attended as well as taught many classes on situational awareness, self defense and other law enforcement and military type classes. Some of the classes were quite complex and lengthy, lasting as long as 6 months. I learned more in 2 days than I did in most of the 40 hour courses that I attended.  This class was by far the best 2 day class I have ever taken.  Andy is very knowledgeable in what he teaches. His experience coupled with his humorous teaching style made for a very enjoyable learning experience.  There was never a dull moment in his class. I recommend this class to anyone who works, travels, drives a vehicle, or interacts with the public.  Everyone needs to know this stuff it really could save your life.  Great class Andy and thanks for honing the skills that I have but forgot or had taken for granted.

Asset Recovery

This course exceeded all of my expectations! It made me more aware of my surroundings. After spending a few days with Andy, if I am in a dangerous situation, I will be able to react and diffuse the situation or get out of harms way. I also learned how to read a person's body language to understand when a customer is open, when they are lying and when they begin to show warning signs that they are about to explode. It is not just on the job safety training, It is everyday life training. This is by far the best training I have ever been through!

Asset Recovery Rep

Having served in both the US Navy and Army I thought I had been through so much training that this would be yet another in a long line of text book dictation and checking off boxes. Was I wrong! Andy Neal was not only a trainer but a motivational speaker and quite frankly his approach to teaching is one that should be adopted by every military and business around the world. I learned more in 2 days then I had in 8 separate tradocs I had been to in the military. Andy teaches life skills as well as career skills and safety. Anyone and I mean anyone who is fortunate enough to attend one of Andys trainings should feel like they won the lottery. He's that good and that's no ****!In the short time I spent with him I now consider a friend and a mentor who I feel I could contact at any time if I had an issue. If your reading this as a coporate manager, director, owner don't hesitate! Book him now while you can. I recommend Andy to the highest degree and am proud to say I attended his course

I am Ranger now

After this training I changed the way of thinking of the dangerous. Andy is a great teacher with big experience. He gave me directions on how to care for my safety. Thank you.

Best Course Ever

After 14 years in the company this was, by far, the best training course i took. I would definitely recommend it since it works in every aspect of my life, not just for work. 

Personal protection training

I attended Personal Protection training which was presented by Andy Neal. This course was one of the best I attended so far. Andy Neal is a real professional who knows how to convey his knowledge in truly exciting way. I would recommend this training not only to people dealing with potentially dangerous situations but to anyone! Information I've got from the course are really useful in both work and personal life.

Personal Security

A fantastic training course. Helpful, not just for business, but also in life in general. Would absolutely recommend for everybody

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I really enjoyed the course.  Very informative and plenty that i can take away to use in my professional & personal life.  I would highly recommend this course!!


I work for Hyde Housing and attended a 'Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour' course on the 1st March 2016 in Chichester. As I often deal with aggressive behaviour in my front line role, I found this course invaluable as it taught me valuable strategies in dealing with a situation that could potentially turn dangerous. Highly recommended.


Hi I attended a training course on Dealing with Violence and Aggression on Tuesday 1st March 2016 which was organised by my employer Hyde Housing. May I say that the trainer was very good and conducted the training in a way that you fully understand the reason for this course, also the presentation was first class, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I know that it will help me in my job role as a Housing officer. I would recommend this for all front line staff within the housing industry as a necessary training course. Thank you  


Having engaged the services of this company for over seven years I genuinely believe that by using Andy Neal (Protaris), our company has benefitted from an inspiring trainer who doesn't just deliver the subject - he actually lives and breathes the subject! Andy engaged the audience immediately and his delivery was relaxed and confident. His knowledge and life experiences are extensive and he brings this to his training which makes it a great learning experience. As an accredited trainer I found the presentations were first class and delivered in a way that was understood by everyone and also relevant to the staff who attended. Our company will be maintaining our relationship with Andy Neal and Protaris as I believe that we get a quality service delivered by a true professional.


This training course, is not just a normal training programme, it is more than that. it is a life experience. one simple word " Excellent"