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Telepathic Influence

Kind and thoughtful work, as always.

Custom Order

Don't know how many times I've ordered from this shop, but I keep coming back and this is the best I have found!

Telepathic Influence

As always, Fiona is kind, thorough, thoughtful. Her energy and gifts are a blessing. I'm slowly becoming a regular client, and am so grateful for her guidance and insight.

One Question Psychic Reading

Always soothes my worries , is non-judgmental and gives great advice. always accurate

General Psychic Reading

This was a lovely reading and validated things i was feeling. So I can move forward i beleive and trust my gut, and not just feel its wishful thinking on my part.
Thanks so much

Twin Flame Psychic Reading

Fiona is amazing. Her gifts will leave you with a deep sense of clarity, peace, and perhaps most of all, a centered feeling on how to "get unstuck". If you are very empathetic, you will feel her energy, and it is deep, peaceful, loving. I have so much gratitude for her.

Relationship & Dating Coaching with Intuitive

Extremely happy. Resonated, plan on getting the self love one soon! ❤️

One Question Psychic Reading

Always accurate! Fiona is very sweet and caring.

Three Question Psychic Reading

Fiona is amazing, her readings have been such a comfort to me and so helpful and loving. Thank you so much!

Two Question Psychic Reading

Fiona is amazing! Everything she said resonated and was written beautifully definitely will return for more readings.

Career Psychic Reading

I did not imagine the results that I have gotten from Fiona. They were spot on. I decided to take this reading to figure out what I needed to focus on. She will help you find out your true calling for sure. Sometimes time and patience can only help. Thank you Fiona, you are a great help.

1 Question Psychic Reading


Relationship & Dating Coaching with Intuitive

Fiona you are so wonderful! Thank you for helping me in this difficult time ❤️

Emergency Red Alert Psychic Reading

Fiona is a wonderful and kind. She knows many things that only someone with her beautiful gift would be aware of. Highly recommend!

1 Question Psychic Reading

I was having the most difficult time with a test following her advice and spirits advice I passed but I also have more confidence in myself and go into things with faith.

Life Coaching Session

Fiona is the best ever! Her readings and coaching sessions are very detailed. I always feel like I’m getting advice in guidance from my best friend.

5 Card Draw Romance Angel Card Reading

Fiona is always amazing, her readings are such a comfort as are the romance angel cards, I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you so much!

One Question Reading

This was my first reading with Fiona and I am more than pleased! Her reading resonated 100%. She also was very detailed, kind and generous with her time, especially for one question. Thank you again for a pleasant experience! I will return for other readings in the near future.