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Romance Angel Card Reading

this was such a sweet reading and so helpful to my situation, it gave me the courage I needed to help with my situation, thank you so much!

Custom Order - Psychic Reading and Life Coaching

Fiona is amazing and honest!! She cares so much about her clients. She always provides me clarity and puts my mind at ease.

Soulmate Psychic Reading

This reading was very detailed and helpful! I cannot wait to meet my man! :) Thank you Fiona!

Emergency Psychic Reading

Great reading! Thank you!

Twin Flame Psychic Reading

What a gift Fiona is, and what a gift she has. I look forward to integrating her kindness, coaching, and intuition into my mindfulness on a regular basis. A beautiful and tender soul.

A Deeper Look Into Any Person

Intuitive and honest, good reading

2 Question Psychic Reading

This was amazingly accurate! I had an awful situation with a peer and thought that there was no end in sight , I was devastated but today the prediction came to pass and I was shocked. I immediately came back to the reading and was impressed. This was a very quick informative reading and well worth the money!

Thoughts and Feelings Psychic Reading

Highly recommend her readings all of them are so accurate and the time frames given !! So helpful every time

Emergency Psychic Reading

Highly recommended! I have no doubt with her! Love love love her!

Emergency Psychic Reading

She took time to address my crisis at that time, she also offered a very understanding and patient heart.

One Question Psychic Reading

She is such an angel, what a gift she has to offer to all of us!

One Question Psychic Reading

She has an amazing gift to share and she is a very compassion lady!

Emergency Psychic Reading

She has been so wonderful especially after a hard week, she was there for me and spoke from her heart!

3 Question Psychic Reading

She helped me greatly when I was dealing with a difficult situation and the result from that really helped!

Telepathic Influence

She did an amazing job, I saw some results from this being effective! I highly recommend her!

Relationship & Dating Coaching with Intuitive

Fiona’s heart is so pure and honest, she took a lot of time coaching me and she made sure the information is accurate and fit well with my situation. Her heart is beyond and giant! Her love is real for all of us!

Relationship & Dating Coaching with Intuitive

She has so much compassion; she helped me thru the crisis at that time. She soothed me and worked with me thru this! Her reading is spot on! I highly recommend her!

Telepathic Influence

Fiona is excellent as always. With this reading she can help you chip away at the resistance that were often met with from other people in our lives.