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Telepathic Influence

She did an amazing job, I saw some results from this being effective! I highly recommend her!

Relationship & Dating Coaching with Intuitive

Fiona’s heart is so pure and honest, she took a lot of time coaching me and she made sure the information is accurate and fit well with my situation. Her heart is beyond and giant! Her love is real for all of us!

Relationship & Dating Coaching with Intuitive

She has so much compassion; she helped me thru the crisis at that time. She soothed me and worked with me thru this! Her reading is spot on! I highly recommend her!

Telepathic Influence

Fiona is excellent as always. With this reading she can help you chip away at the resistance that were often met with from other people in our lives.

Soulmate Psychic Reading

Great reading! So grateful for her and do glad I found her.

One Question Psychic Reading

Accurate :) she has always helped me through worries , is super kind and helps me with what I don't understand about my future.

Relationship & Dating Coaching with Intuitive

Thank you so much! My relationship has been so much better than ever thanks to these readings! A part of me thought things couldn’t be fixed, but I’m thankful to have stayed strong and not given up :)

Twin Flame Psychic Reading

Excellent, detailed reading and the seller is very kind!

Telepathic Influence

An interesting thing happened. I was meditating about meeting up with my POI, during which I heard him say. "I'm happy with you"... very soon after I got the results of this reading (a day early), during which Fiona stated that she had imagined him thinking that he needs me for a good and happy life. That just really made me smile. I wonder if we were hitting him at the same time? ;)

Telepathic Influence

Another in depth, thoughtful reading. Will
Happily use again.

1 Question Psychic Reading

Awesome reading!

Thoughts and Feelings Psychic Reading

The best reader. Worth every penny I have gone to her many times for many readings, she always remembers me and my situation which is impressive with all the clients she has!

Unlimited Questions Psychic Reading

Wonderful...absolutely amazing reading! Spot on!

Telepathic Influence

It’s fast shipping and Fiona really put energy on the reading! No doubt she became my fav here and I will purchase again in the future ❤️

I can trust her with absolutely anything

I have been coming to Fiona for well over a year now. It has been amazing to have her be here with me as my life has evolved and have her see and feel what I see and feel on my end and get the validation that I need. I know I can trust her with absolutely anything I bring her. Thank you!

General Psychic Reading

Fiona is the absolute best! She has been there for me whenever I am in need of answers and always gives the best advice and tells you exactly how she sees it! She is truly the best! ❤️

General Psychic Reading

Fiona is like the closest and wisest friend I turn to for clarity and sanity. Highly recommend!

Telepathic Influence

Thank you for guiding and helping me, Fiona.