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Telepathic Influence

excellent way to erase negative thinking patterns and introduce love and light to the people in your life who need it most. Highly recommend.

Life Coaching Session

Fiona is very kind and gifted. I am a repeat client and very grateful for her!!

Decision Making Psychic Reading

Amazing reading!! I highly recommend getting a reading from her 😍

Emergency Psychic Reading

Fiona is very gifted and talented. Her readings are always detailed and thorough. Thank you so much for your guidance always!

Life Coaching Session

Literally THE best reader. Highly, highly recommended.

Angel Messages

Finoa gave me a beautiful reading that resonated perfectly with my life. Thank you so much!!

General Psychic Reading

Outstanding reading!! Everything resonates greatly with my soul. I love receiving readings from this beautiful and sweet lady.

Relationship Coaching with Intuitive

Very detailed and loved how she went above and beyond to answer my urgent questions. I can tell she’s a reader who really cares

AMAZING!! Cleansing

Wow! 😮😮😮 Her advice was incredible and the results happened way faster than I anticipated! AMAZING!! Thank you for helping me along my journey! ❤️❤️❤️

2 Question Psychic Reading

Thank you for the reading. Definitely put my mind at ease!

2 Question Psychic Reading

I felt a nice connection with her reading and she was very quick and professional, very pleased!

Relationship Coaching with Intuitive

Excellent intuitive advice as always. Can’t thank her enough

Lovely reading!

Gentle to the point and with detailed explaination. Lovely reading!

Emergency Psychic Reading

My reading was accurate, caring, straight to the point and answered in timely matter. She is the real deal!

1 Question Psychic Reading

It was a beautiful reading. Thank you Fiona!!!
Predictions are yet to manifest. Will update in future.

Emergency Psychic Reading

The best on here!I have worked with her two timesShe is professional and sincere

Relationship Psychic Reading

Fiona has always delivered. Thank you for the reading!

1 Question Psychic Reading

Fiona is absolutely amazing! I’ve Been working with her for almost a year now and she’s helped me with so much guidance and growth. It’s an amazing spiritual experience!