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Energy/Entity Cleansing

I have started implementing some of her suggestions (with intention to do more) and I have to say that the last couple of weeks have (for the first time in a long time) been consistently more calm, happy and positive.

Telepathic Influence

Very grateful that Fiona is available to do this work. In addition, she is very supportive, helpful and positive. I am finding hope with her gifts.

Twin Flame Psychic Reading


Provided me a lot of clarity to my situation and was detailed. In the reading she spoke of a symbol she saw that was spot on validation she was connecting with my partner! Great reading. Very kind

Angel Messages

I loved to hear these messages that gave me clarity in what I was looking for, the messages from my angels were really beautiful and comforting, great reading.

1 Question Psychic Reading

Wonderful reading and very accurate! Thank you so much!

Emergency Psychic Reading

Wow! It’s so freaky the things she picked up on in this reading. Especially when she added about how she had visions of how someone related to me needed a place to stay for his own gain and I never told her about that 😮

1 Question Psychic Reading

Excellent work by always

1 Question Psychic Reading

forever grateful for Ms. Fiona's patience , kindness , wisdom and guidance.

Telepathic Influence

Fiona is a gifted reader who really invests her time and efforts in her work. She has twice told me details that she couldn't possibly know if she were not psychic. Although I have been frustrated with my situations, she has never judged or indicated any impatience with me. Instead, she has provided great clarity and insight. If you are considering ordering a reading from her, don't hesitate. You will be glad!

Soulmate Psychic Reading

I have had 2 readings from this lovely lady. One for my career now about love. I was suprised to realize that what she said about my career path came true. The thing I personally appreciate about her reading is that, she is not only giving you the answers to your question, she is also guiding you to see the positives of any situation. Great readings, I took a lot of growth from it.

Unlimited Questions Psychic Reading

Two predictions already came true! I loved this reading, it was very detailed, she went deep into each question and I could feel her love through the entire reading. She is the best of the best I was blown away with her accuracy


I will always tip this beautiful woman for her incredible work she puts in. Such a blessing to have her

Meditation 101

I ordered the Meditation 101 and a guided meditation, both were incredible and detailed. I highly recommend the meditation 101 to anyone who is starting meditation or wants to improve it! And her guided meditation she made for me was fabulous! Very vivid and it worked!

How Can I Move On reading

Everything I needed plus more. I was amazed at the length and incredible guidance. I recommend this to anyone who is going through a hard time. Fiona provides exceptional work

Relationship Coaching with Intuitive

Every time I order one of these readings, I feel my relationship improves

General Psychic Reading


Telepathic Influence

Just wow! She is very talented, she really took the time with this. I am so thankful she has the ability to do this!

Deeper Look Into Any Person

Definitely detailed, thoughtful response that felt connected. In addition, Fiona cares about who you are and what you are going through--you aren't just a sale. Always makes me feel calmer and more focused.