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Angel Fire Protection Reiki Attunement

Thank you Jay for sharing this beautiful energy. I really felt the energy pulsating in my 3rd eye, almost immediately. It also shifted some old memories that have been stuck for some time. I look forward to using the energies to help myself and clients. Thank you :)

Accurate Reading, Highly Recommend!

Jay is a wonderful spiritual coach to work with, and he also does private reading when requested. I have done a spirit release healing with Jay and readings from him. He gave me accurate predictions of my future work environment which gives me hope and reassurance that I am on the right track. Highly recommend service.

Jay is great at what he does and he keeps you informed every step of the way.  He has a wonderful, caring energy and warm, friendly demeanour.  I love his manuals - he is so thorough with his information and he gives detailed instructions.  Jay has given me many attunements to date, and I will keep coming back for more :)

Intuitive Coach & Channel

Jay is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful Soul. I have known Jay for a few years now I have taken many of his courses. I love the purity of his systems! Jay is supportive and kind and truly cares for his students. I recently took the Celestial Crystals Empowerment and all I can say is WOW...very powerful energies. I felt a shift! I feel more in tune with Mother Earth and able to see beyond the veil while increasing the connection through the heart. Truly powerful and I highly recommend it. Thank you Jay for all you do!

Jay is the Best!

Jay (Living Reiki Academy), is an AMAZING Healer and offers some of the GREATEST attunements you can receive - no question.

I met Jay at the perfect time, I came to him seeking the "Celestial Starseed Attunement". I had no idea I would be a ‘starseed’ myself but after following this attunement I have remembered 'who I am' and have experienced many wonders with this system. It has made me much more grounded and it has removed a lot of sensitivity and fear. Giving me a deeper understanding and sense of security and relief into my life.

I have also received the Lightarian Gateway program from Jay, which were a series of 6 INTENSE and AMAZING attunements. The reason why they were so great was partly due to Jay being such an excellent high frequency energy healer and teacher. Jay is an expert in every sense of the word.

You get something special when you choose Jay as your healer/teacher. As he offers amazing support and encouragement alongside his attunements and healing services to each and EVERY member of the academy! The ability to ask questions and receive support from someone as good in their field as Jay is really something rare. Although, when you become a member of the Living Reiki Academy you get the chance to work with a true master who REALLY CARES and will support you to the fullest in your accelerated spiritual journey.

I will continue to work through many of Jay’s personal attunements he has channeled and to pass on these energies onto others as they are truly something special and are very powerful and life changing!

Don’t miss out on a chance to work with with Jay. From his personal attunements and energy systems through to his energy healing and attunements he facilitates. Jay is bringing something special to everyone he works with and to the world at whole...

Thank you Jay!

Mace [Reiki Box Healing]

Celestial Crystals Empowerment

This system truly resonated with me; this double level energy was powerful but it quickly assimilated into my auric field. I experienced an interesting shift in perception that I look forward to exploring more deeply. Jay’s celestial attunements are the best I have ever worked with and I would recommend them to anyone.

Excellent Tarot Reading

I recently received a 3 card tarot reading from Jay and it was nothing short of incredible.  It genuinely reflected matters that have been in my awareness as of late, and the details within the reading were so precise.  It is with authenticity and grace that my reading was done, and I am grateful to have received this very special reading from Jay - a warm, kind, thoughtful, and highly sensitive intuitive.  Many thanks. 

I have been a student of Jay for more than two years now. I’m so glad that I found a teacher like him. He’s so friendly and kind and also so professional and supportive . Always available for any questions .or concerns . I’m so grateful that I have found his academy. Highly recommended .

I have received several distance attunements from Jay and i would highly recommend the Living Reiki Academy.

The Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation testimonial

I received the Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation yesterday, and it was one of the strongest attunements I've ever experienced. The energy flow was huge as tornado, it formed a big crystalline structure around me, which was very beautiful, its shape and colours were continuously changing. Still feel tingling all over my body. The manual contains a lot of useful information and practices, in fact it is a kind of spiritual encyclopaedia. Must have for any sincere seeker. Thank you again, dear Jay! Wishing you and all your loved ones Happy Holidays and a magnificent New Year!

I received the Lave Stone Anti-anxiety Empowerment last month and it has helped me a lot. The energies are wonderful, very calming and centering. I have been using it for some weeks and highly recommend it. The energies are easy to activate but very strong, bringing great calm and relief. Thank you Jay.

I was recently attuned to the energies of Jay’s Triple Goddess Empowerment, and have found it to be a remarkable step on my spiritual path. I wanted to leave a few words about it a couple of days after being attuned, but I am glad a little more time has gone on before I did so, as the energetic effects evolve and grow stronger with each passing day. It has been an unexpected catalyst in my personal workings with the aspects of the Triple Goddess, and I highly recommend this empowerment when one finds themselves drawn to working with these energies. Blessings, and many thanks Jay. 

Thank you!

I have been receiving attunements from Jay since more than a year now and I am very grateful to his academy for his life-changing attunements. I really have had wonderful experience with each attunement and he very kindly replies to all the queries and gives amazing guidance to follow too! Thank you so much, it is a privilege to learn through your academy.

Jay Warm, Friendly Reactive and Professional

Have just ordered the Lightarian Package from Jay, and I must say how  impressed I am with Jay's professionalism and kindness - what a treat ! I can't wait for the attunements to begin!

The energies I have received from Jay have been powerfully healing and beneficial. Jay is a very conscientious soul who really cares about the individual and gives a unique healing experience, such wonderful attunements  to choose from. Most highly recommended.

Just wonderful!

I have been a student of Jay's for many years and I have not found a better teacher. He has always been kind and helpful with lots of empowering energy. To tell you the truth, Jay is one of three energy workers/teachers that I trust. Working with Jay is a wonderful investment in your healing and spiritual journey.


Started studying with Jay around 2009 and he has become a personal friend. Jay has a lovely nature and is so helpful and I have enjoyed the many attunements I have received from Jay. The attunements are powerful and I know that Jay puts his all into everything that he does and is very supportive. I consider Jay to be one of the best Reiki teachers out there and want to thank you for everything.

I've been a student of The Academy of LivingReiki Therapies for many years and all attunements I've received from Jay continue to support me on my spiritual path. Jay is one of the best Teachers I've ever met - highly professional, honest, very serious and attentive, blessed with extraordinary abilities. His spiritual guidance is extremely valuable to me. Jay's own systems are unique and highly efficient, I'd recommend them to any sincere seeker.