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Lady of the Unknown Oracle

She did a free reading because I won a contest on one of her lives. Regarding what was actually happening she pinpointed the situation and what was REALLY going on better than any other reader thus far. Realistic not a generic fairytale. However waiting for the prediction! I really liked her approach very direct and not generic nor vague. Thank you so much

Oh wow... specific question asked with a time frame. Sophi was so on to what was going on and issues I hadn't identified previously but which she picked up on. Such a friendly and intuitive reader and the advice was meaningful and clear. Now looking for positive outcomes. thank you Sophi. I can happily recommend Sophi if you want a reading. Happy days!!

Sophi is beyond amazing!!! I promise you it was like she was in my soul, like we grew up together, that's how well she read me!!! I asked a question about timing, and she told me the truth in the sweetest most direct and truthful way possible! If you are looking for a reading that gives you honesty in the sweetest most down to earth way, Sophi is your girl!!! Her reading literally brought tears to my eyes because I felt in my heart and soul it was true!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a reading I just had from Sophi. I asked a direct question & received a direct answer. I wasn't left wondering or with more questions. This beautiful woman is not afraid to say it like it is and offers insightful advice. Highly recommend!

One word AMAZING!!!... I had asked only one question Sophi went beyond. If you are in search of answers/clarity Sophi is your girl she will NOT disappoint.

Sophi is such a true, down-to-earth tarot reader! Her reading gave me insight on my very accurate love life and advice on it too. Highly recommend her and cannot be thankful enough.

Sophi is a great reader. She brought me clearing and hope regarding my miscarriages. The reading was spot on and could have not more accurate.