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You can't hit what you can't see.

I'm writing this review after having used the product for several months and I really feel it is beneficial to players of all ages. I play in a pretty competitive hardball league at age 41 and play against guys half my age. I've noticed that I don't see the ball as well as I used to and started looking for things online to compensate. Since using the product the number of walks I am drawing has increased tremendously which tells me I'm seeing the ball better and am able to make better decisions in the box. I've also been hitting the ball more squarely. Highly recommended.

I used as a player and use it as a Coach

I used throughout my Major league career

Kristy Lawrence - Former D1 Softball athlete current Softball Director of Operations

After using the SportsEyesite software and tracking tools I noticed a huge difference! I was able to recognize and track pitches earlier and with more precision. I truly believe that if done right - this stuff is a game changer.

Led the league in...

If you are really serious about becoming the best player

While serving as the Phillies Field Coordinator of Instruction, I had several years to observe, participate in, and evaluate the Harrison’s revolutionary sports eye development program called “Slow the Game Down.” Instinctively, I knew the eyes played a very prominent role in the game of baseball, especially hitting, but had no idea to the extent they seperated the great hitter from even the good hitter.


Through various visual exams, computer simulated drills and live on field participation, the Harrisons were able to determine each player’s baseball-related visual skills, rank them accordingly, and prescribe specific individual visual enhancement drills to be employed during both the season and off season. Over several seasons I observed not only an improvement in the players’s visual skills evaluations but also in their on field play as well. 


If you are really serious about becoming the best player you can be, then you must join Bill and Ryan at “Slow The Game Down” and shoot for the stars. Good luck!

Find an advantage

If you are a baseball player aspiring to separate yourself from the crowd Bill and Ryan Harrison have an answer. While seamingly every hitter works endless on swing mechanics, the ability to "hit" is at an all time low. The ability to hit is far more than mechanics. Bill and Ryan teach the fine points that can be considered the masters and PHD courses in vision and abilities of using your eyes to excel in the batters box. I've seen hitters performances takes quantum leaps forward utilizing the techniques Bill and Ryan have taught them. If you are ready to make those type of improvements, it's time to contact Bill and Ryan at Slowthegamedown.

Professional Golfer​

With SlowTheGameDown I've noticed a huge difference, not only in my game, but in my concentration and focus. Thank you for taking all of your time, and sharing all of this information. I find it so fascinating, interesting, and helpful. Your perspective is incredible ​Every other person to work with you, is extremely fortunate, myself included. Thank you for your help and for giving me something to work on, and to strive towards.

Tremendous back then as it is today

I've know Dr. Harrison going back to 1973 when he did visualization exercises for the KC Royals.  His help was tremendous back then as it is today.

Implementing Dr. Harrison’s work into our program since the late 1980’s

I highly recommend "Slow The Game Down" to anyone interested in becoming a better hitter! We’ve been implementing Dr. Harrison’s work into our program since the late 1980’s. The visual training techniques and devices used, have helped hundreds of our players achieve their dream of playing at the next level.


Bob Keyes

Bio Kinetics Research & Development, MountainWest Baseball

Head Baseball Coach, UC Davis. Retired

I have known Dr. Harrison for over 30 years and have been fortunate enough to have him and his son, Ryan, work both with my teams and my grandson who is now a AAA player. My only regret is that this information and training wasn't available when I was a player.


Phil Swimley

Slow the game down for pitchers

Doctor Bill and his son Ryan offer second to none visual and mental training for elite pitchers. The experience Doc has with numerous big league players allows him to effectively explain what must go on between the ears on the mound. Using various targets and visual cue techniques command and accuracy can be greatly improved on. I recommend slow the game down to any pitcher serious about improving his game.

They have helped me personally as well as my own kids and my clients

Dr. Bill and Ryan Harrison have the best visual and mental training out there. I feel so lucky to have trained with Charley Lau Jr. and Dr. Bill and Ryan. If you train with the Harrison's, keep in mind you are training with the pro's trainers. They have helped me personally as well as my own kids and my clients. I wish I could have had this training when I played. The best part is they talk with you and make you feel like a friend not just a client. Remember, You can't hit what you don't see!


Charley Lau Hitting School - Kansas City

Slow the Game Down

The best type of training for all baseball players

Dr. Bill has played a vital role in my baseball career. The training that slowthegamedown offers is the best. Being able to quiet the mind and use the eyes correctly on the diamond is an essential part of any ball players success. Through consistent work with Dr. Bill, I have gained control over how I process and react during the games. This has given me a greater confidence in my performance on the field. Slowthegamedown offers training that gives players exactly what it says it does. It is by far the best training I have done, and Dr. Bill has been an incredible source of knowledge and continues to inspire me in so many ways

Difference Maker

Slow The Game Down with Dr. Bill Harrison and Ryan Harrison has been the number one difference maker in my clients development to be the best they can possibly be in a consistent basis. The difference between my clients who use the techniques and thought process of Slow The Game Down is absolutely the missing link to becoming all you can be!

MiLB Player

"Vision is one of if not the most important thing in baseball. Slow the Game down helps maximize your vision and helps you get the most out of your vision. When I first started using "slow the game down" back in the 1st half of 2015 (Lansing Lugnuts) I enjoyed one of my best statistical half of my career. I will continue to use these techniques as my career continues, it's basically like having the answers to the test."

Head Coach Florida State Softball

We have been so fortunate for the opportunity to continue to pursue ways to develop our athletes with a driven, caring and dedicated organization in Slow The Game Down. We have been working with Ryan for many years now and have witnessed the benefits with our players in many areas. Ryan has been on the cutting edge with training elite athletes and is in the vision area working for the best for the athlete.